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  1. MGM's projected gross revenue is $500 million... (0 Replies)

    …by year three of operations:

    In Zuniga’s report, MGM’s projected annual gross gaming revenues are listed as $500 million by year three of operations, with $436.7 million or 87.4 percent coming from patrons in the defined market area, which is primarily Western Massachusetts and northwestern Connecticut.


    Casinos suck money out of the local economy, mainly out of the pockets of poorer people who can least afford to lose that money. They create more problem gamblers than jobs, and if we are truly a Commonwealth, we should continue to disallow casinos.

  2. Edit... (1 Reply)

    That should say “if Seamus was concerned about them sharing his info, he should have looked at the privacy policy”, not “if you were concerned about them sharing your info, you should have looked at the privacy policy”

  3. The site does have a privacy policy (2 Replies)

    It’s here:

    You’re right, it should be linked or explained on the signup page, but is it legally required to be there? And, as far as sharing the information is concerned, here’s what the privacy policy says:

    On registration, sign-up and contribution forms on, we may ask for your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, as well as who, if anyone, referred you to the site in order to credit those who are organizing volunteer support or fundraising for the Markey Committee.

    We will use your e-mail address to provide you news and information about the Markey Committee. We may also use your zip code and state to send you e-mail messages about upcoming campaign events or activities in your area.

    We may also use the information that you provide online to contact you for other purposes or to solicit you for contributions. When you register or sign-up online, we may share your contact information with successor organizations and other like-minded Democratic candidates and organizations, and they may contact you. When you make a contribution to us, we may also exchange your contributor information with successor organizations and other like-minded Democratic candidates and organizations, and they may solicit you (see below for additional information regarding your contributor information). Before we share or exchange your contact information or contributor information with successor organizations and other like-minded Democratic candidates and organizations, we will first ask whether you want your information shared or exchanged, and provide you with an opportunity to choose to not have your information shared or exchanged. Under no circumstances will we sell or exchange your credit card information to any other third party.

    Note the part I bolded – if you were concerned about them sharing your info, you should have looked at the privacy policy, which is linked at the bottom of every page on the site. This post is a tempest in a teapot.

  4. You can't be that guy - I'm that guy! (0 Replies)

    Of course, some might describe me as the loud guy in the blue shirt with the Don Berwick button…

  5. I love it! (1 Reply)

    Well done, Team Berwick!

    I got an invite today to march with Don in Marlborough’s Labor Day Parade on Monday – who’s with me?

  6. No, actually they don't agree with you (0 Replies)

    I read that document you linked to last night after I saw Pablo’s comment about the levy ceiling, and that’s why I questioned you about the tax rate. Nowhere in that document does it say anything about a 2.5% limitation in the tax rate, it’s always about the levy, the total dollar amount raised by municipal property taxes.

  7. The question: (0 Replies)

    Mr. Grossman, our first question tonight comes from our 22 News viewers and it’s all about taxes.

    Patricia from Holyoke emailed us wanting to know what plans, if any, you had to lower her property taxes, and Tom from Westfield asked about lowering the sales tax. Also, we want to know, will you take a no new taxes pledge, and if not, what type of tax increases would you support.

    Video here:

  8. The levy is not the rate, petr (1 Reply)

    The levy is the dollar amount raised – the rate is the mechanism by which we get to the levy. I believe you are wrong about the rate being limited to a 2.5% increase, but again, I am not a tax lawyer. Are you?

  9. The question doesn't matter (1 Reply)

    It’s her answer that’s wrong, unless the question was “would you please tell us how property taxes work, but get it exactly wrong?”

  10. It's done in the budget process (4 Replies)

    I’ve been a town meeting member for years here in Milford. Every year when it comes to budget time, we go right up to the limit on Prop 2 1/2. The tax rate is adjusted based on Prop 2 1/2 rules and the changes in assessed value.

    This usually leaves us with between $500,000 and $1 million to add to our rainy day fund, after granting tax relief to deserving citizens, and we always sock that money away. That’s why we have over $12 million in our rainy day fund, and why we are well positioned for some big capital projects this year, including a new school and a renovation of our youth center.

  11. Nope - see my comment above (1 Reply)

    The aggregate dollar amount is subject to Prop 2 1/2, at least that’s my understanding of it.

  12. Here's how it works... (1 Reply)

    Town of Anytown, MA, had a budget from town tax payments of $100 million last year. Under Prop 2 1/2, this years property tax receipts cannot exceed $102.5 million without a debt exclusion or override vote, but as luck would have it, they only need the same $100 million this year (keeps the math simple).

    Last year’s tax rate was $10 per $1,000 of assessed value, so the $100 million budget represents 1% of the total assessed value of $10 billion for all the property in town. However, the bottom dropped out of the real estate market since last year, and this year’s total assessed value of property is $8 billion. In order to get the $100 million they need, the rate would be increased to $12.50 per $1,000 of assessed value. Prop 2 1/2 doesn’t enter into this equation, it would only apply if the town needed more than $102.5 million from property tax receipts.

    I am not a tax lawyer, but that’s my understanding of how it works. If anyone can correct me, please show me where I am wrong.

    (Brought to you by the famous BMG hive mind…)

  13. Yup! (0 Replies)

    You do have it exactly right, and Coakley is exactly wrong. Coakley supporters, what say you?

    I say cast your vote for Don Berwick on 9/9, and GOTV!

  14. You're absolutely right, Patrick (0 Replies)

    $10K isn’t a lot of money, but it was enough for Christie to steer $15 million back to Baker. Long story short: not only is Chris Christie for sale, but you can buy him at K-Mart “flashing blue light special” prices!

  15. Well yes, technically it's not a surge (1 Reply)

    You know that, and I know that – but we’re political junkies. To the average voter, this looks like a candidate who i surging in the polls, and I’ll be saying so as I knock on doors this weekend!

  16. My candidate just surged in the polls... (3 Replies)

    …why on earth would I abandon him now? Berwick can win this thing yet – and seeing him debate Charlie Baker will be awesome!

  17. There most certainly is a rule, Ernie... (0 Replies)

    If you would kindly re-read the rules:

    Insults, personal attacks, rudeness, and blanket unsupported statements reduce the level of discourse, interfere with our basic objective, and are not permitted.

    It’s there in black and white – rudeness is not allowed, and calling someone a shithead in your post’s title, then inviting those who object to blow you, is certainly rude. I agree with Tom’s “WTF” comment below – editors, please delete this trash, and consider a timeout for the author.

  18. You can sign up to attend a watch party... (0 Replies)

    …at this link:

    There’s also plenty of other Berwick events on that page – GOTV!

  19. How he plans to govern? (1 Reply)

    Please go look at his web site, you’ll see plenty of derails about how he plans to govern.