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  1. what have you brought to the conversation? (0 Replies)

    we’re all set with your moralizing and lack of any substance.

  2. 90% score with ADA (1 Reply)

    only 7 Senators with a higher ADA rating. Vote descriptions detail many economic related votes.

  3. I thought he was for lifting the cap, so tax increase on SS (1 Reply)

    for those making over 100k. He also wanted to raise the age?

    Banking we’d probably need to take a closer look, he had pushed to not impose the same requirements for regional banks Banks that do not have do the same business. He has not in anyway fought to deregulate Wall St. banks.

  4. This was your comment .... (2 Replies)

    moot point (1 Reply)
    It’s not gonna be Liz. It was never going to be. My money’s on Tim Kaine, zzzzzzz. But I’d rather it be him than Liz, because Liz can get way more accomplished in the Senate (which will hopefully return to Dem. control)!
    But if I’m wrong and it is Liz, read this.

    betsey @ Jul 8, 2016 at 17:10 EST

    So it’s directly related to what you specifically posted here. Explain to me specifically why is continuing what you had specifically posted negative?

    Also I did a quick search of every comment you ever made at BGM, don’t worry it took a second, guess how many hits I got for Becerra?


    You even discussed Feingold never Becerra. Please, with this baloney.

  5. Who did you want? (1 Reply)

    Warren or Brown would have been fine with me. Most progressives hoped that they wouldn’t be selected as they had a more important role in the Senate. Do you think they should be out of the Senate?

    In all honesty, get over it.

    So you’re this upset about a VP? Don’t know why it really matters who is picked.

  6. Planned Parenthood Action Committee Lifetime (0 Replies)

    perfect score 100%

    Don’t see where the worry is here either. Made up nonsense. It’s one thing to was a more progressive VP it’s another to be “worried’ about Kaine. That’s just nutty.

  7. Trump is supposed to get a poll bounce (0 Replies)

    when this thing is done. I’m really interested to see the outcome.

  8. Trump 2012 (0 Replies)

    Very good speech by @MichelleObama–and under great pressure–Dems should be proud!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2012

    Well, we know they watched Michelle’s 2012 speech. Ha.

    I wasn’t around to watch it, but this is pretty funny. I’m expecting Melania’s entire biography to be reviewed with a fine tooth comb today.

  9. This private company has been on the job for only a few weeks (0 Replies)

    Reported by the Globe. June 13th article:

    Also Monday, MBTA officials revealed that they had quietly replaced Transit Police officers with private security agents at the “money room” where employees count cash fares — a move that sparked criticism from police union officials who said they had little notice

    So a private company moves in without any kind of notice and within a few weeks we see how incompetent those in charge of the project are.

  10. Good post, bad comment (0 Replies)

    Sanders, Clinton, Warren and now the platform includes language protecting American workers.

    I like the post and thought that it was good to discuss approaches, it reads like you favor a specific rejection. But you are going down the nutty nut nut path here in the comments.

  11. You are the John-Howard of socialism (1 Reply)

    Instead of 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon, your game is 1 degree to Socialism, pick anyone or anything. Duck. ok, um…. SOCIALISM!

  12. It's sad and seems to keep escalating ... (1 Reply)

    we are more and more becoming anesthetized to terrorist activity in our country.

  13. In Massachusetts (1 Reply)

    Yes, I was referring to MA law which I liked, not presidential. In MA, those were the dollar amounts.

    That’s where we need to go, it didn’t work here and was voted out by referendum. It’s unfortunate.

    Thanks for the link.

  14. the only takeaway here is that the issue has moved from an investigation to politics (0 Replies)

    that’s it. The legal part of this is over. From this point on, with the security clearance is political showmanship. I would not doubt think there will be other spin off investigations even after the elections, these are all political. so posturing by Ryan and other is not surprising anymore.

    It’s not real anymore, that part is over. It’s about campaigning and donations now.

  15. I rest my case ... (1 Reply)

    Sanders deadender, trying to find something in nothing. Don’t worry you’ll have enough pretend stories to gasp at over the next few months. Even when factually you know they are political-only.

  16. nope. (0 Replies)

    only an idiot would think that, was the statement by the FBI.

  17. it actually means no charges, no one in their right mind would ever bring up charges. (0 Replies)

    That pretty much was it.

    Sanders deadenders need something to complain about, I guess you can hold on to that, no matter how completely meaningless it is.