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  1. Globe confirmed it was in June (0 Replies)

    Globe article, which coincided with the signature filing due date on June 2nd. So the timeline, has this occurring prior the the booze cruise fireworks party on July 3rd. So this doesn’t seem to be “unbelievably disturbing” to Baker after all.

  2. Herald reporting today that Baker knew for 3 months, not 10 days ... (1 Reply)

    that’s pretty significant as other incidents occurred afterwards or at around the same time without any kind of action.

    Aides to Baker admitted the Swampscott Republican “misspoke” yesterday, when he told reporters that he learned just 10 days ago of the allegations first reported yesterday in the Herald.


    Baker knew of this months ago and tried to bury it, not address it. Unless anyone could make the argument otherwise, Baker seems to be only addressing this now because it got reported in the Herald. He had no plans whatsoever to address this kind of behavior.

  3. checking Sarah Cohodes work (1 Reply)

    it seems that she has never had a bad thing to say about charters, ever.

    But she sweeps away lotteries and mid-year removal of children, never highlighting that these are barriers or a screening process. That is unfortunate.

    Charters will lose the ballot question, and they should. The question sucks. I have no doubt in my mind that we will have additional charter schools, but the lottery system needs to go away, we need transparency and they MUST remove their barriers. We have a better chance of this happening if they lose. They thumbed their nose at the Senate earlier this year and said they will go all in ion the ballot question.

    When they lose, and they should, the will have no other recourse and need to engage with lawmakers and create a system that helps all children, not the ones that they hand pick.

  4. I am saying that making the comparison to alcohol does not move me (0 Replies)

    to me your argument is that since alcohol has harmful effects, why not just add more harmful things and make them legal as well. Don’t like when someone does that. That’s what I’m saying.

    Make the case specifically for what you want to legalize.

    You are blurring prison and making false statements on overcrowding with arrests. They are two different things In no way, shape or form does our prison system have a problem with people sentenced to prison for marijuana. That doesn’t exist.

    I do believe that there is some concern with people who are arrested (not sentenced and doing time in prison) for possession. I do think we need to take a hard look at that.

  5. I don't like that argument ... (2 Replies)

    that never did anything for me. This is bad, so let’s add more bad things. That doesn’t move me.

    People are not over crowed in prisons for marijuana possession. You have a better argument if you say arrests, which is true. Not prison, prisons are not overcrowded due to marijuana. People in prison for possession or even distribution is in the hundredths of a percent.

  6. I also wanted to add that it's a ballot question because ... (0 Replies)

    Charter proponents wouldn’t work with the Senate to come up with a compromise. I was skeptical of Stan in the beginning on lifting the cap. But what the Senate proposed was:

    - Prohibit charter schools from charging attendance fees
    - No signed contracts from parents
    - Fill all vacated seats

    These are hidden screening processes that charters have to weed out students. Get kids who have parent involvement, add a money barrier and get rid of students who are not performing (instead of teaching them).

    Also, no lottery. Everyone is one the list and those NOT interested can opt out. So all these barriers that charters used would be removed.

    Then parents, teachers, everyone should be involved in the school board. right now it’s venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, etc. who are on these boards. Why?

    Greater transparency. Disclose all finances and board meeting minutes.

    Our charter friends called these items “poison pills” that ensured that a bill would not be passed.

    So we are here because charters what to take public money and stay hidden, no transparency and keep the ability the screen kids.

  7. now that's funny ... (0 Replies)

    maybe there’s a building called Damascus which PP is referring to?

  8. I'm on the fence on this ... (0 Replies)

    but I never fully connected it with negative actions by police officers. It could actually help police and in court. That’s where I’m on the fence, you have a video recorded with encounters with people, are they mirandized? Do they know they are being recorded? That’s more the issue to me.

    Video of the booking room or at the police station is admissible in court and has been used quite often. You know that they have been mirandized prior to going to the station and there are probably signs noting that they are being recorded.

    I have never seen this a a pro or against police thing.

  9. Based on OCPF filings (0 Replies)

    here’s the list of DFER candidates:

    Blanton, Michael A.
    Bloomberg, Michael Eric
    Cheung, Leland
    Hopkins, Jr., T. Ewell
    Kanzer, Aaron
    Matias, Juana
    Ouellette, David Michael
    Rizzuto, Saritin
    Roberson, Kerby
    Tyler, Chynah

    80891 Democrats for Education Reform Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee

  10. In case anyone asks who's on my ballot ... (0 Replies)

    I know everyone here knows, but more informational in case anyone asks.
    You can point them to this link:

  11. Well that's interesting ... (0 Replies)

    hopefully they’ll get it straightened out.

  12. It's odd that Our Revolution is set up as a 501c4 (2 Replies)

    It’s set up to receive unlimited funds from undisclosed donors. Maybe that’s why all their staff quit a week before the group started. Poor decision.

  13. You are a Republican pretending to be a Democrat ... (2 Replies)

    I’ve said this a few times already, your post are trollish and really don’t add anything to this site.

    My sense is that you are not completely a troll, even though you create troll posts. My sense is that you hold a right wing anti-government view as you probably you have your whole life, and within this warped view you have somehow shoehorned in a thought that “I want stuff too”, so I’m joining the Democrats. This is very stupid as it’s not what the Democratic Party is about.

    I’ve had enough of all these moronic posts and false statements.

  14. they are not lying, it's all conjecture (0 Replies)

    The article is roaming thoughts. I’m only noting to wait for something more factual.

  15. again ... (1 Reply)

    posts and articles were started by the article I noted. It could have happened. But at this point, there is not actual evidence supporting it, The article is framed as a question, if you have the facts, you wouldn’t make the article a question.

    So at this point, there is nothing other than Politico speculating. If you want to run with that fine. I just noted the original article and it really doesn’t look like anything. If there is something actually substantial and factual then I’m with you.

  16. before we get too ahead of ourselves ... (1 Reply)

    it’s a report in Politico, that referenced that someone “close to Clinton” said.

    This is the article that is being reference and the headline is even defined as a question:

    Can Clinton corner Condi, Kissinger?

    So at this point, it’s nothing factual just speculation. AKA Nothing.