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Menino for President

(You wanna cut the deficit?

Duh. - promoted by Charley on the MTA

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Who Knew? Kloechner did!

(Observations from a man who knows his politics. - promoted by Bob Neer)

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Globe Headline: Grossman Ad Misstates Polito Actions on License Plates

What This Is All About

("So there we have it: BlueMass people overall think it will be a 50-47 Coakley victory and RedMass people average a 50-48 Brown victory, and RedMass predicts a higher turnout (1.2 mil to 1 mil)." Striking how close both sides think the race will be. Fantastic wonkery. Thanks so much!   - promoted by Bob)

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Woke up this morning…

How Did It Get To Be So Ugly? (With A Hopeful Close)

The Demonization of Deval Patrick

Abolish the Legislature

Don’t view this clip…

New Reality Series on Fox