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  1. Wasn't he Trump's MA campaign chair? (0 Replies)

    Let’s see if he actually runs. He’s a joke, maybe there are some gems out there defending Trump during the campaign. I bet there’s quite a few. No one else is running, so it he wants to run he’s in.

  2. No luck in getting a sponsor listing ... (0 Replies)

    Usually you at least see a flyer. Ryan Ruggiero’s twitter has been a good source. Teamsters Local 25 is dropping out as well.

    It’s a least got them back at the table, an emergency vote has been schedule.

    This is such an embarrassment. Don’t forget, this council put OutVets at the end of the parade last year, away from the other veterans. It’s a shameful display by the group.

  3. You are correct ... (0 Replies)

    In my haste, I looked at the wrong column, the NOT adjusted. So FY07 to FY17 numbers shown side-by-side does clearly show that the Globe article is incorrect in showing numbers.

    This article is purposely misleading.

  4. I got the Premium Members visual as well. FYI (1 Reply)

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  5. Shock Events and Trump Slump, this is a good post to read (0 Replies)

    I don't like to talk about politics on Facebook– political history is my job, after all, and you are my friends– but…

    Posted by Heather Richardson on Sunday, January 29, 2017

  6. Happy that he signed and executive order on the already expired TPP? (0 Replies)


    Trump has been active in union busting, so it’s interesting where that goes. As far as infrastructure improvements Obama had little success with the Republicans to make that investment outside of the stimulus, it should have been done 8 years ago. Those jackasses screwed the country. So if anything, given that Trump is an R how with they respond?

    I still think they are going to tell him to screw.

  7. sorry, didn't ask first ... (0 Replies)

    can I talk about education, or am I not allowed anymore?

  8. No, his point was that you were ... (1 Reply)

    that was pretty easy to understand. Where did you learn to read at one of those Betsy DeVos schools?

  9. No, just you. (0 Replies)

    Ernie, not your best post. So people can’t fight for what they believe because why again? Sorry, this is dumb. You can say they ran a crappy race, and a crappy primary, but not on board with people showing that they will fight for their rights.

  10. Still my favorite (0 Replies)

    Hi, @BetsyDeVos,

    Your #tweet has been corrected. Please review the edits and learn from your errors.


    The Educated
    Cc: #BetsyDeVos

    — Sharon Raiford Bush (@TVwxGirl) January 22, 2017

  11. Has anyone seen anything about DeVos and Baker written? (1 Reply)

    I’ve been on the lookout, they seem like a perfect pair but haven’t read anything. Interested if there were any meetings (scheming) going on while Baker was in DC.

    Did Baker post his schedule?

  12. What in the world are you talking about? (0 Replies)

    this doesn’t make any sense. Honestly, this is not rational.

  13. "He says he wants wages to increase Great. When I was five, I wanted a pony. " (1 Reply)

    then you counter that we should raise the minimum wage.