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  1. I don't care about RCC ecclesial same sex marriages (2 Replies)

    I care that the RCC is still just as virulently anti-gay in its political activism and in its views as it was before Francis. Some anti-gay bishops have been demoted, but others have been retained or promoted. Slow but steady may win the race, but how many of us will die of old age before the RCC even takes a lap? I’m not patient with institutionalized hate, especially when the institution tries to make everyone believe it’s all about love. What BS.

  2. With reservation (1 Reply)

    I like this poke at unbridled capitalism too, but as an LGBT person I’m not much mollified by his quieter tone. He still says that people like me are objectively disordered, and he hasn’t reigned in his anti-LGBT attack bishops here in the USA. So, while I appreciate his tone and his apparent focus on “the least of these”, my appreciation is with profound reservation.

  3. careful with the broad brush (1 Reply)

    “Far more secular countries in Europe and Canada celebrate Christmas more brazenly, in the open, and with nary a trace of the religiosity and fervor it has here.” Many European countries have state religions as well, so perhaps religiosity is expressed differently, but it’s still there.

  4. The judge didn't stay his ruling (0 Replies)

    and isn’t going to consider the request for a stay until early next week. In the mean time, couples are marrying in Salt Lake City and in Davis County (at least). So even if a stay is eventually put in place (which I doubt), then we’ve at least had time to create a CA-like situation where there are now two classes of married people in the state (those who can divorce and re-marry, and those who can only divorce but not remarry) as well as two classes of LGB people. These nonsensical differences can only help us going forward, so it’s win-win for us no matter what happens with the stay request.

    The major court docs for this case (Kitchen v. Herbert) and other s-s marriage cases can be found on the Facebook page Prop 8 Trial Trackers.

  5. I think SA is understanding that to be the case (0 Replies)

    At least, that’s my impression from reading the materials I linked to above. Sometimes organizations change because they begin to think in a new way, and sometimes it’s because they literally can’t afford not to. Or both!

  6. A phobia of our own? (1 Reply)

    The SA has a documented history of discrimination, so it is up to them to do what it takes to convince us it’s changed. That’s not a display of phobia, it’s a display of common sense after you’ve been abused by an institution. I’m delighted that SA seems to be improving. I’m trying to help them see how they can improve further.

  7. As we know, GOP voters chose pro-equality(ish) Gabriel Gomez (1 Reply)

    over his anti-equality challengers for US Senate earlier this year. So maybe someone will come forward. Or *would* come forward, if the MA-GOP had any depth to their bench…

  8. Big Daddy Charlie? (0 Replies)

    One more thing: Why is the Baker campaign speaking for Karyn Polito? Do they prefer to look patronizing rather than risk Polito mucking it up by speaking for herself? What kind of Lt. Gov. would Polito make if she needs and/or allows Big Daddy Charlie to speak for her? Ick.

  9. She say's she'll finish her Senate term, (0 Replies)

    which I might add will conveniently end just before the presidential 2020 elections. :)

  10. Presumably because they want to pool resources (0 Replies)

    And also presumably because declaring a running mate will discourage other Rs from entering the field, which could lead to a messy/ugly primary.

  11. Yup. Yesterday Baker said: (0 Replies)

    “We’re here to be the governor and lieutenant governor of all of Massachusetts.” But choosing an ardently anti-LGBT pol as his running mate effectively neutralizes that statement. He clearly doesn’t care whether or not LGBT people are included in the definition of Massachusetts.

  12. Guilt by association? (1 Reply)

    Really? Ok then, how many times does a person have to speak at tea party events or accept awards from them to graduate from ‘guilt by association’ to ‘jimc thinks there’s a there there’?

  13. I linked to one example. (0 Replies)

    There are others. See the comment below about Allen West, for example. But as I said, she could have put this TP stuff to rest if she wanted to. She apparently doesn’t want to.

  14. I was reporting Polito & Baker's (non) answers to journalists' questions. (1 Reply)

    If Polito isn’t sympathetic to the tea party, she had a fine opportunity to say so today, since she was asked directly. She chose to leave the question unanswered.

  15. New Mexico could be 17th (0 Replies)

    NM is the only state without a law explicitly including or excluding s-s couples from the marriage laws. The NMSC heard a challenge to the “traditional” prohibitions a few weeks ago and gave everyone the impression that they were going to rule quickly. Heck, they could still beat Hawaii to the punch.

  16. Hawaii next! (1 Reply)

    Yesterday two Hawaii state House legislative committees wrapped up joint hearing of about 60 (!!!) hours of public testimony on the marriage bill. The committees then voted to pass the bill out of committee. A House vote is expected as early as today. The Senate already passed the bill a few weeks ago, and Gov. Abercrombie is in complete support. So, freedom to marry state No. 16 is just about to be born.

  17. Worcester turnout (0 Replies)

    I got to my poll 30 minutes before it closed and was hugely impressed to see the parking lot completely full…until I realized that it wasn’t due to voters. We vote at a synagogue. An event happening there tonight accounted for most of the cars. I was voter 755. Our mayoral election isn’t a hot number like Boston’s. :/

  18. Remember WA 2004? (0 Replies)

    Democratic candidate Chris Gregoire beat her Republican challenger by only 129 votes.

  19. Every vote counts (0 Replies)

    I agree that he won’t play a significant role in the campaign in terms of numbers of votes, but as we all know from a certain close presidential election, sometimes every vote counts. You never know.