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  1. To be very clear, nothing Ernie quoted are facts ... (0 Replies)

    to say so is knowingly pushing a falsehood.

    Ernie is quoting Arthur S’ opposition to Arthur T’s injunction to stop Arthur S. from stuffing his pockets by pulling out 300 million from the company.

    As we know the injunction was denied, absolutely nothing in Ernie’s quotes were the reason or even considered. The pages Ernie referenced is Arthur S. mud throwing which was not proved, confirmed or anything else.

    Basically, Arthur T had to prove that the payout would cause irreparable harm to the company. Market Basket is a very profitable, so it would not meet that threshold, the injunction was denied.

  2. So none of the "facts" are actually facts -- Could this be deleted or commented by the editors as being false. (0 Replies)

    via Ryan’s quote:

    allegations were long ago found to be meritless by an outside arbiter called in several years ago to referee complaints about his management. Indeed, Judge Mel L. Greenberg, a former Massachusetts Appeals Court judge, found no significant breaches of fiduciary duty by Arthur T. in several transactions with the companies owned by his wife and brothers-in-law.

  3. donations are public record .... (0 Replies)

    you can look it up fairly easily. No need for the attacks,

    I haven’t worked or been associated with Market Basket, but I’ve had a similar experience with a large private company. You know who runs the show and you know who the MFers are. The actions this week from management and staff pretty much tells you the story.

    Company philosophy, conservative growth, cash reserves, generous profit sharing plans and all the while making significant profits is Arthur T. I am not going into personal situations, strictly company.

    Low cost due to having the cash on hand to get short term loans or paying cash has been their MO for growth. Arthur S. destroyed that last September by taking all cash reserves and and using that for a dividend payment, or better explained, stuffing his pockets, 300 million taken out of the company. The company now takes on debt lowing their profit margins and against their growth model that had work brilliantly for decades.

    So I can understand the uneasiness of management and staff, Arthur T ran the company and grew it exponentially, Arthur S. became very wealthy due to Arthur T. (and some court cases), but Arthur S. never was involved in managing the company. His only actions so far was to pull out cash and bring in some schmo from Radio Shack and another one who’s background is mergers.

  4. I think you need to prove deception ... (1 Reply)

    Healey and Tolman both alluded to the People’s Pledge and noted they were going to discuss.

    Then afterwards the Healey campaign put out a press release. With that I think is the version that they didn’t get positive feedback from the Tolman campaign. A little gamesmanship from the Healey campaign. The Tolman campaign responded in kind to Healey. I think that pretty close to what happened.

    The takeaway here is both have feisty campaigns. This “I have lost all respect …” blah blah blah. Please.

  5. I think we know the answer .... (0 Replies)

    like Marty Walsh he would like unions to continue with the direct mailers.

    It’s not a secret that Walsh aggravated me by rejecting the pledge altogether.

    So now we know, both want the pledge, and keep radio and tv ads out. That’s great. Healey wants to include robocalls and mailers, Tolman doesn’t.

    Elizabeth Warren is not stupid, she knew what she signed. Elizabeth Warren got BMGs support, Marty Walsh got BMGs support. I think it’s because of the total package of the candidate not the specifics of the pledge.

    So we got it, what else are we going to learn here.

  6. David, I'm with you until the last paragraph .. (1 Reply)

    the last thing Tolman should do is take his case publicly. He’ll keep the Warren/Brown version on the table and Healey can either decide to walk away from the pledge altogether which for all her posturing will make her look very bad, could you image if she didn’t sign to keep outside money out of the campaign now? Or she would agree and sign it.

    I personally like robocall and mailers included in the pledge, but it doesn’t appear like that’s going to happen. So what do to? More press releases?

  7. Dale Arnold and soccer talk? (0 Replies)

    No thanks.

    Maybe they should try bringing back Andelman to talk about hot dogs for 4 hours instead.

    This is whre EEI screwed up, not hanging on to Felger. I remember Felger filling for that human doorstop John Dennis. Callahan and Felger was good radio. How could theyhave not known they were sitting on a gold mine with those two going at each other?

  8. In Google Docs (2 Replies)

    if you open the image, under File there should be an option to Publish to Web, that should make it visible. I believe that you also need to share.

  9. See down thread ... (0 Replies)

    it’s on both candidates.

    This is all just posturing, I like the spirit of the campaigns though.

  10. Why did Healey protect robocalls? (1 Reply)

    Granted that Tolman keeps both mailers and robocalls. I’m not comparing candidates.

    My question is why is it so important to keep robocalls?

  11. Why won't Healey sign the People's Pledge? (1 Reply)

    Ha …. I’m starting to like this campaign better than the Gov’s race.

    I have no problem David questioning Tolman on the mailers. Nice catch. We’ll see what the campaign comes back with.

    But while we’re at time, why does Healey and Tolman want to keep the robocalls? I hate robocalls. Maybe someone from the Healey campaign could help us out on that one.

  12. attack the messenger (0 Replies)

    it was in full force here during the mayoral election.

    Between Tolman and Healey, really? When both have already mentioned it? That’s a bizarre take. Truly bizarre.

  13. David ..... (2 Replies)

    while I do understand that this is a place for opinions, I really hope that the downrating doesn’t start a Marty Walsh style avalanche.

    Of course this is politically motivated, it’s a political race and Healey did a nice job going after a Tolman strength, clean elections, and challenging that mantel. Is it grandstanding, sure is. But it’s only bad if it’s a person’s entire campaign (a la Scotto). I see both candidates as having more substance.

    Bluewatch can certainly challenge the grandstanding, it’s part of the territory if you go that route.

  14. Looking at both candidates (0 Replies)

    they appear to have strong positions on the enforcement and protection of the buffer zone. Both have a history to back up their statements. Not sure if you think Tolman is lying and in 2000 co-sponsored legislation just to set up a 2014 AG run. But realistically, I think no matter what we’re getting a strong advocate in the AG’s office.

  15. I haven't chosen a candidate (0 Replies)

    Do I have a high regard for Tolman, yes. Doesn’t mean that I’m voting for him.

  16. sorry jim ... (2 Replies)

    didn’t mean to make it sound personal. My sense is that it’s incorrect framing. Both are strong advocates and strong candidates, it seems to me that your comments are unnecessary attacks. There are questions, is Tolman the same person he was 10 years ago is one I have. Healey is way back from the Middlesex DA, Reilly/Coakley. I find it hard to separate and say everything good came from Healey. So i want to get some more information on both.

  17. Jim, he ran on single payer in 2002 ... (1 Reply)

    maybe you should get out more, and spend less time making things up. I think your arguments would be better, if you stay away from DFW territory.