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BQHATEVWR Rides Again!

"Brown stood up, walked to the back of the diner, and took shelter in the bathroom." Hard to imagine anything more perfectly encapsulating Scott Brown's career to date. - promoted by david

Don Berwick’s appearance on my local access TV show, “All Politics Is Local”

Hurray for citizen journalism! - promoted by david

More bad news for Scott Brown (Bqhatevwr!) and Global Digital Solutions…

Bqhatevwr in New Hampshire!

“Keystone isn’t any normal pipeline”

Interview with Don Berwick on DKos today…

Three cheers for candidates reaching out to the netroots! - promoted by david

AOL reverses course on benefit cuts – CEO apologizes to staff – Updated

Rally to Stop the Salem Gas Plant – Saturday, 2/8, 2:00 PM

Coal: poisoning the air, poisoning the water…

Cape Wind: What really happened, and why the contract went to a European firm