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  1. What in the world are you talking about? (0 Replies)

    this doesn’t make any sense. Honestly, this is not rational.

  2. "He says he wants wages to increase Great. When I was five, I wanted a pony. " (1 Reply)

    then you counter that we should raise the minimum wage.


  3. Don't matter to John, he just keeps on posting the same exact thing no matter the details ... (1 Reply)

    or what is posted in the comments, like it never happened. Expect another one in a few days.

  4. Thanks forthe post ... (0 Replies)

    while we likely fine in MA. It’s important to note that Senators and Reps do need to go back to their states and and try to sell that getting rid of Medicare is a good thing.

    Good luck with that.

    It would be good if that is front and center when they go home to their states, make them address the question and not side step or ignore it. I wanted to see that in red states and the dumb asses in WI and MI.

  5. you would have to be delusional if you don't think Sanders played a role in this whole consiracy and rigged BS (0 Replies)

    No apologies are needed from anyone, it was up to Clinton to run her campaign and she lost. The one ugly part of the Sanders campaign was inflaming the conspiracy doofus contingent and giving it legitimacy. Sanders never tampered down these buffoons and allowed the stupidity to continue. When every primary as rigged when he lost, to asshats running the stage making a mockery of the primary process. That greased the skids within the Democratic party helping Trump with his message. At the end of the day it was up to Clinton to deliver and she didn’t but you are you kidding me when these comments?

  6. Don't live in NH (0 Replies)

    it was gut wrenching to watch them bring in their kids or grandchildren, the only thing that ran through my mind was horrible parenting. Subjecting your own children to this is awful. —That was the only thing going through n=my mind watching the ads, don’t recall the words or anything else about them.

  7. The Question 4 points were too absurd to leave alone (2 Replies)

    I image there are some decent points, these aren’t it.

    It’s time to bring a public health approach to marijuana distribution: legalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana will bring the use and sale of marijuana out of the shadows, and reduce the crime and chaos in our communities. In addition, as Massachusetts continues to face an opioid crisis driven by prescription painkillers and heroin, we can give ailing residents the alternative of using marijuana to alleviate their pain instead of harmful opioids.

    Oh, boy. “public health approach” is tax revenue. Plus isn’t medical marijuana already legal in MA?

    Additionally, racial disparity in policing disproportionately impacts black members of our community. It’s disturbing that black Massachusetts residents are 3.3 times as likely to be arrested for having marijuana than white residents in Massachusetts, even four years after medical marijuana became legal. By legalizing marijuana, Massachusetts voters can strike a blow for criminal justice reform, and take an important, if modest, step towards reducing mass incarceration of non-violent youth.

    Wait, legalizing marijuana is going to stop racial profiling? Who knew? Plus now we have medical marijuana, could you please tell your earlier point.

    Finally, legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana would generate additional revenue for the state to invest in essential government services such as public education, transportation, human services, and public health. For those concerned about teen use of marijuana, there is no evidence that teen use has increased in states where marijuana has been legalized. If we’re serious about reducing teen drug use, it’s much better to have a public health approach, like tobacco and alcohol, where state resources and strategies have successfully reduced teen use of each drug.

    “legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana would generate additional revenue for the state to invest in essential government services such as public education” that argument sickens me. It’s just so horrible it’s almost unspeakable. Why didn’t you note the drastic rise in people in their 20s, seemed to missed that one.

  8. HRC did not create a situation (0 Replies)

    where without any evidence Comey sent a letter to Republicans in Congress. That doesn’t make sense.

    If Comey did have information then yes, he should let them know that the case is reopened. But as we all now know, on Friday when he sent out the letter no one view any emails nor did they have any knowledge that there was anything new.

  9. Breitbart? He'll bring them in by the 10s (0 Replies)

    Well now we know why he’s been on cable news saying stupid stuff, getting his name out there to advertise the show.

  10. Theo and Francona (0 Replies)

    for us Red Sox folks are in the series. Best of luck to the both of them!

    Instead we’re stuck with this guy, great.

  11. Yes, it's doctored. (1 Reply)

    you believe you were viewing raw footage? Come on.

  12. No it's because it's doctored ... (1 Reply)

    with a person who’s released have always been untruthful. Not getting how this is so difficult.

  13. O'Keefe is proven to not be reputable ... that's the whole point (2 Replies)

    You have an unsavory person with a history with editing videos which do not reflect the truth. You have to be completely separated from reality to not understand.


    Then knowing this, Trump pays this person a significant sum of money and then he starts creating another doctored video.

    What difficult to understand here?

  14. Networks are digging alright .... O'Keefe was bought and paid for by the Trump "Foundation" (1 Reply)

    At the third presidential debate, Donald Trump invoked a video that says supporter of Hillary Clinton were paid to incite violence at one of his rallies in Chicago. It was an attack thread to emphasize that her campaign was “sleazy.”

    But what Trump didn’t say is that he has paid the filmmaker who he says uncovered the accurate story.

  15. Roger Ailes involved? (0 Replies)

    It does seem like a natural progression, how many channels are there, Fox, OAN, The Blaze, NewsMax, must be others on cable.

  16. Trump is a raving lunatic ... (1 Reply)

    agree with CMD. Questionable and heavily edited O’Keefe videos only wingnuts would believe and they are already voting for Trump.

    Trump got hit so hard about made up non-sense, saying things that everyone has see in video over and over and he just lies in our face. It doesn’t need a response. Clinton looked over at him with a disapproving nod when he said it, and look like he’s just unbelievable. I’m fine with not engaging in the bowels of wingnuttism.