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  1. Didn't this joker quit after 1 term in the Senate? (1 Reply)

    If you want to run for POTUS, at a minimum don’t create your video announcement on local cable access. What did the guys from Wayne’s World produce this crap video?

    For crissakes. The nuts are already starting to come out of the word work.

    File Under: NO CHANCE

  2. syndication ... (0 Replies)

    So Howie will syndicate (or at least I think he will) his show and so far he has WMEX static signal. I wonder who else will pick it up. Herald article today had Fox 25′s VB getting that ax. VB was Howie’s producer ….. maybe the replacement at WRKO.

  3. so why did they opt forthe judge (0 Replies)

    instead of a jury trial for the additional time for violating the public trust? Because O’Brien wanted MORE time? You know, since the entire Massachusetts justice system is in cahoots with one another?

    Come on now. It’s hysterical postings with a lot of liberties taken on the facts.

  4. that's it? (0 Replies)

    kinda, sorta, might have, something or other, and that’s the best they could come up with. Grasping at straws.

  5. kind of like Jon Keller and Scotto ... (0 Replies)

    what a jackass Keller was last night, I watch the stream of that embarrassment.

    I was waiting for Lawrence last night, after that Coakley was done. She won big, but needed more votes, so spot on there for Keller. Then that clown went all in on Scott with the same circumstance. Brown was toast, done, it was over like Coakley, but that asshat immediately after Coakley exact same situation went stupid with moronic Brown’s race is not over.

    What a sad perfromance, kind of like turd blossom on FOX when he wouldn’t concede the presidential election.

  6. Republicans smell blood ... (1 Reply)

    That’s the best that I can describe it, red town lines outside waiting to vote @7. Not a good sign, if there is any chance at all, GOTV needs to be out in full force this afternoon.

  7. What I do find odd with Baker's remark (1 Reply)

    his little toadies in his campaign, reference an article with McGrory as proof of the fisherman and story, funny thing is, there was no reference to Charlie being emotional during that story. Hmmmm.

    So did these emotions just suddenly come to him during the debate, when it didn’t seem to impact him that way before?

  8. voting and record don't match the crying (1 Reply)

    As David noted, the guy labeled with a compassion deficit decides to blubber a week before an election on a 4 year old story. Suspect indeed.

  9. this blubbering clown really pisses me off ... (0 Replies)

    Hey Charlie, why don’t you cry for the kids you turned you back on for a friggin’ election year tax break.

    But, but, but what if I, I, I, I don”t get elected, what will Peter Blute do which out a hack job.

  10. crocodile tears ..... (2 Replies)

    or should we just storten to just “crock”, like this is a crock. Are you kidding me? really?

    Please, nothing genuine about this guy.

  11. As I read this .... (0 Replies)

    I was thinking, this must be how EaBo feels like during elections. It doesn’t feel good, but anything could happen. Right?

  12. Title should be sleazebags Christie and Baker hide (0 Replies)

    Christie and his RGA is dumping millions on crap commercials pretending they are from Mass now this BS. Baker with Loscocco has always been sleazy, just more of the same with these clowns.

    Don’t let them get away with it.

    Any public statements to call out Baker….

  13. answered the question no one asked (0 Replies)

    “I’ve never endorsed a Republican,” she said. “So this is huge.”

    Ok then. Thanks?

  14. lowest administrative costs? (2 Replies)


    Charlie, while at HPHC had admin costs which kept on going up even with off-shoring jobs, can’t even bring costs down doing that. What the hell was he doing?