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  1. Kennedy has some 'splaining to do... (1 Reply)

    I’ll be bringing this up next time he holds office hours here in Milford!

  2. Thanks Patrick! (0 Replies)

    Folks, click the link and read it – there’s only one thing left to say:

  3. Perhaps we should pay them minimum wage (0 Replies)

    Let them find out first hand what it’s like to try living on poverty wages!

  4. This is a misleading sales tactic... (1 Reply)

    …called “the bottomless zero”. In order to show a huge disparity between two sets of numbers when no such disparity actually exists, you create a chart like this, where the zero line is somewhere in the next county.

  5. Just wrote a post about this... (1 Reply)

    I can’t believe he doesn’t have a better answer than Bqhatevwr!

  6. I suppose one shouldn't be surprised by a wacky interb=view... (0 Replies)

    …when interviewing a person whose nickname is “Wacko”.

  7. Maybe you went home and pouted... (0 Replies)

    …but this Capuano supporter most certainly did not. I worked my ass off for Coakley, and I know a LOT of other activists who did so as well.

  8. Milford did have huge turnout (0 Replies)

    57% of the registered voters in town turned out for the casino referendum. I believe that was the highest percentage turnout among all the referendums for casinos. The presidential election in 2012 is the only recent race with a higher percentage at 72%.

    On the other hand, a recent contested local race for selectman had 3,000 voters turning out, about 16% of the registered voters in town.

  9. He didn't cave to TP pressure... (0 Replies)

    My understanding is that the Republicans in the senate refused to confirm his appointment, so he was essentially forced out after Obama’s recess appointment ran its course,

  10. Berwick has this central Mass delegate in his pocket! (1 Reply)

    Plus many more – Kate Donaghue attended our Drinking Liberally meeting last night and conducted a straw poll. Among the attendees were 12 delegates, and Berwick took it in a landslide.

  11. Minor nitpick... (2 Replies)

    Methane is CH4, not NH4, that’s Ammonium, the positive ion of Ammonia, NH3. If my memory serves, Ammonium can’t exist on its own, it needs a negatively charged ion in a compound to remain stable, as in Ammonium Nitrate, NH4NO3.

  12. Hence the final line of my comment (0 Replies)

    I said I was unsure if it could be workable at the state level – see the other replies above.

  13. Don, thanks for posting this! (3 Replies)

    One of the best ideas I’ve seen for a carbon tax came from James Hansen. He said we should tax carbon fuels at the point of extraction, and distribute the proceeds of that tax directly to the people so that they won’t feel the pinch of the increased costs. Those consumers who choose a low-carbon lifestyle – solar power users, electric car users, etc – would reap a small windfall by receiving the payment without having to spend it on increased costs. In essence, the market would spur self-correction with regard to carbon pollution.

    I don’t know if that could be applied at the state level, but it’s certainly worth a look.

  14. All the more reason tosupport Don Berwick for governor (0 Replies)

    Don has come out publicly in support of the RTCD folks – I’ll be a convention delegate this summer, and I know who I’ll be supporting!

  15. I wouldn't hold out the renewed contract... (0 Replies)

    …as proof that he’s not running. If I understand it correctly, the contract will automatically terminate if he announces a candidacy for any office, so that’s not an impediment to running.

  16. Who? (0 Replies)

    Please, I had blissfully forgotten his existence…

  17. News flash - there are people around you using marijuana! (2 Replies)

    You can say you don’t want them around you until the cows come home, Chris – put that together with an empty beer can and you can get a nickel at the redemption center.

    The prohibition against marijuana is about 1000 times worse than the harm it does – the money spent enforcing the ban and the lives ruined in jail are just not worth it.