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Baker Campaign Releases Vapid Polito Video

Polito Concern-Trolls Single Moms So She Can Talk About Small Business

Whiny Karyn Polito Puts On Gabriel Gomez’s Running Shoes

Seattle Considering Boston’s Kathleen O’Toole For Police Chief

Is Salvation Army Preaching Against Same-Sex Relationships?

MassGOP Hits Supporters With Amateurish Push-Poll Survey

The Baker-Polito Campaign Dodges The Real LGBT Question

It's hard not to laugh at this nonsense. But it was totally predictable, right? Polito's (previous) views, though perhaps mainstream in the small and merrie band of registered Massachusetts Republicans, are woefully out of touch with most of Massachusetts. So now, having been tagged as Charlie Baker's LG, she has to start the painful and embarrassing process of walking back everything she's said to curry favor with that crowd over the last bunch of years. And, as Laurel points out, it's a half-measure at best. - promoted by david

Charlie Baker Chooses Anti-LGBT Karyn Polito As Running Mate

Wow. Gotta say, I think this is a bonehead move on Baker's part. Among other things for him to lurch from Richard Tisei to Karyn Polito, apparently without batting an eyelash, doesn't exactly bespeak a core set of convictions. - promoted by david

Scott Lively running for Governor of Massachusetts as spoiler candidate

Only One Candidate from 16th Worcester States Position on Public Accommodations Bill [Updated]