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  1. RNC raises both (0 Replies)

    Normally the Presidential candidate is the big pull for donors, this is basic stuff here John. The point is that with Trump not seeming to be pulling his weight there will be an impact in the fucking Senate races, what’s difficult here you for?

  2. Tom is exactly right here ... (1 Reply)

    this is general election and RNC funding Senate candidates which is what we are talking about. Trump is already on board with with SuperPACs so that ship has sailed. Done. The comment was specifically about the Senate impact of Trump anemic fundraising totals and that impact on Senate races. That will likely hurt Senate campaigns and it are to make in roads that we thought we couldn’t before, Trump might be helping.

  3. I didn't think so but Trump might be helping us out with fundraising ... (1 Reply)

    So we found out over the past few days that he hasn’t called big money donors and his campaign has a million in the bank. So whether it’s ego or whatever, bu Trump not working with the RNC in fundraising, that hurts all downstream candidates, they won’t get the normal influx of cash that they would normally get in a presidential year, while the Democratic side is in full gear. Who knows the impact at the end of the day but it’s a positive for Democrats running this year.

  4. very poor and you are talking generalities (2 Replies)

    life is not a bumper sticker, if you think policies and positions of Republicans are better vote for Trump.

  5. Yes, you're on to something there ... (1 Reply)

    while I don’t think Obama embraced the austerity measures, he wanted to spend more and wanted to expand infrastructure projects. What do know is that what spending they had done with roads and bridges did work, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Tom as you highlighted those jobs would have had a downstream effect on businesses and job growth as well. But it was a time where we had an obstructionist House and Senate. It’s unfortunate that the correct path was known but wasn’t allowed to move forward.

  6. So recent history ... 2008 forward (2 Replies)

    I wonder how that compared to the great recession. In 2008 we lost a considerable amount of jobs, and a weak economy. We were gaining jobs but at the beginning you heard that they were contract or part time as the economy was not as steady. So income in those positions were low. is that normal and how are we doing from 2010 to 2012 to 2014 and so on is my question. I see some specific sectors that I’m more experienced with and I see people starting to move jobs for higher salaries like prior to 2008 again, and growth, prior people stayed and were happy they had a job. I’m not saying that this is the case everywhere but I do wonder how salaries and jobs opportunities are growing. My sense is with lower unemployment you would think there is some completion for talent and higher compensation. Haven’t found anything that looks at that specifically.

  7. jibberish, non-stop unsupported jibberish (0 Replies)

    enough already. I find your posts offensive in some ways and I feel that you blame equity and other parts of the platform in your posts. I’ve seen this repeatedly. It’s not pick and choose for many within the Democratic party. I find your comments regarding anyone who has ever taken money to be “beholden” to something. that’s really absurd. Even Sanders couldn’t name anything during the NY debate when asked specifically which vote which showed that Clinton was tied to Wall St. enough with the repetitive non-sense already. Everyone has debunked this over and over. It’s trolling.

  8. My son is on an IEP does very well in a public school ... (0 Replies)

    nothing is easy, I see an Special Ed administrator of a past school all the time, she’s never says hi to me. I might have been a PIA. Yes, I know the system too and I agree that you have to fight for your children. I also spend a great deal of time at home and also pay for tutoring.

    But KLo you crossed a line a line of ethics here. Astrofurf in a blog is the sleaziest thing you can do. You have to tell people that you are a paid lackey for charters and not come here to post pretending to be just a regular person telling a story. It’s not right.

    Editors, please update or remove this post.

  9. troll (1 Reply)

    don’t be a troll. That’s not who you want to be.

  10. Please stop John ... stop making things up (1 Reply)

    It was clearly debunked, go to politifact or something, comments were old not based on what Clinton did as a Senator, it was more incomplete and misleading to use that specific video. But you knew that and you don’t care. Stop already with this useless crap. It’s dumb and completely useless.

  11. I was thinking of "Thugs for Healy" (0 Replies)

    that tried to terrorize John Walsh and Deval Patrick’s families. Remember those asshats. they were a special kind of stupid. Muffy stupid.

  12. private company salaried positions would be prime .... (0 Replies)

    candidates. There is no scale or rate, they is always a general range but there are significant often disparities in pay. There are a lot of factors obviously but if you take a sample as group have you would see a trend.

    Just because you specifically didn’t witness something doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    I had a co-worker at one time who’s argument against polls was that no one asked him. That’s real.

  13. I don't have my winner... (0 Replies)

    the Democratic party held a primary. What’s difficult here?

  14. Zzzzzzzz (1 Reply)

    Please, the point is that the votes in the primary show a winner. Do you think that the primary does not show a winner?

    Everything else you are making up.

  15. Where have you read "In Hillary I Trust" (1 Reply)

    posts here.

    Come on Ernie, this is just dumb.

  16. not that I support this ... (0 Replies)

    I do have serious concerns about this especially when I see that the state police would be able to keep someone in custody even when normal processing is completed and they would normally be released.

    My remark is more about the sanctuary comment about Baker, doesn’t fit.

  17. I as understood it, a person would have to already be in custody for another reason (1 Reply)

    is that not accurate?

    Via the article from the post:

    Baker administration will allow State Police to routinely check with federal immigration authorities about the status of suspects who are already in custody on state criminal charges.