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  1. But before Granholm was Engler (gak) (1 Reply)

    And Sen. Carl Levin has been one of those lifer incumbents. Are there any strong Dems lining up to replace him when he retires?

    I’m from MI, so I know the political history of the state. From my point of view, it’s slowly changed from a liberalish state to a conservative and downright nasty state.

  2. I had the same dead-end on their website (0 Replies)

    And it was because of the more democratic Dem process that I assumed the GOP did it the same or similar way. Silly me!

  3. Yes, that's correct (2 Replies)

    I didn’t mean to imply he was a Snyder appointee, just that the top offices in the MI government are held by the worst type of Republicans. Tells us a lot about the MI electorate.

  4. Schuettee is a Republican, like the rest of the administration (1 Reply)

    And they’re all of the rabid type. So the appeal is not surprising in the least.

  5. Oh! (2 Replies)

    If this is the case, then my whole calculation changes. So you’re saying that the delegates don’t get to vote on the platform changes? Has that always been the case for MA-GOP?

  6. It's more than his vote (0 Replies)

    He could make the effort to sway other delegates. Showing up is much more effective means to do that than just sending out a press release.

  7. Today's statement could have been to announce tomorrow's "no" vote. (3 Replies)

    That would still have been a splash, and it would indicate that he actually intends to work for progress in his party. The way it stands, he’s just running away from the real work of creating the change in his party he says he wants to see.

  8. If Tisei really wanted to take a principled stand... (1 Reply)

    …the news today would report him announcing that he intended to show up at the convention and use the stage to tell his party why his disagreed with the proposed platform, and why other delegates like him should use their precious votes to vote against it. His campaign slogan should be “Vote for me so I can fail to vote for you”.

  9. I see his boycott as a failure in leadership (1 Reply)

    If he’s against the proposed platform changes, then he should show up, speak out, and VOTE AGAINST THEM. If he can’t even stand up to a regressive minority in his local party, are we to believe that he’ll be anything but a dishrag in Congress? Really pathetic.

  10. Don't bet on WV being last! (1 Reply)

    WV is one of the 28 states where marriage discrimination is being challenged in federal court, so it is unlikely to be the last holdout.

  11. Cases in federal appeals court (0 Replies)

    Aha! Freedom to Marry has the master list! Currently there are 55 cases in 28 states. :)

  12. This is about the 20th such case (1 Reply)

    There are cases in too many states for me to keep count where same-sex couples are challenging s-s marriage bans since SCOTUS’s DOMA decision. This TN decision was preceded by similar decisions in UT, NV and others. You can keep up to date on all the filings in all these cases at the Prop 8 Trial Trackers (now renamed to Equality Trial Trackers, I think) at this link.

  13. Boston Beer Company, Sam Adams Cancel Participation in the St. Patrick's Day Parade (2 Replies)

    Posted by MassEquality:

    Boston Beer Company, Sam Adams Cancel Participation in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade
    Published Mar 14, 2014

    For questions regarding this statement, please contact:

    Boston Beer Company
    Jessica Paar: | w: 617.368.5060

    Statement from the Boston Beer Company:

    “We have been participating in the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade for nearly a decade and have also supported the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast year after year. We’ve done so because of the rich history of the event and to support veterans who have done so much for this country.

    We were hopeful that both sides of this issue would be able to come to an agreement that would allow everyone, regardless of orientation, to participate in the parade. But given the current status of the negotiations, we realize this may not be possible.

    We share these sentiments with Mayor Walsh, Congressman Lynch and others and therefore we will not participate in this year’s parade. We will continue to support Senator Linda Dorcena Forry and her St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. We wish her all the best in her historic stewardship of this tradition.”

  14. The platform is important (0 Replies)

    in that with these proposed changes, it allows us to fan the flames of discord in the opposition. It allows us to help them divide themselves further.

  15. From Gabriel Gomez: (2 Replies)

    “On the same day that Gov Romney called for AZ Gov to veto Anti-Gay legislation, our “esteemed” MA GOP SC decides to vote for a divisive anti-gay marriage plank. And we wonder why the MA GOP continues to be viewed as the extreme, out of touch party in MA. A group of fourth graders would have had more sense to vote differently. Another shameful day for the MA GOP SC…The SC majority may feel good today about their vote, but it only hurts the rest of the MA GOP in the long-term.” (link)

  16. Have you seen his Alzheimers email? (1 Reply)

    I just received one with the subject line “5 Signs You’ll Get Alzheimer’s Disease” which links you to a “FREE video documentary presentation” and is a 100% sales pitch for “renowned neurosurgeon and nutritionist Dr. Russell Blaylock”. According to Wikipedia, among other quacky things, “Blaylock has called the American medical system ‘collectivist’ and has suggested that health-care reform efforts under President Obama are masterminded by extragovernmental groups that wish to impose euthanasia.”

  17. I know it's really going out on a limb, but Gabriel Gomez... (0 Replies)

    …will again forget to verbally restrain himself, and that will again set off the GOP base on a “RINO!” tirade. The Dems will make popcorn and enjoy the side show.