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  1. If HHS picks up the coverage that employees of theocratic companies will now lose, (1 Reply)

    doesn’t this mean that this decision in effect brings us one step closer to something the theocrats hate as much as birth control: “socialized medicine”?

  2. Life has a way of escaping (0 Replies)

    Granted, I worked with fish not pathogens, but in my experience there is no foolproof way to completely contain living things. Something always gets out, eventually.

  3. Carter is also a wartime veteran (2 Replies)

    He served in the Navy throughout the Korean War era, until Oct 1953.

  4. It would have been good for her name recognition to show up. (2 Replies)

    And doubters like me would welcome a demonstration of her alleged sincerity. Spending a few hours walking in our shoes and chatting amiably with a sea of LGBT people and allies could go a long way in alleviating concerns that Baker had forced her to put up a false front. But she apparently doesn’t care to bury that doubt.

    I don’t know whether parade organizers reach out, but every other pro-equality politician knows all about the parade and makes sure they’re in it, so what’s Polito’s excuse? The parade has been happening every June for almost Polito’s entire life. Baker himself was in it 2010, so Polito has less than no excuse if, as the Baker campaign contends, that she’s no longer actively anti-gay.

  5. Really inexcusable regarding Baker (1 Reply)

    I mean, the Democratic candidates are in an honest bind since the convention is in Worcester at the same time as the parade in Boston, so they can’t be in two places at once. But the Republicans (and independents) have no such excuse. This would have been an amazing opportunity for Baker & Polito to soak up all the candidate love and underscore their flimsy assertion that Polito is no longer an anti-LGBT activist. Apparently Baker thinks that posting one video with his brother is enough to convince the LGBTs that he’s their guy – no parade needed. He thinks he can buy us that cheap.

  6. Ever have a friend who managed to turn every conversation back to themselves? (1 Reply)

    “Enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think about me?”

    In a way, I feel like that’s what Polito is doing. Her personal interest is small business, so she seems to always wind the story around to small business. Can she give an answer that doesn’t involve talk of small business? Is she able to conceive of a universe beyond small business? Because remember, she’s running to be the governor’s understudy in a very complex Commonwealth where small business is only one sliver of the equation.

  7. Fair point (1 Reply)

    I guess it bugs me so much because that’s all I hear coming from her. And I mean ALL. She’s like an automaton. It’s one thing to repeat your slogan as long as you have other things to say too, but if the slogan’s all you got, well, that becomes pretty obvious. That’s why Gomez’s “Navy Seal” got to be such a joke, even among Republicans. He seemed to repeat that fact at the start of every sentence.

  8. Congratulations on your math skills! (1 Reply)

    I find it amusing that although you apparently dislike my view of Polito, you don’t know the basic facts that she incessantly repeats about herself (mom, small business owner). Apparently she’s made a real impression on you.

  9. Walker still backs the A.G.'s appeal of the decision (0 Replies)

    “I will continue defend our Constitution and law in whatever forum is appropriate and I would hope my successor will fulfill this same oath and obligation,” Van Hollen said.

    Gov. Scott Walker said through a spokesperson he’s behind the attorney general in his efforts, but didn’t offer full-throated support of the ban in the moderate state as he seeks re-election in the moderate state.


  10. Independents? (1 Reply)

    How to we find out whether any 3rd party or independent candidates got enough signatures to get on the general election ballot?

  11. Oh, but thanks for mansplaining chauvinism to me, dan (1 Reply)

    What would we women do without men to tell us when we should be upset? Gosh!

  12. The GOP knows that some candidates are better seen than heard (0 Replies)

    Sarah Palin taught the Republican party that hard, humiliating lesson. The only person showing chauvinism here is you danfromwaltham, for making it out of bounds to criticize how the dominant male (Baker) is deploying his female side-kick (Polito) like arm candy. Polito is a former state legislator accustomed to speaking her mind, so remaining silent and just looking pretty must be driving her nuts.

  13. As kbusch put it, (0 Replies)

    it allows her to “remain photogenic but quiet”.

  14. As I said in my post about Gomez's campaign-by-5Ks: (3 Replies)

    “While it’s great to see a congressional hopeful modeling health and fitness, it’s also a convenient way for a low-information candidate to get positive public exposure without having to say anything substantive.”

    In Polito’s case, it’s more about getting positive public exposure while not having as much opportunity to say anything that would embarrass the Baker campaign, like giving her real position on marriage equality (against it) and anti-discrimination protections for transgender people (against them). But she managed to still make the Baker campaign look bad today by whining to the press about the 5K runs that she clearly doesn’t want to be doing.

    What kind of candidate whines about how they’re campaigning? A candidate who isn’t setting her own campaign agenda and is tired of being a good little doobie.

  15. there's the non-teacher category (1 Reply)

    Gays have been fired from jobs not related to religious instruction, like lunch lady, swimming coach and administrator. It is this class of employees that may have some legal leverage if the schools only fire gays but not, say, remarried heterosexuals or some other group that is discordant with Catholic teaching.

  16. they'll hire closeted or celibate gays (0 Replies)

    but don’t go putting your wedding photo on your desk. that’ll get you fired.

  17. It won't be lonely this way for long (1 Reply)

    Word is that a lawsuit will be filed. But it doesn’t surprise me that it’s taking time to find plaintiffs, because there are no LGBT anti-discrimination laws in the state, so whoever sues for marriage equality will out themselves and potentially lose jobs, their housing, access to public accommodations, etc. Combine that with the very small population in the state (it’s the 48th least-populated state), and it’s not surprising that it’s taking a bit longer there.