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  1. Profiles in courage .. (0 Replies)

    Brown endorsed Trump when he was already up by big numbers in NH a week before the primary. The guy has guts.

  2. Funny that you should mentions Scott Brown (1 Reply)

    he’s still buthurt on his loss to Warren. Brown questioned Warren’s Twitter statement and Mr. bqhatevwr said that she was drunk tweeting.

    What a sad sack.

  3. It would be a waste .... (0 Replies)

    But I’d welcome her involvement. But I do find it interesting that Warren chose to critique Trump so harshly again. It does seem like she will be active in supporting Clinton during the general.

  4. So no takers? (2 Replies)

    Would any Sanders people support a Clinton / Warren ticket.

    My sense is that it would move a lot of people and Warren does well in attacking Trump. It will go a long way to bridge the party.

    But interesting that I got reasons why it wouldn’t happen rather than answering.

  5. ha .. that did work out well. (0 Replies)

    unintentional. As JimC feel asleep think about Kaine while I was still asking about Warren.

  6. That's were credibility comes in .. (1 Reply)

    He’s a joke and has been a joke for his entire life. Publicity was the only thing he has sought. Horrible business person, it will be highlighted as well. Bankruptcy after bankruptcy taking people’s money, he’s been a failure, a failure to the extent that he be 10 billion richer if he did nothing and not squander his father’s fortune over and over.

    He lies, talking about pulling rubble from the world trade center, it’s bizarre.

    In the general it’s a whole new ball game. No one is paying that much attention now, you can still create an image of a person. They should start early and often with Trump painting him as the buffoon that he is. Trump will lose and lose badly, but they can’t just let him spew moronic things like the GOP did.

  7. You just need to get under his skin .. (1 Reply)

    discredit and minimize him. It would just make him crazier and crazier and you would be creating the image of him being the buffoon that he really is. Obama did a great job of this during the correspondence dinner. While you need a little different approach as a presidential candidate, it’s doesn’t work if you come across as attacking him, but Clinton needs to get under is skin. Quotes from this year:

    They say Donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. But, in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world: Miss Sweden, Miss Argentina, Miss Azerbaijan

    And there’s one area where Donald’s experience could be invaluable and that in closing Guantanamo because Trump knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground.

  8. Maybe I phrased it incorrectly, but yes cost saving is a part of ACA (1 Reply)

    I was describing what’s supposed to happen under ACA and it looks like Richard Neal is trying to push it out to a committee and analysis in order to prevent that cost savings from happening. We see that all the time in Washington, delay after delay with basely reporting and analysis.

  9. if they need seat fillers, the message goes out.... (0 Replies)

    like when Bill Clinton was giving a speech at the DCU center a few years back. They want the placed filled for photos, but not a lot of access.

    Yes, there are events that are geared towards making a buck rather than meeting with voters. That’s geared for elections and building war chests, but I’m not so sure that candidates make any distinction. There are hundreds of people that they meet. It’s a quick speech, take a photo if you paid enough, make some small talk and get the hell out. A couple hours max.

    Locally there are always events where there are small enough groups that you can have a conversation. Reps more than Senators but there are opportunities during the year. It’s geared to have a dialog, candidates are there to be seen there and not because they have to because of cash. Most events are geared toward those who work for candidates, I think you would find a more open environment in those events. Candidates need you, they know it and they want to reach out during the year for your support.

  10. It requires a person to dedicate hours of time in order to vote (1 Reply)

    In a primary, you can take a few minutes in the morning to vote or during lunch, etc. A barrier is create when the requirement is that a person needs to dedicate hours of time in order to vote. If you create barriers it’s voter suppression and it’s evident by the numbers.

    A closed primary is a little different, only registered Democrats are allowed to vote, like in MA where we had just under 40% turnout. With a caucus, you are not just entering a voting area to vote. read this from Tacoma. Waiting 12 hours, losing your ability to vote because you ran out of diapers is not right. It’s a barrier to vote.

    I think we as a party, if we look towards providing access to voters during a primary, we need to take a hard look at the caucus process. because right now, in many states we are left with fanatics and not voters who are left to determine delegate and the will of the people.

  11. please elaborate ... (1 Reply)

    as many other outlets have posted and fact checkers as well. I’m really interested in your thoughts. Thanks.

  12. this post is based on a false premise ... (1 Reply)

    sorry, I can’t let that go. IMO Sanders is promising things that he cannot deliver. I also fully believe that he knows that as well. I’m saying that as a Democrat who fights for health care and wants a better future for the middle class. It’s one thing to be a protest candidate, it another thing all together when Sanders is taking money from people in May making false promises. It needs to be said.

    I hope the best for you John, and I want to move forward on many of the same issues that have discussed. I see zero chance, zero, of that happening with Sanders. Sanders has no plan, just a list of problems. Again, that’s fine as a protest candidate but this is not what Sanders has morphed into.

  13. Sanders campaign is run on deceit (1 Reply)

    and I’m not sure how that factors in with teh $2700. IMO Sanders should be ashamed of himself and his campaign, false promises which is funding his campaign needs to stop. He’s a televangelist taking your money. I think the best choice to our economy and job is Clinton. Raising false hopes is unconscionable to me and don’t know why he turned his campaign into the fiasco that it’s become.

  14. So that Sanders $2700 was definitely out then? (1 Reply)

    we’ll that if you wanted to be near him, you could spend $250 to look at other people talking to him.

    John, these posts are gibberish.

  15. ACA was created so that we could work on cost savings ... (1 Reply)

    over time there is cost savings with preventative care and having people insured so that they have covered annual exams, etc. But a large part with ACA are these measures with the larger pools of people you have to leverage costs. Pharmacy is #1 on the list to negotiate prices, the same song and dance about investments on research make me crazy. Let Richard Neal show how the financial statements of these drug companies and highlight for us how they will go bankrupt without gouging people for health care. Time to get primaried?