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  1. What I do find odd with Baker's remark (1 Reply)

    his little toadies in his campaign, reference an article with McGrory as proof of the fisherman and story, funny thing is, there was no reference to Charlie being emotional during that story. Hmmmm.

    So did these emotions just suddenly come to him during the debate, when it didn’t seem to impact him that way before?

  2. voting and record don't match the crying (1 Reply)

    As David noted, the guy labeled with a compassion deficit decides to blubber a week before an election on a 4 year old story. Suspect indeed.

  3. this blubbering clown really pisses me off ... (0 Replies)

    Hey Charlie, why don’t you cry for the kids you turned you back on for a friggin’ election year tax break.

    But, but, but what if I, I, I, I don”t get elected, what will Peter Blute do which out a hack job.

  4. crocodile tears ..... (2 Replies)

    or should we just storten to just “crock”, like this is a crock. Are you kidding me? really?

    Please, nothing genuine about this guy.

  5. As I read this .... (0 Replies)

    I was thinking, this must be how EaBo feels like during elections. It doesn’t feel good, but anything could happen. Right?

  6. Title should be sleazebags Christie and Baker hide (0 Replies)

    Christie and his RGA is dumping millions on crap commercials pretending they are from Mass now this BS. Baker with Loscocco has always been sleazy, just more of the same with these clowns.

    Don’t let them get away with it.

    Any public statements to call out Baker….

  7. answered the question no one asked (0 Replies)

    “I’ve never endorsed a Republican,” she said. “So this is huge.”

    Ok then. Thanks?

  8. lowest administrative costs? (2 Replies)


    Charlie, while at HPHC had admin costs which kept on going up even with off-shoring jobs, can’t even bring costs down doing that. What the hell was he doing?

  9. here's a great quote from a BMG post ... (1 Reply)


    Think of it this way: YOUR family is facing foreclosure, because you lost your job and can’t pay your bills, so the state steps in, puts all your creditors on hold (receivership). Then the state arranges for a public agency to buy your home for full market value, paying off your debts and giving you the extra cash! Then your family gets to live in the very same house for the next 20 years at a very reasonable monthly rent that you can afford! Wow! Wouldn’t that be helpful? That’s essentially what the state did for Harvard Pilgrim insurance company..and if the state didn’t step in, the company would have gone under.

  10. Martha was on it from last year. (1 Reply)

    None of this is new, the Globe wrote about this last year, here is the best rundown. Via the Everett Independent.

    Unlike, the non-sense that EB3 has been posting, it was a joint presser with Ortiz and Coakley, and they were both informed of it at the same time by the MGC. So good for them.

    The question here is if this was going on, whey did they vote for Everett? Crosby rescused himself from the Everett vote afterwards. Looks shady.

  11. You don't fire the ad team mid-stream in the general (0 Replies)

    if you think you’re up. Not saying it’s better or even correct, but it feels like Baker’s internals are closer to the WBUR poll.

  12. if anything ... it's attack ads (0 Replies)

    that might be a factor here and Coakley will need to handle out of states attacks.

  13. Don't know what we overplayed ... (0 Replies)

    I think this started a lot of conversation, but Coakley didn’t go after Baker, so I think you are mixing up this blog and what people see outside of political circles.

    Baker did something stupid, it was reported, Op Ed wrote columns the following day. That’s what happened. I don’t see where this got overplayed.

  14. Yes, you should have stay with the high minded (0 Replies)

    pee pee poo poo head comments your were making earlier.