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  1. Senator Eldridge, thanks for moving on the net-mw=etering cap! (0 Replies)

    Now if you could just kick your counterparts in the house and get them to follow suit…

  2. My state rep is John Fernandes, 10th Worcester District (1 Reply)

    Please do contact him – and can you tell me how Ryan Fattman voted on this senate bill, was there a roll call?

  3. I'm there, unless a recent love interest finds some free time... (0 Replies)

    If she says “why don’t you come see me”, the BMG picnic will be lacking a loud guy with a big laugh!

  4. Joel, thank you for this rundown! (2 Replies)

    I work in solar power, and the last time I spoke to my state rep he was telling me everything the utility people had told him – I’ll be forwarding this article to him!

    What really frosts me as far as the utility’s newfound concern for the ratepayers is the fact that, for the past 17 years, they’ve been charging ratepayers a “transition” cost per kWh. While it was never an enormous amount of money on any single bill, when multiplied by millions of customers it became quite a lot of money. What was this charge for? Back in 1998, energy choice was mandated by the legislature, and the investor owned utilities (NStar, NGrid, etc) had to make a transition from being an energy supplier to an energy delivery company. So for the next 17 years, we all paid for that!

    In the last few months I’ve seen the transition charge switch to a credit on my customer’s bills, so they’re finally being forced to give some of that money back – but they can cry me a river as they feign concern for what their ratepayers are subsidizing.

  5. I'm a member of Milford TV... (1 Reply)

    …the local access cable channel, where they have a great studio with a green screne – Franklin TV has a great studio as well – perhaps we should produce this episode, John!

  6. I'm working until 3:00 PM... (0 Replies)

    …but I’ll be there after that – and I’m working in Franklin, so it will be shortly after that!

  7. Of people expressing a preference... (0 Replies)

    …Bernie is well above 1/3 – and 31% is within the margin of error of 33%

  8. Sorry, that's not the case CMD (0 Replies)

    The fact is that our existing natural gas infrastructure is old and very, very leaky. If we fixed the leaks, we wouldn’t need more pipelines!

  9. Absolutely! (0 Replies)

    Email me your phone number and I’ll call when I’m at my computer, we can get a preliminary look on Google Earth, ok?

  10. When will you wake up and realize you're being played for a fool? (0 Replies)

    Read the post – the reasons for voting against this bill are clear.

  11. Ha! A "freat value" is... (1 Reply)

    …a “great value” when typing on a keyboard that looks like this:


    Time for a new laptop? ;)

  12. Solar is still a freat value folks! (1 Reply)

    I’m still working for NuWatt, and with today’s electricity rates, solar makes more sense than ever. The rebates have ended, but the tax credits are still there, a solar investment will pay for itself almost immediately. Email me here if you’d like the details:

  13. You're right, of course... (0 Replies)

    I wrote my above comment just before hitting the sack – I had set my DVR to record the game, so I watched it again this morning. I thought he had caught the ball in the end zone, but that wasn’t the case.

  14. I hear ya... (2 Replies)

    When it was over I told the folks at the SB party I was at that I had to head home and get my blood pressure medication!

    Brady deserves the MVP though – he engineered the comeback from a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter. Butler should have knelt down in the end zone, bringing the ball out to the 2 almost made it very messy, especially after a post-possession penalty pushed them back to the 1 yard line.

  15. You could most certainly be wrong about a pipeline... (0 Replies)

    …from Alaska across Canada to the lower 48, I don’t think such a thing exists. Care to show proof that it does?

    There is a trans-Alaska pipeline, which gets oil from the north slope to southern Alaska, where it is shipped to refineries in tankers, but I can find no mention of a pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 routed through Canada.

  16. I should add... (0 Replies)

    It only shows in the “Recent Comments” list when I comment!

  17. As was I... (1 Reply)

    I first signed up here as JohnT, but I lost the password to that account and couldn’t retrieve it – that was back in the Soapblox days, and the system didn’t email me a recovery password. Since then I’ve changed to my full name with “fka” for “formerly known as”, but that moniker only shows when I comment.

  18. I have prior plans and can't attend (1 Reply)

    Everyone have fun – I’m running a camera for a jazz program on local access cable, which is a real blast. We have the Buddy Tamagni Trio tonight. We should have meet ups more regularly!