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  1. what's absurd ... you recommended this (2 Replies)

    Wannabe Rambos all over the place. (How many pumped up with steroids? Take a guess)

    This post should be mocked and ridiculed, not recommended.

    When did i say this should never be reviewed, you made that up, “I’m half way there” ? What? The entire premise of you comment is complete made up nonsense.

  2. thanks for the comment ... (1 Reply)

    I wished David asked if he would have blocked that ballot question rather than how he would vote on the question. I think that would have been a better reflection on position for a AG candidate. Plus, that specific question should have been asked of Healey because I am skeptical, as I am with most pols.

    My first instinct was her position is one of political expedience. Her position just weeks prior in her announcement was Tolman’s response, enforcement. Now all of a sudden she’s for repeal. Also where was Healey in September 2013, she still worked in th AG’s office? Profiles in courage? Not so much. Healey headed up Public Protection and Business and Labor. The Solicitor General handled the ballot question, was she part of any internal discussions?

    In Healey’s announcement for AG

    On other issues, Healey said she was not involved in the question of bringing casinos to Massachusetts, but now that gambling is being set up, the attorney general’s office will be involved in regulating the industry, protecting consumers and keeping communities safe.

    Where’s repeal? Anyone?

  3. Yes, it should be reviewed. (2 Replies)

    I do not think that anyone is above review. This post, not so much.

    On the 250 shots, let me frame the scenario for you. I’m guessing you are talking about Laurel St. The guys who just days earlier bombed the marathon just went on a kidnapping and shooting spree in Cambridge they track them down and chased them to a stop on a side street. Shots are being fired, and another bomb device similar to the one used at the marathon is used. In your opinion, the police should have not fired their weapons, what should they have done? Hold hands and do sing-a-longs?

    I don’t know if you missed this, but there was a fire fight on the street and police were being shot at. This was not one sided. What was obvious to everyone involved at the time was that these guys were going out in a blaze of glory. Their actions in Cambridge told every officer that they were going to attack until they died. Well, it does look like the younger one changed his mind mid-way through.

    So I thought about the 250 bullets. Maybe you should think about it a little more.

  4. So you are going to make me hear it first ... (1 Reply)

    alright, I was going to listen tonight anyway. Something to look forward to.

  5. you disregard that Tolman (2 Replies)

    has was solid in his position on enforcement:

    thinks the Attorney General must work closely with the state gaming commission to prevent the problems other states have had and “make sure our laws and our regulations and our vigilance is the toughest in the nation.

    Haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the interviews but look forward to hearing them. Did Tolman stake any position or was he asked about the ballot question?

  6. Bennett , so you've been here a few hours ... (0 Replies)

    and exclusively post on Healey. Hmmmmm.

    I don’t think she needs you, she did a pretty darn good job with this post.

  7. took me 3 seconds (2 Replies)

    On casino gambling, Tolman said he has “never been a big proponent of gaming.” But he supports the existing law expanding casino gambling and thinks the Attorney General must work closely with the state gaming commission to prevent the problems other states have had and “make sure our laws and our regulations and our vigilance is the toughest in the nation.”

  8. It was John Henry (0 Replies)

    with the Candlestick in the Conservatory.

  9. Here is what actually happnned minus the personal attacks .... (1 Reply)

    Ortiz had just signed a contract on Monday with Samsung’s mobile team, which came up with the idea, company officials said.

    “Basically they heard he was visiting the White House, and when they heard that news they worked with David to plan that out,” said Theresa Cha, a Samsung spokeswoman. “They didn’t know what he would be able to capture.”

    Ortiz, however, insisted in an interview with the Boston Globe Wednesday that he did not act to promote Samsung. “It had nothing to do with no deals,” he told the newspaper.

    The Red Sox and Samsung have a promotional deal, but the team said it was unrelated to the photo.

    Ortiz knew going to the White House that photos he took would be used as a Samsung mobile promotional item. Does that mean that Ortiz specifically took a “selfie” with Obama specifically for the purpose? No. But he shouldn’t have agreed to plan a White House visit as a production promotional opportunity in the first place.

    How this has anything to do with the Red Sox organization as a whole. Nothing. Only in fake Ernie’s mind.

    I wish this useless BS would stop.

  10. They are? (0 Replies)

    I added a comment in the original post, but the main point is that Ernie is stuck in the 70s. Workplace diversity is race, but also ethnicity AND gender. Why so little engagement? It because Ernie’s work here has displayed struggles in these areas and you have to question the sincerity of the post. So when you read, the knee jerk reaction is that it’s just another personal attack.

  11. Did a Baker, Fisher meeting happen this weekend? (0 Replies)

    Stephanie Ebbert

    Nearly a week after the controversial Republican nominating convention, wrangling continued Friday between the two GOP hopefuls for governor. Tea Party Republican Mark R. Fisher, who has protested his exclusion from the primary ballot for governor, said he delayed filing a lawsuit against the party Friday because he was approached by representatives from Charlie Baker’s campaign about a weekend meeting to resolve the dispute. But Baker spokesman Tim Buckley said, “There is no meeting planned.”

    Fisher said a meeting with Baker would be only be worthwhile if the party agreed to place his name on the September primary ballot, based on the votes cast by delegates at last Saturday’s convention.

  12. the scope is too narrow ... (0 Replies)

    I would think we should go with all groups that Ernie continually shits on, so an ethnic and gender diversity report on Baseball and the Red Sox would be an interesting find/read.

  13. not in EB3's world ... (0 Replies)

    The court who never know Jared’s history and parents participation, in, you know, court.

  14. yup ... and the government is going to put us all in jail for RICO violations (0 Replies)

    all in the mind of EB3.

    How much of these rants do we need to put up with? At some point we need to come up with a name for Ernie’s False Flag posts.

  15. yes, agreed (0 Replies)

    I think there were ample opportunities to have Remy not return to the booth while he was on leave if they wanted to.

  16. Enrico Pollatzo (0 Replies)

    any Leslie Nielsen fans out there?

  17. Well Charlie Baker will be there .... (0 Replies)

    so hope he has the courage to reject the party platform and debate why it’s wrong.

  18. the details ... (0 Replies)

    what is done within the state now …. we get the exact circumstances for the lawsuit, but what if anything was offered via HHS, was it a reasonable? anything at all, we have nothing. I think we would have a better idea on what’s going on if we knew …. you know ,,,, what’s going on. Demos press release makes them sound like clowns, that’s disappointing.