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Shrinking to greatness: Baker’s legacy on the T

Respect for the ACA

DNC chair voting happening now

WSJ: Climate-blind, soft-pedaling the predatory Pruitt

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VIDEO: McConnell demands Sen. Warren’s silence on Sessions

Bumped. How very delicate the sensibilities of poor Mitch McConnell seem to be. - promoted by david

Pruitt = Cancer

In spite of stated support, Tillerson’s ExxonMobil lobbied against MA’s carbon tax

Laying it down: Total resistance to Trump

Bumped, for glory. I endorse this approach at this time, though I hadn't previously. The outrage that is the immigration order changed my view. No on all nominees, filibuster any SCOTUS pick who isn't Merrick Garland, withhold unanimous consent. #resist - promoted by david

“First they came for the Muslims”