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Exciting Numbers In Education Testing

Well-played, Rep. Jim McGovern!

The GOP's supposed concern about fraud is a pretense. Always has been. - promoted by david

Bruins Open Thread

Another Reason To Support Markey: Stop the KXL.

Time for Senate Reform: No More Individual Holds

Mitt Will Help Americans to “Hunt, Shoot, and Protect Their Families”

HAHAHA this is hilarious. Oh, English, how you bedevil us at times. - promoted by david

Niki Tsongas on C-SPAN defending Equality

Grover’s Pigs

Between Grover Norquist and Joe Arpaio, Massachusetts has a lot to answer for! :-) - promoted by david

Obama’s Power (and Yours) To Fight Global Warming

Thank you, President Obama & Secretary Sebelius!

Good stuff. Joel, of course, is a frequent critic of the President. And yet some good things are happening in spite of it all. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta