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  1. It feels like Boston2024 is being run by John Spano (0 Replies)

    The 30 for 30 was good, I enjoyed how he walked into Fleet and they just gave him 80 million.

  2. Sounds like Charlie Baker is still all in .... (0 Replies)

    No one ever brought it to my attention. It was never part of the discussion — ever, not once. OK? Never,” Baker told reporters, though he emphasized that he’s more interested in seeing the revamped plans Boston 2024 has promised to release next month. “I’m not interested in looking backward.”

    So basically,

    No one ever told me, but that’s history, no sense complaining about taxpayers being on the hook for millions. Let’s look to the future people.

  3. Is Warren the left's version of Ted Cruz? (3 Replies)

    that’s what I’m trying to figure out. The Sierra Club notwithstanding. Jeesh, that’s like quoting the Heritage Foundation in favor of Cruz. Anything less “Fair and Balanced” out there?

  4. didn't mean to downrate .... (1 Reply)

    just wanted to know who the knob was who down rated applicable information.

  5. downrate is nuts on this comment ... (1 Reply)

    at this point you have to start to wonder.

  6. I was with you on Galvin and the election until I read this ... (0 Replies)

    Now, I still find it unconvincing that Galvin needs 2 million since he had to print out Constitution Party and Green party ballots now. But then along comes budget wizard Charlie Baker.

    Asked if his budget provided adequate funding to hold a presidential primary next year, Baker said Thursday, “I guess the Legislature will engage in a conversation on that and we’ll see where it goes as it moves through the process.”

    Holy crap Charlie, so you have no clue. Then right one cue, the fix it squad.

    An Baker aide later clarified that the administration believes the funding in his budget proposal would be sufficient to hold a primary.

    Sure, thanks.

  7. It seems that you are arguing against yourself ... (2 Replies)

    It’s one budget, Baker came out with his plan. Days before he presented that lump of crap, he waxed poetic on the Film Tax Credit, it was pure spin before his budget release. So if you are keeping score at home:

    Striking the film tax credit – good
    Additional funding for the EITC – good

    To continue to post linking these together, IMO is trolling. The problem is that’s not his entire budget proposal, there are some serious issues with the amount of layoffs and hidden cuts. So I ask that you start paying attention because you are cheer-leading horrendous cuts in services for those who cannot help themselves.

  8. It reads to me like your are the one trolling ... (1 Reply)

    Please explain to everyone why the Film Tax Credit has anything even remotely to do with EITC. You could just as easily say that the EITC is being funding by removing full day kindergarten grants, or you could just as easily say that it’s being funded by layoffs within understaffed DSS based on Baker’s budget proposal. Why the Film Tax Credit? Please we are all ears.

  9. Thanks for the post ... (0 Replies)

    I came back looking to get more info on the budget but instead I got the MBTA and Film Tax Credit talk. It’s very frustrating.

    My first reaction is that it’s going to be worse, Baker is cutting 4500 jobs and if the early retirement doesn’t give him his numbers he’s going to do layoffs. With the open jobs not being filled and this , it feels like this is his 5000 job cut he promised during the last election. These are DDS and other areas who will be losing senior skilled staff without replacement. we all know these are areas that have already been hit hard with budget cuts already.

    Waiting on Mass Budget and HCFA for additional information at this point.

  10. Well David, I think a little caution is needed here ... (0 Replies)

    as you don’t just swap one thing out for another directly in a budget. Call my a cynic but this story reads like it was vetted through Frank Lutz or a Downtown Scotty Brown headline. as things are trickling out Baker wants to cut 4500 state jobs too, he’s proposing a corporate tax amnesty which he is touting as generating revenue, he’s also going to cut 11 million in mental health, kindergarten expansion grants. He’s also going to “re-determine” eligibility for Mass Health. Don’t think he’s going to add families here.

    So I ask you, what makes a better headline? Film tax credit.

    I want to see exactly what’s going on here, but I’m agreeing with Somervilletom, this is looking like a glittery distraction before we get nailed. Hope I’m wrong.

  11. O'Brien is a criminal (2 Replies)

    those who defend him are an embarrassment and part of the corruption problem in Massachusetts. period. Not really what I wanted to comment on, but figured that I’d share.

    As for the T, Beverly Scott, guess what? She was part of the problem. She messed up. You what what else, Deval Patrick was part of the problem too, 8 years is kind of a long time to do nothing about the T. The Lege? Yup, was part of the problem. Gov. Charlie Baker? Nope, he just got here. Charlie Baker cira Welducci, well he’s the godfather of our transportation nightmare.

    I don’t see how the person running the agency gets off free from any criticism. She wasn’t ready when she needed to be. She was not ready for prime time.

  12. crissakes, give it a rest (1 Reply)

    it’s what the law offices of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe pulled out of their ass. Nice job though, worth every cent.

  13. Well, given that he's a convicted felon .... (2 Replies)

    that might be a hint. But as they noted he was not a flight risk, he is free pending appeal. That’s doesn’t really tell you anything other than a convicted felon is free pending appeal. That happens a lot.

  14. This is the actual argument ... (1 Reply)

    there was no law or regulation “that gave the Massachusetts legislature or populace any reason to expect that probation officers would be hired in a certain manner or that those officers would be the ‘most qualified’ under any metric. The statute in effect at the time gave the Commissioner the absolute authority to hire as he deemed fit.”

    it’s not that didn’t do it exactly in the manner that they were convicted of, rather they are arguing that the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should of had no expectation that they would hire legitimately.

    Holy crap, what an embarrassment these people are,

  15. At the moment ... yes (2 Replies)

    but to answer EB3, It’s not Marty’s house. Weld’s “heart and soul” is in the corner office.

    I do not want the casino, nor do it want one in Springfield or anywhere else in MA. As for the court case, the land thing has all been reviewed before, nothing new. Land court, years of litigation, NOPE. Don’t see it. Anything can happen obviously, but the reality is that this is a hail mary.

  16. Hate to break the news to you EB3 (2 Replies)

    As of the 12:33pm swearing in of Charlie Baker, this is OVER.

  17. the costs would be the same as in Utah? (1 Reply)

    $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker.

    Do know, and even if it is, I think it’s a good investment. But I highlighted this as I’m sensing that the cost savings argument might not be there.

  18. mimolette, this would be a great post to get the info out there .... (1 Reply)

    this is un-freaking-believable, just went to their website:

    Instant loans via GCA Terminals

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    Predatory Marketing

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    Advantages for You:

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  19. wow, that's rough .... (0 Replies)

    but isn’t that what Brewer and Rosenberg are essentially saying? Maybe instead sheepishly trying to hide their work on Christmas Eve and hope no one notices, they should tell everyone what they are doing and why.

  20. Okay, thanks Ernie (1 Reply)

    I respect that.

    I came home last night, and asked if anyone heard about the casinos news. Immediately I got a response about the ATMs, and people shaking their heads in disapproval. Now I don’t watch the local news and it could have been a story, but it is something that’s going to impact public perception and a warning to Stan, Crosby and the rest of them that Stop Predatory Gambling is watching, and they’re good.

    Whether or not they care is a different story, so that’s for Stan to figure out.