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  1. Wow, ten years! (0 Replies)

    Congrats to a great blog – here’s to the next ten years of reality based commentary!

  2. I voted at noon... (2 Replies)

    I was number 558 in my precinct, so turnout was roughly 25% at that point. Today is also moving day for me, my lease is up tomorrow – this is my first break since noon.

  3. Seeing this bumoed today... (1 Reply)

    …put me of a mind to see what the denizens of RMG thought of the question. In their world, Charlie’s answer has already won the corner office!

  4. The only polling info discussed on the call... (0 Replies)

    …was to say that it’s close, and a lot of folks don’t know that a yes vote means no casinos. Some good news as well – the polls have remained tight despite a TV ad blitz from the pro-casino lobby, and we’re planning to go on the air soon with our own ads. Antone who can put some skin in that game is invited to make a contribution here:

  5. Thanks Sleepless! (0 Replies)

    Next week I’ll be representing Yes on 3 at a debate at the College of the Holy Cross – the Committee to Elect Me is somewhere in my future!

  6. Thanks for linking that! (0 Replies)

    What a great article – Kate, I’ll be canvassing Milford on Sunday in your name, and I’ll be wearing my “Kate” and my “You’ve Been Dispatched” buttons!

  7. "we both fight our party when we know they are wrong and we are right" (0 Replies)

    Excuse me, Ms. DeFranco? When was the Democratic Party wrong while you were right? When the party voted overwhelmingly to ignore you and get Elizabeth Warren, arguably the best senator on Capitol Hill, elected?

    I’m surprised liveandletlive hasn’t crawled out of the woodwork to endorse Tisei as well…

  8. It also shows that a lot of people... (1 Reply)

    …don’t know the difference between the national debt and the deficit. The national debt has gone up – with the deficit being down, it’s going up more slowly, but it has been going up nonetheless.

  9. I'll be representing Yes on 3... (0 Replies)

    …at a ballot question forum tonight in Framingham. I’ll certainly be including the corruption angle in my remarks!

  10. You are WAY off hre... (2 Replies)

    You’re suggesting that the casinos gross profit margin will be just $100 million annually? Then how does the state expect to reap between $300 million and $400 million in taxes? The $1 billion figure is gross revenue, not the amount gambled away in casinos – it is money that is removed from the economy.

  11. The state gets the money (1 Reply)

    The grocers have to account for it and pony up on a regular basis

  12. The proceeds of the gas tax go to the transportation trust fund (0 Replies)

    That money does not go to the probation department. Are there hack jobs in the transportation department? Maybe – but the money from the gas tax does NOT fund anything else.

  13. Nice advice, Not-Ernie... (0 Replies)

    Now go grab a clipboard and knock on some persuadable doors!

  14. Exactly, kbusch! (1 Reply)

    Crime has been decreasing since the seventies, when we banned lead paint and leaded gasoline. But one crime in particular is on the rise near casinos – do a Google search for “Ledyard CT embezzlement”

    The scenario has become all too familiar in the corner of the state that houses two of the world’s largest casinos: Longtime employees, seemingly above suspicion, embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed a gambling addiction.

    Two such cases came to light in the past two days in New London Superior Court.

    On Thursday, the former business manager for the Lakeside Condominium Association in Gales Ferry was arraigned on charges of first-degree larceny and third-degree forgery.

    Cynthia S. Eddy, 52, of 9 Tanglewood Drive, Preston, broke down and admitted her gambling addiction when she was confronted by condominium association officers and Ledyard police, according to an arrest warrant. She is accused of stealing $294,400 from the association between 2005 and May 2009. During the same time period, she lost $226,400 in slot machines at Foxwoods Resort Casino and $63,884 at Mohegan Sun.

    A day earlier, 53-year-old Beverly Howard of Westerly was charged with embezzling $334,778 while serving as the dining services director for the company that runs the food service program at East Lyme schools. Her gambling losses amounted to more than $381,000. She admitted she had played slot machines at both of the area casinos with cash she took out of cafeteria revenues before making the daily deposits into the school lunch fund. She said she created false deposit logs to cover the thefts.

    A 2009 gambling-impact study commissioned by the General Assembly and performed by New Jersey-based Spectrum Gaming Group revealed a 400 percent increase in embezzlement cases in southeastern Connecticut since Foxwoods, the older of the area’s two tribally owned casinos, opened in 1992. Police made 43 embezzlement arrests in 1991, the year before Foxwoods opened, and 214 in 2007, the report says.


    Massachusetts, are you ready for some embezzlement?? Vote Yes on 3!!

  15. If the Commonwealth needs more revenue... (1 Reply)

    …then our legislators should raise that revenue through appropriate taxation. Casinos amount to an ENORMOUS regressive tax.

  16. I'm voting for Martha Coakley for governor... (1 Reply)

    …and I’m voting Yes on 3 to repeal the casino mess.