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  1. Issues (0 Replies)

    And issue campaign hardly ever win….values win.

  2. Why does populism have to be in the driver seat? (1 Reply)

    Because it won the last election and the guy who ran with it a while ago served four terms….because the people liked it so much,

    Donald is not a real populist, he just ran as one. All but his 33% know that.

  3. Big Tent... (2 Replies)

    I’m having a hard enough time just being a working class Democrat. I agree with you on the regional angle. On that note, feminists I am aware of are going out of their collective mind because somewhere in the USA a pro-life Democrat is running for office. I involved in a exchange with a feminist yesterday in social media who went ballistic every time I pushed for the party to be primarily focused on working class values. In her world, unless that working class citizen has a pink hat, a black lives matter button and rainbow flag, they are to be shunned. I tried to explain that while I sympathize with those issues, I am more aware/concerned with a much broader approach covering all working class citizens. It was no use. It was also not a unique experience for me.

    By the way, is your brother aware that 75% of all new drugs (not copy cat drugs and so forth) are developed by the federal government, with our tax dollars?

  4. Booker (0 Replies)

    If only people like Booker (and Democrats in general) realized that they can win elections by having a strong message and not a lot of money to spend.

    I’d like to call every Democrat running for office and remind them that Trump spent half of what Clinton spent and he won. He spent half.

  5. Well, there is this: (0 Replies)

    After telling him I could not afford it, his office could have reached out and told me “That’s okay, come anyway and give what you can.” I’ve had this happen very often since I lost my job 18 months ago. Not this time.

    I don’t know about his stand on consumer protection, but he is part of this New Dem Pac and they are silent on using the power of the government to distribute the wealth in more equitable way, silent on a living wage, silent on health care as a right, silent on workers rights. They rely on the tried and failed neo-liberal stuff.

    Been there, done that. It does not work.

  6. My wife spends, on average... (0 Replies)

    About two hours per week, every week, on the phone with doctor’s billing offices, insurance companies, hospital’s billing offices, all to try and iron out the ongoing problems with bills. It’s absurd. My health insurance company once send me a letter, in the mail, to my house, informing me that since I have moved, I am no longer covered by their plan. I moved? Where to? And if I moved, why are they sending a letter to my “old” address? You can’t make this up.

    She spent a year on on bill before it got resolved.

  7. Pulling rank? (0 Replies)

    I’m 62. I graduated from high school in 1973, the year that most economists agree was the last year that America’s middle class was growing.

    Since then, the working class has experienced full frontal attacks by Republicans and crippling sniper attacks by Democrats.

    I can get worked up over a $400,000 “tribute” handed to a former president by a Wall Street monster that does so with the intent to maintain the status quo at best, and completely eliminate the Middle Class at worse.

  8. Don't want to join the war? (2 Replies)

    The working class has been under attack for the past 50 years and we’ve lost every year with Republicans AND Democrats in the White House. Sure, business “matters”, but only as it serves the citizens of the nation. That has not been the case for the past 50 years. Businesses (rare exceptions noted) exist for the benefit of the shareholders and the shareholders are a powerful minority in the USA.

  9. Where is the evidence? (1 Reply)

    I was on the Moulton bandwagon for a while but it was getting to be an uncomfortable ride. Seeing him as the star attraction of this event was a bump in the road that got me off the wagon.

    I even received a cheerful email from his office,inviting me to attend. I replied that the cost of $1,100 for reception and dinner was about equal to a month’s take home pay for me. I asked how they could expect me to pay so much?

    A comment regarding the Middle Class From the web site of the New Dem Pac :

    Industrial-era policies won’t work in an office economy – that’s why we support policies that will equip Americans with the skills and resources they will need to adapt and thrive in an economy filled with fierce competition from all corners of the globe.

    I emailed Moulton’s office and asked what, specifically, were the “policies”that worked for labor in a factory but cannot work in an office? In addition, I pointed out that the Middle Class is alive and well in Canada, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. They are on the same globe as the American working class – why are they thriving while we are not?

    Mr. Moulton’s office did not respond.

    Where is the evidence that Moulton is a big business stooge? Follow the money, as always, follow the money.

    The working class in the USA is not doing poorly because of the “fierce competition from all corners of the globe”. It is doing poorly because of the policies put in place by our government over the past 50 years, policies put in place by most Republicans and far too many Democrats like Mr. Moulton.

  10. Have we no principles? (0 Replies)

    I was talking to a Republican friend of mine, a guy who attacked Obama with phrases like “Obey the Constitution” and so on. He also screamed each time Obama signed an executive order. Now he’s “okay” with Trump’s clear violations of the emoluments clauses and happy with the executive orders because, his guy is in charge.

    In a different but similar universe, I listen to Democrats defending Obama turning his government credentials into a cash machine, earning more in one speech than most Americans will make in eight years because “He’s our guy”.

    I say bullshit to both. Both.

  11. Barack Obama will give them what they want. (0 Replies)

    Take a look at the recovery from the recession. His administration bailed out Wall Street and NO ONE went to jail,or even for prosecuted. Seems like he gave them what they wanted then, why stop now?

    Barack Obama will give them what they want.

    It’s more of a tremendous disappointment. I like him. I just an saddened and close to heartbroken that he has not done more and has instead, gone after money.

  12. I’d do nothing differently than he. (1 Reply)

    I would have helped the homeowners more than he banks during the recession recovery. I would have actively investigated and prosecuted members of the banking establishment. I would not accept a $400,000 “gift” from the banker after my retirement, not when so many Americans are without adequate wages and as our middle class continues to shrink…

    But that’s me.

  13. Reminds me of my days as a hockey fan.... (0 Replies)

    There was a player on one of the opposing teams, a real dirty player, an enforcer, a big brute who took out our smaller, more talented skaters with cheap shots and huge hits…most of which were totally legal according to the rules of hockey.

    We hated him. This was not how hockey is played.

    Then one day, our team traded a few players and what do you know, that goon was now on our team. Several of my friends cheered, rejoiced, not WE have the goon and WE are going to start winning!

    But he was still a goon and with him on our team, we would give up demanding how hockey should be played in favor of Winning!

    No, President Obama is not a goon, the $400,000 is.

  14. if $400K is the market rate, most of us are priced out. (1 Reply)

    That’s it in a nut shell. That’s what’s wrong with the Democratic Party as well. Well said.

  15. The vast majority of Americans now think the Democratic Party is not “in touch with the concerns of most people in the United States (1 Reply)

    The current number — only 28 percent think the party is in touch — has been noted elsewhere, and that number is concerning enough on its own: It’s 10 percentage points less than the number of people who think Trump is in touch and 4 percent less than the number who think the GOP is. But what hasn’t been commented upon is even more worrying for Democrats: In 2014, 48 percent of voters felt the party was “in touch,” a 20-percentage-point collapse in just three years.

    By the way, on a Elizabeth Warren fan base Facebook page, I brought up the matter of Obama and the $400,000. Far too many Democrats see nothing wrong with this.

    And that’s why we lost the house, senate, White House, and a majority of state governments.

  16. People want to hear what he has to say, so he’s charging a fee to say it? (1 Reply)

    Please, Petr, you are smarter than this. If Cantor Fitzgerald wants to hear what he as to say, they can read his books, follow him in the news, read over his years of speeches.

    My guess is that Cantor Fitzgerald would not mind if President Obama went to the podium and recited the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. They are handing him $400,000.00 and they expect to get something in return in the future. What that is will be to be determined and my guess is that we common folk will never know.

  17. Or take a hint from President Carter (0 Replies)

    and build homes for the homeless.

    There is a lot I did not like about Carter, but his actions after his presidency made me warm up to the guy.

  18. What did we do? (0 Replies)

    We have not learned from our mistakes. As I posted earlier on this thread, our “New Democrats” are doing the same thing.

  19. So New Democrats (1 Reply)

    Is chummy with Wall Street, hostile to Labor…..and that’s now called “Centrist”?

  20. It's easy to argue against. (2 Replies)

    He volunteered to run for office. He is guaranteed a comfortable life, complete with security protection as long as he lives. He will never, ever, worry about being homeless, bankrupted by illness, or behind in his bills. Never, ever.

    That $400,000 came from laborers and it was acquired by the rentier class, the wealthy….and they are offering it to Obama.

    How many moments of their kids lives do over the road truckers miss? How many moments with their spouses do our soldiers miss when they are in Afghanistan, Iraq, or at sea? Do any of these people get the invitation to pocket $400,000 to speak with Cantor Fitzgerald? No, because unlike Obama, Cantor Fitzgerald does not expect a quid pro quo from a soldier or truck driver…and they will get one from a former president and his connections. Shame on Obama. Shame on the Democratic Party.