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  1. not seeing it ... (0 Replies)

    seems you are trying too hard to dislike something, anything.

  2. Yes ... (0 Replies)

    Plus, the cheesy hair metal bands that he pays just to hang out with them. Add Steel Panther to the guest list.

    I remember seeing a picture of Scott Wieland posing with EB2 with a how much are you paying me for this sh** look on his face. Priceless.

  3. Predictions on the invitee list ... (2 Replies)

    This will be a highbrow affair, hopefully this will not be combined with his bikini contest which he hosts for WAAF, but I wouldn’t count it out.

    Here’s who I have so far:

    Lenny Clarke
    Scott Brown
    Greg Hill
    Linden Byers
    Curt Shilling

  4. So EB Jr's PR reps have moved to the Globe now ... (0 Replies)

    What is up with this guy. Crissakes enough already. Stop spending your money so you can get in the paper.

  5. With trade missions ... (0 Replies)

    good writeup from Tim Murray recently and the impact on the economy. With regards to counties in the gulf:

    An independent study conducted for the New England Israel Business Council in 2013 found that Israeli-founded businesses in Massachusetts grew at five times the rate of the state’s economy, contributing $6 billion in revenue and 6,600 jobs over the course of a year. The study credited Gov. Patrick’s innovation economy mission to Israel as a major contributing factor.

    It’s no coincidence that Emirates, Qatar and Etihad airways have start to expand at Logan, they are refurbishing a section of Terminal E to fit an A380.

    Successful trade missions create a domino effect, not only bringing new routes of trade, but also leading new companies to open up headquarters here that in turn bring jobs, investments and economic activity.

    Massachusetts has multiplied its business with growing markets like Israel and the United Arab Emirates over the past years, thanks to trade missions.

  6. Sugar coated Baker addition in this post (1 Reply)

    Baker knew the same details as Walsh and Baker should have expressed his reser ations on the guarantee. He didn’t and Walsh did. Huge omission here. Baker was a paper pusher and not a leader. It’s vevy evidet here.

  7. don't completely agree ... (0 Replies)

    if the legislature prioritized our budget to expanding the T, I don’t think that everyone would be saying that the government is naturally corrupt. I don’t think that is where the commenters are coming from. We have outside parties which have different priorities, so there is a natural skepticism. Plus, being “reality based”, who in their right mind would accept that we’re going to make money as suggested in proposal 2.0. That’s just foolish. To even say that brings the BS Alert to level 5.

  8. given they cut 5 billion from SNAP (0 Replies)

    you are all set. Eligibility and calculations include house hold size. Sleep well, don’t worry yourself.

  9. looney tunes time .... (1 Reply)

    Baker campaign: transparency. Charlie “Fitzgerald” Baker, the next JFK

    Baker governor, eh, what we do now is good. thanks for asking though.

    So, that’s Deb Goldberg’s fault?

    Ah, into the abyss.

  10. your comments are not makeing sense to me ... sorry (2 Replies)

    but the point specifically is that the gov campaigned to do things differently and transparency. That happened. (please detail specifically if you think why that didn’t occur)

    at the first discussion about HIS office being open, unlike others past (A-F’n GAIN like he campaigned) the statement is that he liked things the way they are.

    What is confusing here?

  11. the statement speaks for itself ... (1 Reply)

    Gov. Baker … believes everybody should comply with the current law as it stand

    Why on earth do you say that when you campaigned against the very statement? Sorry, that’s not a resounding endorsement.

  12. turfed transparency (2 Replies)

    sounds nice in a campaign, but he never had any intention to being open and transparent.

    Not sure of your statement, seems like you are parsing words, Baker style. The problem is exactly what he campaigned against, Mitt and Patrick for that matter used the Governor’s office as a shield. Baker rallied against that and in a matter of days being in office, it seems that his press bobos reached out with the middle finger.

  13. Willard speaketh (1 Reply)

    Take down the #ConfederateFlag at the SC Capitol. To many, it is a symbol of racial hatred. Remove it now to honor #Charleston victims.

    — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) June 20, 2015

  14. how would it not be peaceful (0 Replies)

    are you suggesting that if Haley had lowered Dylann Roof’s flag, it would be some kind of non-peaceful attack?

    Please, tell me more. I’m interested in your response.

  15. If expanding the MBTA is a high priority (0 Replies)

    then just do it. Don’t need the IOC or the Olympics.

    We’re doing a lot of thing right in MA, so I’m not going to buy any argument the the gov is inept. There is just no appetite for the large expenditure.

    I’m just so done with this whole thing. What would be better is if you take your own advice and discuss how everyone would benefit from the investment rather than the Olympics is the answer to or problems.

  16. Yes .. (0 Replies)

    sorry for the late response.