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  1. You're absolutely right, Patrick (0 Replies)

    $10K isn’t a lot of money, but it was enough for Christie to steer $15 million back to Baker. Long story short: not only is Chris Christie for sale, but you can buy him at K-Mart “flashing blue light special” prices!

  2. Well yes, technically it's not a surge (1 Reply)

    You know that, and I know that – but we’re political junkies. To the average voter, this looks like a candidate who i surging in the polls, and I’ll be saying so as I knock on doors this weekend!

  3. My candidate just surged in the polls... (3 Replies)

    …why on earth would I abandon him now? Berwick can win this thing yet – and seeing him debate Charlie Baker will be awesome!

  4. There most certainly is a rule, Ernie... (0 Replies)

    If you would kindly re-read the rules:

    Insults, personal attacks, rudeness, and blanket unsupported statements reduce the level of discourse, interfere with our basic objective, and are not permitted.

    It’s there in black and white – rudeness is not allowed, and calling someone a shithead in your post’s title, then inviting those who object to blow you, is certainly rude. I agree with Tom’s “WTF” comment below – editors, please delete this trash, and consider a timeout for the author.

  5. You can sign up to attend a watch party... (0 Replies)

    …at this link:

    There’s also plenty of other Berwick events on that page – GOTV!

  6. How he plans to govern? (1 Reply)

    Please go look at his web site, you’ll see plenty of derails about how he plans to govern.

  7. A recent poll from PPP in Louisiana... (2 Replies)

    …shows Hillary within 1 point of all the leading Republicans except Christie – she’s beating him by 4! Someone over at DKos ran the numbers: if she carries every state that was carried at least once by Bill Clinton or Obama, the electoral college goes to her by 434 to 108.

  8. Heh... (0 Replies)

    In defense of his toe-tapping dance
    Larry Craig said he had a wide stance
    But it doesn’t ring true
    That a man in the loo
    Could spread out after dropping his pants!

  9. Shenanigans like that would soon be exposed (0 Replies)

    While it would work in theory, I think that it would backfire in practice

  10. Then make the robot all penalty huge... (2 Replies)

    …so that it hurts. 200 times the money spent on the calls might deter them, no?

  11. If you watch the video with Dr. Berwick... (1 Reply)

    …in my post that David put on the front page, around 18 minutes in he talks about his plans for single payer – emphasizing that it is a simplified payment system, with care delivery remaining the same or improving as resources are freed up to concentrate on care.

  12. I would also recommend watching... (1 Reply)

    …the video currently on the front page, my interview with Don Berwick, where he explains how we can and should get there.

  13. You're welcome lspinti! (0 Replies)

    I was very proud of that episode – after we finished, Don commended me for my preparation, but all I did was read his web site! He truly is the candidate we need, I’m looking forward to voting for him in November…

  14. Thanks, MP (0 Replies)

    I’m glad you liked my interview – more importantly, I hope you heard what Don was saying. It’s well past time to “have conversations” about the progressive items the commonwealth needs – concrete action is what’s required, and Don is the one candidate promising to deliver it.

  15. I have the show rendering now (0 Replies)

    I’ll get the YouTube version tomorrow, will have it on the web by Thursday. He was a tremendous guest, we talked about every single issue bullet on his web site.