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You need to hand it to Clinton for this response

Charlie Baker is now the Victim

Moulten for Governor (or Healey!). The sooner we get a leader in that office, the better for the Commonwealth. Baker is essentially a good looking bureaucrat who beat a weak rival to win his current position. - promoted by Bob_Neer

HuffPost Debate Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 22%

The Next Governor of Massachusetts, Marty Walsh

Charlie Baker, transparency? Only Kidding.

Baker’s Budget Looks to be a Shell Game

Web Address Question

“What the Heck” is going on at

The newspaper appears to be at now. Having said that, features its fabulous investigation of Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman, who appears to have been a serial online harasser of small local businesses for trivial sums. Hilary Sargent is superb in "There’s More: Edelman Did This Before, And Worse" - promoted by Bob_Neer

Sentencing in on Probation Department

Kudos to Carmen Ortiz for prosecuting these criminals. Lets hope it is not the last prosecution for corrupt patronage schemes. Should DeLeo have been indicted, rather than named as an unindicted co-conspirator, or left out of the case, do you think? - promoted by Bob_Neer

BOMBSHELL! Motion Denied