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Three Close Senate Races


Apropos the disgusting Rubio comment below, and newly-inflamed and utterly counterproductive Islamophobia. I would add to this list the Islamic Society of Boston, who called the attacks "horrific and heartbreaking", and urged people to come to yesterday's solidarity demonstration:
“Our hearts and prayers are with those in Paris. May God shower His mercy on those who passed, heal those who are wounded and bring his justice to the perpetrators of this horrific act,” the group said on Saturday in a statement.
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54% say the deficit has increased

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Dr Schwartz’ odd mailings

Who wants drinking water when you can have liberty?

Help Wanted?

Polling the Governor’s Race

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A Note on the Vacations of Presidents

Antimicrobial resistance, a market failure

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An Early Postscript to the Marriage Equality Fight

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