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Live blogging the convention from Springfield…

Electricity rates will drop for the summer – but are you ready for next winter?


Ladies and Gentlemen, Super Bowl champions your New England Patriots! - promoted by Bob_Neer

Vote Yes on Question 3: Framingham DTC hosted a ballot question forum – and I got to represent Yes on 3! Updated with the other questions

Vote YES on #3: The Two Questions Casinos Don’t Want You to Ask

Vote Yes on Question 3: Casinos Hurt Our Businesses

Vote Yes on Question 3: Casinos Threaten Our Jobs

Vote Yes on 3 or wind up like Atlantic City. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Is Political Climate Change Real? Scott Brown (R-Bqhatevwr!) Apparently Thinks So!

Oh Scott. Welp, this shows a few things: a.) How Brown is truly a Romney protege in being willing to jettison previously-held positions, and b.) How talk radio and the Koch oligarchs control the GOP in NH. People with common sense understand the situation pretty well, it turns out (according to the Yale Climate Project). Denial is left to those whose political-tribal affinities *require* that they not accept the facts in front of their faces. And that's who Brown is chasing right now. It's an endless chase for Brown, into another state and into the arms of a truly marginal political faction. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

My choice for Governor: Don Berwick

BQHATEVWR Rides Again!

"Brown stood up, walked to the back of the diner, and took shelter in the bathroom." Hard to imagine anything more perfectly encapsulating Scott Brown's career to date. - promoted by david