I've volunteered in many campaigns, both here in Mass and across the country. I am at KateDonaghue AT aol DOT com .

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Race for Party Chair

This is potentially a pretty big deal for the future of the party. - promoted by david

Parades for Democracy!

I love parades. - promoted by Bob_Neer

UPDATED: Clinton and Sanders Caucus Results Open Thread

Happening today! - promoted by david

DSC Super Tuesday Results

Bravo sco! - promoted by david

RIP howardjp, we have lost another BMGer

Rest in peace. -Bob
- promoted by david

Holiday Party in Westborough on Sunday

Happy holidays! - promoted by Bob_Neer

Kate and Jamie in Brockton – Birthday Canvass

Convention Guide

Celebrate Labor Day – Parades and thoughts on organized labor

Weekend activities... - promoted by david

Sad News – Death of Ramuel Raagas

Terrible news. RIP. -- David. Bumped. - promoted by Bob_Neer