I am a community organizer and former Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. As his former campaign manager (2006), I am a MAJOR fan of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and I'm proud to be the Executive Director of his political efforts - The Deval Patrick Committee and TogetherPAC.

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If it’s October, Mass Republicans must be rolling out a new GOTV fix…

A comparison of today's Globe story to the one from 2006, to which John links in the piece, is hilariously revealing. - promoted by david

It was right around this time in 2006…

A message from John Walsh. - promoted by david

I had a great day in Brockton – and I’m going back tomorrow.

An interesting discussion about grassroots activism in the comments. There will be plenty more events like these between now and the election. A MassDems calendar is here. John Walsh is the Executive Director of Governor Patrick's Together PAC and former chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. - promoted by Bob_Neer

What’s the story?

As the caucus window opens, a Tribute to Nancy O’Connor Stolberg

Well said, and brava to Nancy! - promoted by david

In a strong field, Warren Tolman stands out

With John Walsh's new job comes the newfound ability to endorse in Democratic primaries! - promoted by david

We Will Lose

Powerful stuff. Thanks, John. - promoted by david

Political Risk

Bumped. Every legislator who is thinking about what to do about transportation and revenues should read this. It's the best thing anyone has written on this topic in a long time. - promoted by david

National GOP using Mass Senate race to stop President Obama’s agenda

Excellent questions, John. And we confess that our feelings are a bit hurt that Dan Winslow, previously an active and energetic BMGer, has been silent here since declaring his interest in running for Senate. Will you be so fickle if you make it to Washington, Dan? ;-) - promoted by david

As you celebrate the second Obama-Biden inaugural…

Well said, John. Congratulations to you, and to all BMGers for the role you played in making today happen. - promoted by david