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  1. have you paid attention to the debates? (2 Replies)

    you and ryan have both been exposed. That’s the post.

    You should ask that question to Sanders.

    But Clinton has been clearer on an incremental path. I haven’t heard any specifics from Sanders. Listen to the debates, when asked for specifics Sanders just repeats generalities about inequalities. No answer. It disturbing to me that he still hasn’t provided anything of substance in his campaign.

  2. That just sparked an idea .... (0 Replies)

    Thanks MG. Let’s see where it goes ….

  3. We Report, You Decide (1 Reply)

    Does Fox still use that? It just came to me. Stop crying already.

    I found it entertaining that Brown is trying so hard to make himself relevant in some way. I referenced Ernie Boch Jr. in an earlier comment, that’ the road he’s going down. Just trying to get is face in the paper. Brown had zero impact in NH, Trump’s win had nothing to do with Scotto’s No BS Backyard BBQ. That was a joke.

    Hey look, Scott Brown present and Scott Brown future.

  4. This has zero correlation to running for POTUS (0 Replies)

    but yes, I do feel that you are accurate when you say she has nothing to “gain” from endorsing now.

  5. The entire post is Brown's quote .... (1 Reply)

    He said it, now you have your panties up in a bunch because I posted it. Please.

  6. True (1 Reply)

    that’s a good point. What I found interesting was all the inference by Sanders team and no statement that that she hasn’t endorsed anyone yet.

  7. Agree ... (1 Reply)

    Maybe we should start thinking about a better way to vote in primaries. It seems like we are placing obstacles for people to vote. I doubt UIP is confusing voters who register, but rather people want the opportunity to be involved.

  8. You seem very defensive ... (0 Replies)

    Sorry, just highlighting how incredibly sad and pathetic Brown is in craving attention. His repeated losses and his no show with Markey it not something for candidates to build off of. Brown trying to attach himself to Trump and claiming some sort of accomplishment is a joke. He’s become Ernie Boch Jr.

  9. Clinton wanted to narrow the gap, she didn't ... (0 Replies)

    So NH was a failure for the Clinton campaign. So we’ll see how this plays out, how does Nevada and SC respond.

    I watched NECN this morning and it had a clip of Sanders shooting hoops, too funny. Devine has the cameras out showing an active and in healthly Sanders. They think it’s going to be a long race.

  10. I also question Clinton's attack and similar to this post, it's not that cut and dry... (0 Replies)

    A few points, one, Bill Clinton is not running. So I would stick to the candidates actually running.

    Second, I agree that it’s more complex than Sanders voting for the Commodities Futures Modernization Act where regulations over derivatives and credit-default swaps were watered down. These were tools that brought down our economy.

    Truth be told this was a rider which was attached last minute to the omnibus spending bill. So it wasn’t a singular bill which he voted for, but rather something that was tacked on to the bill. But riders attached to bill happened frequently, often times they are poison pills. So I disagree that Sanders was not competent enough to understand what he was voting for. Nor do I believe that it’s not Bill Clinton’s fault that Sanders voted for the bill.

    Maybe be the bill had enough of items that mattered to him so he “held his nose” and voted for it. Don’t know. I do think much of these things that get pulled out are more complicated than how they are being portrayed.

  11. correct ... (1 Reply)

    is that what you are holding on to though? I think we understand she spoke out against it at the time of the vote.

    I’m not one to explain the sausage making in DC. I don’t know the games, I do know that the bill did not go to a final vote in 2001. So when it was all said and done a 50/50 Senate was at an impasse and didn’t move forward on the “bad bill”. That is fact.

    When Republicans had the majority and didn’t need to play ball, they force it in 2005, Clinton spoke out against the bill. That is fact.

    So what’s the question?

  12. she voted against the bill when it came up to a final vote later ... (1 Reply)

    voted to move it forward in 2001 at a point when they had a 50 / 50 split in congress, and the belief that Rs need to work with Ds to pass so they could continue to work on the bill, this was not the final vote of the bill. We know how she would have voted on the final bill. She was against.

  13. Sanders campaign made me do something that I thought was impossible .. (1 Reply)

    defend or feel bad for Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton voted to move a bill to committee leveraging a 50 / 50 congress, and the bill died. When it did come up for a vote in a different congress she was against. And this is Sanders attack?

    What a shit show this whole thing has become.

  14. Yes, reality would be nice .... (1 Reply)

    While Sanders has a lot of strengths, foreign policy is not one of them. Politifact on recent comments.

  15. Why are you so afraid of all candidates releasing their transcripts? (0 Replies)

    See what I’ve done there. If it works, keep doing it I guess. I would think someone’s positions and votes matter more, but go with it.