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  1. I've seen it in social networking sites like twitter and facebook (1 Reply)

    but haven’t come across a blog with those kind of features.

  2. well they stink at it .... (2 Replies)

    it all just seems so trivial. Oh well, anyone have recommendations on local news sites? Is it only

  3. "about one another" (1 Reply)

    with EB3? PP I don’t think you want to go there.

    EB makes stuff up, is often wrong, but people comment.

  4. the globe has gone to shit ... (0 Replies)

    that’s the only thing that came across my mind when I saw the headline. They beat the herald to the “story”. I’ve been noticing the crap they’ve been posting online. Snow porn something or other, do I have to buy my hookup a Christmas gift.

  5. you want a Governor in his last few weeks in office ... (1 Reply)

    to start a long term initiative? He could I guess, but I find your statement odd.

  6. I think there is more to it than that ... (0 Replies)

    and stomv make a good point, hopefully a pilot program will help to get some feedback is the next best step. The staties as Ernie noted would make a lot of sense to pilot the program.

  7. Are bookings already taped? (2 Replies)

    Not sure of the requirements, but I believe that the processing is already being taped now.

    This is a difficult one. Are we saying that we have no confidence in our police that we need to video every officer’s actions? I don’t feel that way. But on the other hand, it might take away some of the ambiguity in court. Jurors can see the evidence for themselves.

  8. Didn't this joker quit after 1 term in the Senate? (1 Reply)

    If you want to run for POTUS, at a minimum don’t create your video announcement on local cable access. What did the guys from Wayne’s World produce this crap video?

    For crissakes. The nuts are already starting to come out of the word work.

    File Under: NO CHANCE

  9. syndication ... (0 Replies)

    So Howie will syndicate (or at least I think he will) his show and so far he has WMEX static signal. I wonder who else will pick it up. Herald article today had Fox 25′s VB getting that ax. VB was Howie’s producer ….. maybe the replacement at WRKO.

  10. so why did they opt forthe judge (0 Replies)

    instead of a jury trial for the additional time for violating the public trust? Because O’Brien wanted MORE time? You know, since the entire Massachusetts justice system is in cahoots with one another?

    Come on now. It’s hysterical postings with a lot of liberties taken on the facts.

  11. that's it? (0 Replies)

    kinda, sorta, might have, something or other, and that’s the best they could come up with. Grasping at straws.

  12. kind of like Jon Keller and Scotto ... (0 Replies)

    what a jackass Keller was last night, I watch the stream of that embarrassment.

    I was waiting for Lawrence last night, after that Coakley was done. She won big, but needed more votes, so spot on there for Keller. Then that clown went all in on Scott with the same circumstance. Brown was toast, done, it was over like Coakley, but that asshat immediately after Coakley exact same situation went stupid with moronic Brown’s race is not over.

    What a sad perfromance, kind of like turd blossom on FOX when he wouldn’t concede the presidential election.

  13. Republicans smell blood ... (1 Reply)

    That’s the best that I can describe it, red town lines outside waiting to vote @7. Not a good sign, if there is any chance at all, GOTV needs to be out in full force this afternoon.