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  1. Is Ed going to challenge Hillary? (0 Replies)

    I can’t imagine any reason to be hoarding unless he’s planning to run for higher office. That, or he’s paranoid.

  2. Lively will also get the anti-gays. (1 Reply)

    They may largely be the same voters as the anti-choicers, but not completely.

  3. I disagree (2 Replies)

    When you hold a town meeting in NH to support your candidacy as US Senator from NH, you, not your big name draw, should stick around for at least a minute to talk to the press afterwards. It’s simply bad form to not bother to show up for the entirety of your own events, then give the excuse that you’re hightailing it to some other state.

  4. "He's gotta get to Boston" (1 Reply)

    A member of the press asked McCain wasn’t it odd that he, not the candidate, was talking to the press. A handler answered that “He’s gotta get to Boston”, which it sounds like McCain then repeated. Way to win NH voters’ hearts, Scotto!

  5. "single payer" (3 Replies)

    Do most voters actually know what that means? I highly doubt it, and Berwick never defines the term.

  6. AbbVie also attempting to jump ship (0 Replies)

    AbbVie, the pharma part of the former Abbott Laboratories, is attempting to buy Shire so that they can call England home. AbbVie has a major facility in Worcester.

  7. I agree it could amount to a regressive tax (0 Replies)

    on people who don’t have a cushion. Especially people who live in towns where bus service isn’t so great, so they have to have a car to be able to get to work.

  8. I wonder if it's because most are parked on private property. (0 Replies)

    And how often to police cruise with their windows open? They’d have to be looking *and* listening to know that a car was idling.

  9. Based on the empty, idling cars I see in parking lots, (3 Replies)

    …the gas tax isn’t high enough. No matter the weather, no matter the day, I can rely on seeing at least one unpopulated car (usually an SUV) idling in the lot while its driver is in the post office or grocery store. I guess it’s too much work to turn that key.

    Not only is car idling a willful act of pollution via needless gas burning, it’s against the law and punishable by a $100-$500 fine.

    Since I’ve never heard of the idling law actually being enforced, I suspect that the threat of a ticket isn’t going to dissuade idlers from idling. That leaves the price of gas as the only possible deterrent. Since the price of gas isn’t high enough to deter wasteful idlers (not to mention gas-sucking speeders), there’s clearly room for an increase.

  10. I guess I did miss it (0 Replies)

    …and still am missing it, d’oh! Ah well, glad you had some fun.

  11. Brown has zero chance to win. (1 Reply)

    Here’s just one example of why: “Patty Murray and Senate Democrats Draft Bill to Override Hobby Lobby’s Anti-Birth-Control Bullshit ” She knows her state. As for Brown, who’s he? What did he every do for the people of Washington?

  12. Brown has zero chance against Patty Murray. (1 Reply)

    I can’t take that one off your list of concerns right now. Murray is respected in WA. No two-time loser bobbleheaded carpetbagger from MA (or is it NH? Or will we learn that has his heart always been in Spokane?) will ever unseat that particular local gal.

  13. Consent of the governed (0 Replies)

    Reading the Declaration again here, I noticed something I hadn’t before. Although the religious right loves to say that the use of “Nature’s God” in the opening lines indicates that the USA was founded as and should remain a Christian nation (how do they get from Nature’s God to the god of the Bible?), the second paragraph makes clear that the signers of the Declaration understood that government derives its legitimacy and authority from its citizens, not from some deity. “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”. I wonder why we don’t use this to push back more effectively against today’s theocrats?

  14. She chose to run with Baker, (0 Replies)

    so I have no sympathy for her either. In fact, I can’t decide who is more troubling. Baker for running “their” campaign this way, or Polito for agreeing to it. Lots of ick to go around.

  15. No, I appreciate the correction! (0 Replies)

    I had quoted a typo not realizing that it was a typo. I’m glad to have corrected that. Keep up the good pedantic work!

  16. I was quoting the Go Local Worcester quote (1 Reply)

    I assumed they spelled it correctly, that the campaign was being cutsey by imitating the Boston brogue with that deliberate misspelling. However, now that you raise the question, I can find nothing on the Women for Charlie website to indicate that the spelling was used by that group. So, it looks like it’s probably a typo in the Go Local Worcester article. In light of that, I’ll edit out my repeat of “Chalie” in the place you mention.

  17. Not the Court (1 Reply)

    Rather, a slim majority of the Court. Four are profoundly anti-gay.