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  1. I've read some really dumb things in the past .... (0 Replies)

    but this is the winner. Congratulations.

    Tom Yawkey was a racist, and ran his team that way. Are you kidding me, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not, because of this garbage you are writing on the behalf of a disgusting person, but you should be.

    Ernie’s next post, the bus driver was not at fault when when he told Rosa Parks to give up her seat. he was actually from Detroit.

  2. yes, who cares about domestic violence (1 Reply)

    especially from a governor candidate.

    His answer should have been, Pfft.

    Thanks for the input. (get it data joke)

  3. Dude, give it a rest for a day ... (0 Replies)

    is that too much to ask. there’s plenty of time to attack whomever you want, but take the lead of the candidates and if you haven’t noticed here as well, take today off.

  4. and the Fisher comparison ... (2 Replies)

    shows that Mark freakin Fisher did a better job than Berwick reaching out to his base today.

  5. Nope (2 Replies)

    don’t kid yourself.

  6. I don't get the football analogy (1 Reply)

    Yes, it is about choice and a vote for the Berwick vanity campaign was a choice to F-over Democrats.

    A choice to have a nut job like Polito and her positions in a place with higher authority and impact. Un-be-freakin-lievable.

    So aggregated right now.

  7. Will Fisher get a higher percentage than Bewick? (1 Reply)

    that’s the question. No Republicans showed up, there was nothing to vote for, forget the totals today.

  8. Kraft supported Goodell's mea culpa (0 Replies)

    and said he did the right thing when made aware of the video. That’s a little different than what you are posting. I am sure that if Goodell had the video earlier it will come out, the knives are out, if he’s lining, he’ gone.

    So I want to hear more as this story progresses.

    If you want to boycott something in the NFL. what about the joke that the 49ers franchise is for their own domestic violence issue and the BS they are peddling to allow Ray MacDonald to continue playing.

  9. I watched the video afterwards ... (0 Replies)

    there was some back and forth, but at the end of the day if she is hanging her hat on running the civil rights division and saying it every other sentence, then it’s up for discussion what has happened during that time.

  10. it's probably a moot point... (1 Reply)

    the ballot question is losing 2 to 1. (I’m voting for repeal)

  11. "the people's lawyer" is where the endorsement goes off the rails ... (2 Replies)

    and I’m leaning Healey (well today anyway, I could still switch) and I’m leaning that way because I completely agree the opening statement in the endorsement, Tolman is more Pol than AG.

    But I think a more honest assessment of Healey, is someone more closely aligned with Coakley, and not in a good way. From the Demos lawsuit on the Voting Rights Act, where Healey was included included on letters from the organization as the “Civil Rights People’s Lawyer”.

    Also, questionable on DCF issue:

    Asked if they could imagine an instance when as attorney general they would decline to defend the state, Tolman said he would not have defended Massachusetts against a civil lawsuit brought by a Maryland child welfare group alleging deficiencies in the Department of Children and Families before troubles at that agency came to a head with the death of 5-year-old Jeremiah Oliver.

    Healey said she would consider each case brought to her office individually, but with regard to the DCF lawsuit she said, “In that situation, I agree with how the office handled it in terms of the defense and how things were presented.”

    and this (same link)…

    When Tolman suggested that as head of the civil rights division in the attorney general’s office Healey should have done more to address campus violence against women, Healey shot back, “You’ve never prosecuted a crime, I have . . . I don’t need to be lectured by you.”

    Well, someone should have lectured you earlier because isn this case “the people’s lawyer” sucked.

    So that said, I did vote for Coakley for AG in past elections, and on balance there was a lot of good. I’m including Coakley with DOMA as the second banana is getting all the credit, Coakley deserves much of it too. so if you are comfortable with that, then there should not be an issue.

    So this is how I break it down, with the caveat that they agree on many issues, but highlighting the differences:

    Healey, exceptional lawyer, fighter, some judgement questions.
    Tolman, Pol with good judgement (there is a history and we know who he is)

  12. just a dumb comment ... (0 Replies)

    I know it’s stupid time as we are a week out, but for crissakes.

  13. It's a good get for Healey ... (0 Replies)

    so kudos to her for the endorsement.

  14. or adults have more experience ... (0 Replies)

    in the process and a greater appreciation for leadership and authenticity when they see it. Conversely, based on their experience in life, and again this is deeply personal to each individual, they see tendencies which shows a lack of leadership which troubles them. Sometimes a kid doesn’t have that perspective or experience, it’s something they will learn as the grow.

    Identifying clear goals, mobilizing and inspiring others and staff to take action to achieve those goals based on trust that you are doing the right thing is what people are hopefully looking for. A Governor, AG, or whatever, is not going to do everything themselves. Berwick IMHO showed in his ad what should trouble people, now what we need is a clear definition of his goals, and hopefully it’s more than universal health care to lead the state.

  15. Leadership ... (1 Reply)

    is more than saying you’re a leader. It’s showing how you will lead, so points for showing what a leader is not, but he needs to show how he will lead.