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  1. CNN report Elise Labott (2 Replies)

    House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish @CNNPolitics

    — Elise Labott (@eliselabottcnn) November 19, 2015

    They suspended her for two weeks for the post. But good for her.

  2. look over there ... that's your answer? (1 Reply)

    Blue MASS group had a post about MASS governor’s position. Oh, the horror, circle the wagons. What are you talking about?

    Then when you duck and deflect, the first response to the comment is the position is wrong no matter if you’re an R or D. But that’s not straightforward for you.

    What is difficult for you to comprehend?

  3. via Garrett Quinn (0 Replies)

    Millona tells me Massachusetts has taken in roughly 150 Syrian refugees since the start of the civil war there. #mapoli

    — Garrett Quinn (@GarrettQuinn) November 16, 2015

  4. Baker admits to being incompentent ---- that's a better headline. (0 Replies)

    “My view on this is the safety and security of the people of the Commonwealth of Mass. is my highest priority,” he added. “So I would set the bar very high on this.”

    Baker said he wanted more information from federal officials. “I think at this point in time we’d have to be very cautious about accepting folks without knowing a lot more about what the federal government’s plan looks like and how it’s going to be actually implemented and executed,” he said.

    To be brutally honest, Baker should have already known our federal screening process and plan if he actually gave a fuck. It’s bewildering to read Baker’s comments.

  5. Interested to hear if these are Boston Compact points ... (0 Replies)

    which they wanted to discuss, or something that Walsh is on board with. Don’t know if there is enough in the FOIA documents to show that.

    But what they have done, which I like, is putting Walsh on notice. If there was any thought to caving, he can’t hide it.

  6. So electing those with values you don't support is better? (1 Reply)

    Voting for positions that you don’t support is stupid. So when CMD and others point out that people should vote for Republicans, it’s moronic.

    Republicans in MA have themselves to blame, MA GOP is a joke. If anyone over there had a brain they would have more seats. But they don’t.

    If you are progressive, and you want to move towards more progressive positions, then vote for people who share those values. If there is an entrench Dem who ‘s positions you don’t agree with then work to get that person primaried.

    Why would you vote for a Republican, unless they had progressive positions that you more closely agreed with. Psst. they don’t. That option is stupid.

    The Green Party almost has as much relevance as the Republican party if you want to jump ship as some kind of statement as CMD has been posting ad nauseam.

  7. Charlie Baker likes him some wing nuts. Just sayin' (1 Reply)

    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//″; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

    Gov. Charlie Baker was in Brockton and Hanover yesterday campaigning with Geoff Diehl for State Senate. Join the…

    Posted by Massachusetts Republican Party on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

  8. and there you have it ... (1 Reply)

    exactly the BS I had sniffed out from previous posts.

    So there are Dems that are conservative, so the best way to deal with that is to elect Republicans who most likely be further to the right.

    Well, I’m going with that’s really stupid.

    Primary candidates and support those who’s values you share. Don’t support those further to the right. How does that make any sense.

  9. Check out Vote Smart ... (1 Reply)

    I am amazed. Colleen Garry and her positions. DeLeo is a hyper-progressive in front of her. Oh my. Does anyone run against her in a primary?

    Well, she’s against cruelty to animals. So she differs with Willard there, but that’s just impressive.

  10. that's where we differ ... (0 Replies)

    You have no objection to corruption, unless it’s associated with a D. We know all that we need to know about Baker but you just shrug it off. Loscocco, etc. as noted above. No problems there. Baker is part of the problem and has a long history as insider and backroom politician. Not a peep … we need more people like Baker.

    I’d rather that strong progressives primary candidates, but it’s difficult to get strong candidates without a vacancy.

  11. Yes, the legislature should not blame Baker (1 Reply)

    but voters should. If they do not agree with his policies they should take him to task. Why shouldn’t they? Explain.

  12. if you read the comment here ... (1 Reply)

    I didn’t shrug.

    My concern is how you blanket Republicans in this state and Democrats with a single statement. It’s not right or accurate. I’m highlighting corruption and you shrug, it’s the individuals who are elected. Electing a Republican is going to do jack shit. Electing a strong candidate which you share political philosophy to hold office, that’s a different story. You seem to be blinded and by R and D.

  13. So is you point that ... (1 Reply)

    Baker was elected because he’s similar to our legislature?

    That’s the whole thing I don’t get with the comments and post. I don’t see Baker being elected having anything to do with the legislature. This particular election cycle didn’t focus on the legislature.

    Plus, the comments haven’t shown that either. You voted for Baker because you hate the legislature, really? That’s what happened?

    I hope that we have a few contested primaries, my sense that is the main take from the post and I wholeheartedly agree.

  14. Yes, traction, not winning (1 Reply)

    Weld did run on the corruption in the legislature, but he needed Silber to win. I remember it clear as day, I got the same awful pit in my stomach as Coakley’s nomination.

    Democrats don’t hold a monopoly on embarrassing political patonage, with Blute running Massport, Kerasiotes running the Big Dig (is he out of jail yet?), Buckingham a freakin press secretary run Massport after Blute got fired after his party boat pictures. Who could forget Lawless, the “Security Director” at Massport, he was the statie detail guy that made sure Weld didn’t drive shitfaced. Please don’t even go there.

  15. I wasn't debating CMD nor did I reply to the comment (1 Reply)

    I made a separate comment with my opinion. Unsure about this reply.

  16. Tell me.... (1 Reply)

    what was your first thought when Coakley got the nomination?

    She was John Silber. That’s it. I think we all knew the end result when she was the nominee.

    Now, I’d say this, if a Democratic candidate came straight out of the lege, that would be one thing, but I didn’t see a strong impact on the legislature during this last election cycle. I don’t recall it ever being a factor.

    Charlie Baker is the insider’s insider, he’s more connected to the legislature than anyone who ran as a Democrat. His life has been dedicated to working the margins. Think tank writing policy, to working for multiple administrations, we’ve seen the unethical deals with the big dig, cutting deals with candidates in his first run, sleazy political machine. That’s his life. So I don’t see the legislature as the impact in that election.

    Incumbents need to be primaried, they need to be debated on their positions on issues and how they voted. We talk about and even make fun of the number of Republicans running for office, but maybe we should pay more attention to incumbents not being challenged.

  17. Baker is in office ...for one reason (2 Replies)

    and it’s not the legislature. it’s because we had Martha Coakley running against him. Deval Patrick had no problem kicking his Pioneer Institute BS butt.

    But now that he has been elected, it will be difficult to get him out. We have incumbent-itis in this state. That’s one lesson you can learn from the legislature.

  18. Thanks .... (0 Replies)

    There are many credit programs out there for lower to middle class families which a phased out depending on AGI. But the movie industry gets to keep all tax credits.

    Okay, DeLeo needs to explain that one.

  19. did you read it ... (2 Replies)

    awful , just Googled.

    It’s disturbing. Even if was 20 years ago.

  20. What's your cutoff Charlie? (1 Reply)

    A 122nd post, that’s when it would be cause for alarm? I’ll give him the first few posts, maybe he’s going back and forth on a topic with someone, once. Even that is disturbing.

    But a 120?

    Do you have the text. I need to read seamus’ post to see what’s actually going on.