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  1. You're right, of course... (0 Replies)

    I wrote my above comment just before hitting the sack – I had set my DVR to record the game, so I watched it again this morning. I thought he had caught the ball in the end zone, but that wasn’t the case.

  2. I hear ya... (2 Replies)

    When it was over I told the folks at the SB party I was at that I had to head home and get my blood pressure medication!

    Brady deserves the MVP though – he engineered the comeback from a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter. Butler should have knelt down in the end zone, bringing the ball out to the 2 almost made it very messy, especially after a post-possession penalty pushed them back to the 1 yard line.

  3. You could most certainly be wrong about a pipeline... (0 Replies)

    …from Alaska across Canada to the lower 48, I don’t think such a thing exists. Care to show proof that it does?

    There is a trans-Alaska pipeline, which gets oil from the north slope to southern Alaska, where it is shipped to refineries in tankers, but I can find no mention of a pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 routed through Canada.

  4. I should add... (0 Replies)

    It only shows in the “Recent Comments” list when I comment!

  5. As was I... (1 Reply)

    I first signed up here as JohnT, but I lost the password to that account and couldn’t retrieve it – that was back in the Soapblox days, and the system didn’t email me a recovery password. Since then I’ve changed to my full name with “fka” for “formerly known as”, but that moniker only shows when I comment.

  6. I have prior plans and can't attend (1 Reply)

    Everyone have fun – I’m running a camera for a jazz program on local access cable, which is a real blast. We have the Buddy Tamagni Trio tonight. We should have meet ups more regularly!

  7. Why don't you start a recall petition yourself? (0 Replies)

    Put your money where your mouth is – I’d love to see how far a recall petition would go. HA!

  8. No I don't know what the costs would be in MA (0 Replies)

    Nor do I know how much each homeless person in the state currently costs. That’s why I went with a lower per-capita savings – if a similar program in MA is able to get 75% of the savings experienced in Utah, then there’s a LOT of money to be saved. Heck, if we saved only half as much, that’s still almost $54 million. It’s certainly worth a look, and Patrick’s “Don’t think it would work” comment seems to discount even trying.

  9. The Utah program saved their taxpayers... (1 Reply)

    …roughly $5,670 per homeless person. Multiply that by 3,000 homeless people, and the state saved just over $17 million.

    Massachusetts has approximately 19,000 homeless people – link:

    Let’s say that a similar program in MA saves $4,000 per homeless person – the state would save $76 million, and if we saved as much as Utah, it would be almost $108 million. Can you explain why that wouldn’t work here?

  10. That program was my first thought... (0 Replies)

    …when I saw this post, GMoke! Thanks for posting it – great minds think alike!

  11. You had to go and try out... (0 Replies)

    …that “enable user blocking” toggle switch in the WordPress control panel, eh? See what happens??!!?? ;)

  12. Here's a link... (0 Replies)

    It looks ike YouTube has ended support for the old style embed code, which is a shame, since that was the code that actually worked on sites like BMG, and may be the reason the video didn’t embed above.

  13. You can edit posts after submitting (3 Replies)

    What you can’t do is edit your comments after submitting them, and there’s a reason for that. Allowing users to edit their comments would allow unscrupulous users to change what was said after someone else replies, thereby making the person who replied look bad.

    As for your comments about signal to noise, I just downrate the noise and move on, it doesn’t really alter my participation here. What i have asked for in the past is for certain users to be banned for lowering the discourse, Dan From Waltham being the most prominent example of that, he was truly disruptive.

    I’d really like to know which blogs have a “block user” button, which methuenprogressive claims can be found on “well run” web sites. I’ve never seen that feature in a blog, certainly not in WordPress, the code base for BMG. It is available on forum-style discussion boards like php_BB, but sites like DKos, Crooks and Liars, ThinkProgress, Hullabaloo, Eschaton, etc do not give users the ability to block other users’ posts and comments, as far as I know.

  14. Senator Warren was indeed in attendance! (0 Replies)

    I had a couple of opportunities for pictures with her:


    JT and Sentaor Warren

    I told her I was proud of the way she represents us in the Senate, and I spoke to her aide about having her appear on my cable TV show. I’ll be sure to write a post about the show if we manage to put it together!

  15. HA! Makwa = Makes... (0 Replies)

    I should really plug a keyboard into this laptop, I’ve worn the spots off the keys!

  16. Makwa no difference to me. (2 Replies)

    Democrat, Republican, whatever – he needs to lose his job.

  17. This was not a mistake, Christopher (1 Reply)

    It was deliberate – look for federal charges and a special prosecutor, hopefully soon.

  18. There's a much more thorough post and discussion... (1 Reply)

    …of this topic over at DKos:

    Long story short: with prosecutors like this, Darren Wilson doesn’t need a defense attorney.