Husband, father, grandfather. Health policy analyst. Speechwriter. 10 yrs Wayland Dems chair. Campaign manager, Tm Conroy for US Senate. Baritone, Tanglewood Festival Chorus (BSO). Member of various arts boards. Enthusiasms: singing, skiing, historical fiction, sailing, wine, and sharing a meal and good conversation with friends.

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It’s not really about Trump, Part 3

It’s not really about Trump, Part 2

It’s not really about Trump

Whither GOTV?

Chomsky on Lesser Evil Voting

In short: vote for Clinton. - promoted by Bob_Neer

How Will We Prepare for a Potentially Ugly Presidential Campaign?

A somewhat pessimistic look down the road. - promoted by david

We Will Not Go Back

(An interesting post! - promoted by David)

- promoted by david