I've volunteered in many campaigns, both here in Mass and across the country. I am at KateDonaghue AT aol DOT com .

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On the Doors with Martha Coakley #Demdoors

The word from the street. - promoted by david

Kate’s Endorsement for Governor – Martha Coakley

Oooh look! An endorsement that could actually matter! :-) - promoted by david

Snow Day Open Thread! Caucus Results, Thoughts on Governor?

I have a sense that a lot of uncommitted delegates were selected, perhaps leading up to some dramatic smoke-free room kind of maneuvers at the convention. Am I wrong? - promoted by david

Caucus Open Thread and Democratic Dispatch

Bumped for another weekend of caucus hilarity. Post where you are and what you are seeing in the comments!

Waaaaay back when, the post containing reports of Deval Patrick's remarkable success at the 2006 caucuses was one of the things that helped put BMG on the map - this was just about the only place people could come to find out what was happening. Let's do that again. - promoted by david

Straw Poll Results

Thanks Kate! Very interesting. I think it's fair to say that the activist crowd (at least, the subset of it that participates in straw polls) has not coalesced around a candidate for any of the constitutional offices. Should be an exciting campaign season! - promoted by david

Pre-Caucus Straw Poll CLOSED

A fine diversion! - promoted by david

You Want to be a Delegate? Caucus for a Candidate? Become a Democrat by January 31

Great advice! - promoted by Bob_Neer

Kate’s Dem/BMG Holiday Party On – Please Join Us

The event of the season! - promoted by david

Holiday Party on Sunday

Wayne Wilson, Warrior02131, 07/05/1964 – 11/15/2013 RIP

Very sorry to learn of this. RIP. - promoted by david