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  1. You may not be sentenced to lengthy in arceration... (0 Replies)

    …but you would certainly have a lengthy incarceration staring you in the face:

    Whoever commits an assault or an assault and battery upon another shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 21/2 years in a house of correction or by a fine of not more than $1,000.

    Would a first offender be sentenced to the max penalty? Probably not – but he would certainly “face” it.

  2. Um, it's already an issue in this campaign (2 Replies)

    I’m not sure what your calendar looks like, but mine says it’s 6 weeks to election day, and the fact that you’re commenting on this sure makes it look like an issue to me…

  3. That's great that you think repeal will pass... (0 Replies)

    …but we need all hands on deck to make sure it does. Please help us – go to or email to get involved!

  4. Really? (1 Reply)

    As a candidate for governor, you would have no comment on a high profile case of domestic violence? Do us all a favor – don’t run for office!

  5. Sacked by a simple question? (0 Replies)

    He really should have been prepared for this question, but it appears he wasn’t able to scramble out of the way…

  6. Jon Stewart hd this to say... (0 Replies)

    …about Adrian Peterson, but it just as easily applies to Ray Rice:

    Clip of NBC reporter: [NFL player Adrian] Peterson released a statement: ‘I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser.’
    Jon Stewart: You beat a four-year-old with a tree branch. Here’s a tip for any pro football players out there curious as to whether or not they may be child abusers: you can’t do something to a four-year-old that you’re not allowed to do to a 300-pound lineman in a helmet and pads.
    —The Daily Show

  7. Ooops... (0 Replies)

    I should add: John is the founder of Repeal the Casino Deal, and Brian is the Field Director for the campaign.

  8. John Ribero and Brian Ashmankas will be on my cable TV show (1 Reply)

    We’re taping the episode tomorrow, it should be on YouTube early next week and on the air a couple of weeks after that. I’ll also be putting it on PegMedia if you want to air the show in your town – I’ll post links when it’s ready.

    We have a LOT to discuss, and much of what you’ve posted these last couple of weeks will be on the agenda, EB3!

  9. One issue with filters is bacterial buildup (0 Replies)

    You should let the water run for a minute to flush the bacteria before drinking it. Catch the flush water in a container and use it to water house plants if you’re concerned about wasting water.

  10. Dammit! wake=take... (0 Replies)

    I should plug a keyboard into a USB slot!

  11. Tom, I certainly agree with you... (3 Replies)

    …about Patrick’s legacy and I said as much in the comment I referenced above. For the record, here is what I said:

    Thank you, Governor Patrick, for the Green Communities Act and everything you’ve done to make Massachusetts a leader in renewable energy. Ever since I lost my job writing software, I’ve been gainfully employed selling solar power systems, and while I’ve had my ups and downs, the ups have been more consistent.

    However, let me give you a hearty “WTF were you thinking??” on the casino bill. It has stained your legacy, and I really wish you had never signed it.

    See you in Worcester!

    so, MG’s point does not stand – his point was that I must like casinos because I like Deval Patrick, and that is simply not true.

    While MG is certainly not a right wing troll like DFW, he’s still on the right of the political spectrum. Right wingers place a heavy emphasis on loyalty to their group when deciding about policies worthy of their support, while left leaning folks like you and I wake a more nuanced approach, weighing many factors without the heavy emphasis on loyalty. That’s where MG is wrong – I can like Governor Patrick and detest casinos at the same time.

  12. posy = post! (0 Replies)

    I’ve worn the spots off the keys on this laptop…;)

  13. Bullshit. (2 Replies)

    I like Deval Patrick, but when I was given the opportunity to reflect on his tenure as governor, right here on BMG in a posy by John Walsh, I asked “WTF were you thinking on casinos?”

    In my case, loyalty to my group only goes so far – I’m perfectly capable of liking Deval Patrick (and my state rep, who voted for the bill) while being against casinos.

  14. Two problems with Baker's (and Coakley's) Springfield proposal (2 Replies)

    1.) If repeal passes and they allow a casino in Springfield anyhow, they would be denying the clear will of the voters.

    2.) A casino in Springfield would open the doors to an Indian casino, or 2, or 3.

  15. Chris, your post made the front page at DKos! (1 Reply)

    On Saturdays, Meteor Blades does a roundup of the best work from progressive state blogs around the country. Only 2 or 3 appear above the fold, and yours is one of them today:


  16. Uh-oh - the dreaded BMG Kiss-of-Death! (1 Reply)

    Great endorsement guys, but now I’ll be blaming you if Don loses…;)

  17. Yup! (0 Replies)

    I’ve been concentrating on the primary up to now – after 9/9, I’ll be working on RTCD! In fact, my work starts on 9/9, since there’s nothing on the primary ballot about RTCD, I’m planning to hand out hard cards on the steps of the Milford Portuguese Club, where our 4 biggest precincts vote.

  18. I was there as well... (0 Replies)

    In college, my friends gave me the nickname “world’s loudest human”, and I think I’ve gotten louder since then! I led many of the chants as we walked:

    When I say primary, you say Berwick! Primary! Berwick!
    When I ask what does all mean, you say all means all! What does all mean? All means all!
    When I ask where are we going, you say Donward! Where are we going? Donward!

    Lather, rinse, repeat…WOOOHOOO!!!

  19. I saw this on Sunday... (0 Replies)

    Not during the debate – no one saw that – but MassLive reported on it.

    So Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker are on the same side when it comes to defying the will of the electorate, that’s good to know. Coakley supporters, come on over to Berwick! He’s really much, much better than Martha.