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  1. You are a Republican pretending to be a Democrat ... (2 Replies)

    I’ve said this a few times already, your post are trollish and really don’t add anything to this site.

    My sense is that you are not completely a troll, even though you create troll posts. My sense is that you hold a right wing anti-government view as you probably you have your whole life, and within this warped view you have somehow shoehorned in a thought that “I want stuff too”, so I’m joining the Democrats. This is very stupid as it’s not what the Democratic Party is about.

    I’ve had enough of all these moronic posts and false statements.

  2. they are not lying, it's all conjecture (0 Replies)

    The article is roaming thoughts. I’m only noting to wait for something more factual.

  3. again ... (1 Reply)

    posts and articles were started by the article I noted. It could have happened. But at this point, there is not actual evidence supporting it, The article is framed as a question, if you have the facts, you wouldn’t make the article a question.

    So at this point, there is nothing other than Politico speculating. If you want to run with that fine. I just noted the original article and it really doesn’t look like anything. If there is something actually substantial and factual then I’m with you.

  4. before we get too ahead of ourselves ... (1 Reply)

    it’s a report in Politico, that referenced that someone “close to Clinton” said.

    This is the article that is being reference and the headline is even defined as a question:

    Can Clinton corner Condi, Kissinger?

    So at this point, it’s nothing factual just speculation. AKA Nothing.

  5. You make a good point ... (1 Reply)

    and I think we all agree or most of us here agree that the middle class hasn’t full benefited or have seen the benefits of our economic turnaround. There are wage freezes for those who are employed meaning that you make less each year due to inflation and those who are underemployed.

    One article that I did want to create a post is via 538. It did show an upswing in middle class wage and employment growth. That’s not what I wanted to post about, what I want to post is finding concrete data on the topic, it always seemed evasive. I think the post did a god job in identifying metrics, looking at hourly wage growth, labor force participation rate, and so on. So a good month is fine, we need to string together a few good months then a few good years.

    But I think this is a good start in trending actual data.

  6. for Bosnia ... (1 Reply)

    Here’s Politifact. Just sayin’.

    The organization will pick items no matter how they are relayed as long as it’s significant in the news cycle.

    In deciding which statements to check, we ask ourselves these questions:

    Is the statement rooted in a fact that is verifiable? We don’t check opinions, and we recognize that in the world of speechmaking and political rhetoric, there is license for hyperbole.

    Is the statement leaving a particular impression that may be misleading?

    Is the statement significant? We avoid minor “gotchas” on claims that obviously represent a slip of the tongue.

    Is the statement likely to be passed on and repeated by others?

    Would a typical person hear or read the statement and wonder: Is that true?

  7. Don't agree. Was there anything significant that you thought was missed ...? (0 Replies)

    Most publicized points by candidates are usually there. What specific ones did you think were purposely omitted? Yes, political experts make expert judgements that’s true with anything. That’s not a bias. Here’s their post about how they select statements.

  8. Atlantic City deals (0 Replies)

    Which were financed by those Wall St. banks, they no longer have any interest in taking on “Donald risk“. Probably the reason he’s going after Wall St., they want nothing to do with him. Trump is the bottom feed amongst bottom feeders.

    Foreign investors. here is a good article. Trump is still doing some deals which require significant amount of capital like the SoHo project noted in the article.

    This is what I would like to press to continue to dig into. This is the stuff that make Trump backpedal and feel uneasy.

    So thanks Julian!

  9. good point on the tax returns (0 Replies)

    pulling back the curtain on Trump’s investors would be a good thing to see. Even better getting Trump on the defensive and making him look weak.

  10. this might backfire on Assange (1 Reply)

    forget all that Russian conspiracy stuff. But Assange had opened a new front on Trump, it’s his financing deals with foreign countries. Assange had now put Trump on the defense on real estate financing that he received over the past 10 years. Most major UB banks refuse to make deals with him since Trump stiffed him with bad deals (even though that’s kind of funny).

    So where is he getting him money from? Today more pointed questions to Trump on the influx of Russian money financing his deals which he had been evasive in answering.

    You know what happens when you don’t answer the question, people start digging and the story continues. So we can that Assange for that.

  11. That's the problem with this whole thing ... (1 Reply)

    Wikileaks was supposed to be about an open internet and expose private information, instead it turning into an attack site. There was always going to be information that you are not going to want exposed, that’s different when you don’t have an agenda.

    The open internet idea of wikileaks is gone.

  12. post convention bounce (1 Reply)

    for Trump. But it shows how close polling had been. Clinton has some difficulty closing the deal so far. I would expect that it does back to +D next week. But for all the alarms, it does show there is a competitive election.

  13. what have you brought to the conversation? (2 Replies)

    we’re all set with your moralizing and lack of any substance.

  14. 90% score with ADA (1 Reply)

    only 7 Senators with a higher ADA rating. Vote descriptions detail many economic related votes.