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  1. That's the investigation that actually matters (0 Replies)

    what this report does it highlight an issue within the state department over a longer period of time.

    The real one is on going.

  2. The FBI review is more important ... (2 Replies)

    was there a security breach? was there anything criminal? That’s the question. This is intra-bureaucracy BS, with all the hype around this, all we get is a ding on recording keeping?

    They admit it’s been an issue with over a period of the last 5 Sec of States. The also had to concede that they never actually asked Clinton to use their network. Really? What a bunch of dolts.

    The worst part of this bureaucratic exercise was finding out Clinton used a Blackberry. A Blackberry?

  3. The webpage you linked ... (1 Reply)

    highlights what Clinton has been saying during the primary and in debates. It’s a lot more than the part which you highlighted in your post. It’s a great deal more. I don’t know what you are looking for here to be honest.

    The second point is that you then highlighted a crime bill era program that we have learned is NOT what we should be doing. If Clinton took that backward approach then that might cause a problem with her base.

    Did you think that she should move toward the “middle” here, and go back to the 90′s “tough on crime” mantra? What specifically are you saying, this is what you think the “middle” wants?

    This post confuses me.

  4. unsure what you mean? (0 Replies)

    5 year federal sentence on top of the state action, if any. 5 years hard time no matter what, no parole. So that would be a minimum of a 5 year federal sentence. HuffPo has some background.

  5. sounds like maximum minimums and higher incarceration rates ... (1 Reply)

    plus Wayne LaPierre loves this idea.

    You might want to research this one a bit more.

  6. Nope ... (0 Replies)

    he ran on that vote showing his tough on crime bona fides. Already detailed, just going around in circles here. It happened.

  7. They should have sat this one out.... (1 Reply)

    instead of supporting Trump. Agree … horrifying.

  8. Thanks for the comment ... (0 Replies)

    but I did want to underscore that my comment was specifically was about Sanders and his rhetoric were inflammatory, and it has repercussions. There was fighting at the NV convention. It was an embarrassment to the democratic process. We need to acknowledge that and the cause and effect of inflaming groups. Sanders’ words have an impact, it’s up to him how he wants to use them. His actions were disappointing and embarrassing.

  9. It is exactly the same, Sanders is inflaming people with his rhetoric ... (1 Reply)

    It’s easier when we can blame Republicans, but it’s honest to discuss Sanders in the same light. The lies about the election being rigged, when the facts are that he is losing, that is directly responsible for Nevada.

    Josh Marshall had an interesting post this morning.

    For months I’d thought and written that Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver was the key driver of toxicity in the the Democratic primary race. Weaver has been highly visible on television, far more than campaign managers tend to be. He’s also been the one constantly upping the tension, pressing the acrimony and unrealism of the campaign as Sanders actual chances of winning dwindled.

    But now I realize I had that wrong.

    Actually, I didn’t realize it. People who know told me.

    Over the last several weeks I’ve had a series of conversations with multiple highly knowledgable, highly placed people. Perhaps it’s coming from Weaver too. The two guys have been together for decades. But the ‘burn it down’ attitude, the upping the ante, everything we saw in that statement released today by the campaign seems to be coming from Sanders himself. Right from the top.

  10. Sanders did just the opposite ... (1 Reply)

    he did not address his supports actions, he only added fuel to the fire. Sanders is directly responsible for the actions based on his rhetoric same as we blamed Trump when his supporters started attacking people. It’s the same thing.

  11. More Republican attacks ... (2 Replies)

    I’ve read these from Republican sites to highlight that they weren’t the boogeyman, even Clinton was going to do it crap for a while now. So glad that you have taken over to continue the legend.

    We see it over and over in your comments and posts, it’s at best embellishments of facts or just lies.

  12. Points 2 and 3 are inaccurate or overstated ... (1 Reply)

    For point 2 the impact of satisfaction surveys as noted here are overstated. It would be foolish to think that it is linked to opiate crisis. Back in 2012 or 2013, the very beginning of ACA, they was a 1% drawback of funding, health care providers could get back bonuses to get back some of that 1% based survey feedback. Now, pain management was one of many questions within that survey, not the sole deciding factor, so it’s a percentage of that 1%. The real basis of ACA is OUTCOMES not SATISFACTION. That point is just nonsense.

    Plus, it’s getting smaller and smaller in each passing year which leads me to your point 3. Fee for service model is exactly what the ACA is changing. It’s the exact opposite of what you are stating. Fee for service WAS are model, ACA is adding a global payment model and ACOs. In reality, is a management and outcome based model, NOT a fee for service model. Each passing year, this model is growing including Medicaid and Medicare payments. So going back to your point 2, these payment models continue to decrease the connection to satisfaction surveys and that 1% pull back no longer exists, they’ll get a bonus, but if you are saying that physicians on a whole will push opiates because of this you have a screw loose.

  13. Are these people actually Democrats? (2 Replies)

    Sorry if I come across to harsh here, but I would like Democrats at the Convention who move the party forward and those who want to elect a Democratic president.

    I’m done with all the complaining from Sanders. His meanness and the way he tramples on people. Maybe he should start by actually joining the Democratic Party, he’s still identifies himself as an Independent on his Senate page. It’s the Democratic Convention, not the Sanders convention. Someone should tell him that he lost and everything is not about him. Clinton is running against Trump and we need to get ready for the election.

  14. what about taco salad bowls (0 Replies)

    when you are trying to pretend you are eating healthy.

    It’s got the word salad in it, must be healthy, right?

  15. 70k retweets 90k likes (2 Replies)

    This is the kind of stuff that needs to stop. Clinton will need to start the conversation on the absurdity of his positions.

    This is how he won the primary, keep on doing stupid things that his supporters love and stay clear on any details on issues.

    The best response is no response, but it needs to get there with the general public.

  16. crazy or crazy like a fox? (1 Reply)

    I was out yesterday and a bunch of white Trump supporters thought this was great. Who’s the outreach targeted to?