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  1. what if you didn't own a house? (1 Reply)

    not sure about this liability insurance solution though.

    Not sure that it even is a solution. Not sure what it would accomplish.

  2. Didn't NH already tell Scott what they thought of him? (0 Replies)

    They call it for Shaheen pretty quick after the polls closed too. What a complete joke.

    “Anyone who comes here will be under consideration. Anyone who doesn’t, won’t.”


  3. So basically, Bernie is exactly like Hillary? (0 Replies)

    I know you are trying to slam Hillary in order to defined Bernie, which doesn’t exactly bode will for Sanders if that’s the best defense. Plus, don’t lump me in with a Clinton supporter, I’m not. Bernie’s position here sucks, are you kidding me defending the Brady Bill. With his speech in Boston, he’s offered nothing that hasn’t already been said and hasn’t worked. For the first time with Bernie I saw a Pol, that’s what is he just another Pol. We’ll see how it goes going forward.

  4. Whether he knew it or not he was dealing with PT Barnum (0 Replies)

    This nonsense is now coming out of Kim Davis’ mouth

    “It was really very humbling to even think that he would want to meet me or know me,” Davis told ABC News. “Just knowing that the pope is on track with what we’re doing and agreeing, you know, it kind of validates everything.”

  5. that's a poor response ... (2 Replies)

    a meeting with the Pope has a much greater significance, to think otherwise is foolish.

  6. seems like the Pope also met with (0 Replies)

    the Little Sisters of the Poor, the order of nuns suing over contraceptive mandate.

  7. This is a Republican primary ... (1 Reply)

    I’m not so sure a populist tax plan would have had Republicans lined up to vote for him. I think the shtick is getting old for some.

  8. Don't forget about Plainville (1 Reply)

    our first casino …. well slots. It’s not that far from Brockton and Taunton. seems to be making money.

  9. I agree ... (1 Reply)

    I wanted to make sure that I counter that the Governor’s office can be ignored. You can do both.

    Yes, electing a progressive Governor does not mean that you change Beacon Hill. You change Beacon Hill by electing progressives in the legislature.

  10. there is a lot of frustration ... (1 Reply)

    and it’s warranted.

    But should we view Elizabeth Warren as a failure then. No? So what’s the answer, have less progressives? The answer is that there should be more progressives in all areas of the government. I don’t see the correlation that if for example a strong progressive candidate ran for governor that D’s won’t primaried House D’s.

  11. Why would you cede anything .... I'll take the Gov and the House (1 Reply)

    You don’t need to cede anything. Charlie Baker should have strong opposition and a hard fought battle in the next election. Period.

    That’s doesn’t stop anyone who wants to primary anyone in the House. it’s not the the same group of people.

    Electing a Republican governor does not make the democratic party stronger, that’s nonsense. if anything, it’s BMG who should place a bright light on all the tings that Baker does in office.

  12. electing Republicans is not the answer ... (0 Replies)

    that’s why I lean towards non-lege D’s for the governor’s office.

    DeLeo? Fiscal conservative sounds about right. The problem is that reps are lifetime appointments in some areas.

    Plus, why can’t I blame Baker for policies that he’s pushing? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. your example was bad ... (1 Reply)

    I didn’t note anywhere that they were pro or against union. It was just a dumb example.

    But yes, thanks for your astute commentary, it must be Republicans that are pro-union. (see what I did there, I just made up something out of thin air like you just did in your comment).

  14. Was that in jest? (1 Reply)

    I wasn’t sure. But if not, I think a significant majority of people at that time were on board with HMOs and municipalities joining the GIC. The comment doesn’t make much sense if not a joke.

  15. Yes, Penta doesn't have one defined either ... (0 Replies)

    now that I looked up his statement of organization.

  16. OCFP Party Affiliation is blank (2 Replies)

    While I’m not voting nor do I live in Medford. The interest was to find missing information, and this is what I really like about the BMG community. The resources to track something down.

    That being said, OCPF is a good resource.

    16102 Muccini Burke, Stephanie

    Under Correspondence, Statement of Organization. Party Affiliation is blank and I also did a Google search and could not find “democrat” in her web page.

    Type in Google search:

    What’s up?

  17. Penta's manifesto starts at 2:22, and it's a site to behold (1 Reply)

    That in itself should disqualify him from holding any position in town. It might even disqualify him from being human.

    I’m dumbfounded, it’s just so much stupid, I can’t itemize.

    right around the 2:27 mark or just before he addresses the Campbell family (if they are watching) and says that there was nothing he or anyone can do to bring back their daughter.

    This a-hole was more concerned about the mayor not going to him for his advice on how money should be spent rather an the marathon victims.