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Endorsing Baker – Lowell’s Crop of “Cake & Eat It, Too” Democrats

Swapping Out Print Dopes For Digital Dignity

A Blogger’s Sin

Gov. Patrick Pitches His Budget on Lowell Cable Access

Thanks for this, John. Hey progs, read the MassBudget brief -- this is why we got this guy elected. These are genuine investments in quality of life issues - the public policy slam-dunks that pay for themselves many times over. It ain't gazebos in Braintree. This is real. And if we don't have his back -- and even more critically, those legislators who support this action -- then the effort goes for naught. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Lynch Rides Markey’s, Circa 1976, Coattails?

Politics Ain’t Beanbag – Elizabeth Warren in Lowell

Brown Turns Yellow

Defeated Campaigns – Don’t Lay Down

... For instance, the Senate race in the 3rd Middlesex had a completely absurd amount of talent and interest. Somebody really good had to lose. Let's win together. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

American Catholic Bishops’ Opposition to Akin & GOP Platform Plank

The Sun Shines On Golnik’s Astroturf