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On That NE Police “Union” Endorsing Trump

Much like Trump himself: "This is some wingnut faction of cops who came together and made up some club, and then try to get on the national stage by doing these grandstanding political things.” - promoted by Bob_Neer

Going Solar: A Massachusetts Journey

I'm re-promoting this terrific post for its relevance to the solar cap issue right now. I gather from Lynne's experience is that it's pretty much a financial slam-dunk currently to go solar. The Baker administration's position is that the subsidies are more generous than they need to be in order to keep the solar wave going -- that you could get more bang for the buck even with less generous incentives. I'm open to that -- you need to find the right point on the cost-benefit curve. But consider a few things: 1. It's absolutely a critical interest of the state to move to a post-carbon economy, as quickly as possible. 2. Economic development thrives on stability and predictability. 3. We don't really know how difficult this is for utilities, but generally they don't have a good track record of transparency and openness to this potentially disruptive development. Are these technical problems, or business model problems? Scrutiny is in order. In any event, we need actual leadership from the Baker administration, not stalling. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Voter Preregistration, DUH!

It is a sad but true fact that places like North Carolina are (deservedly) getting criticized for trying to roll back progressive voting rules that we have never had around here. - promoted by david

Don’t Forget! Blogger Dinner After Convention

Post-Convention Blogger Dinner?

Thanks for organizing! - promoted by david

The Case Against Ed Markey

Addressing the Core Transit Issue

Great point about prices being jacked up for T and commuter rail riders - especially those at the outer ends of the lines -- vs. gas tax. Transit is transit: A person riding the train is staying out of traffic for drivers. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Thoughts on the Senate Special Election

Blog Speech Under Fire

The curious tale of Lynne and Mary Jo... - promoted by david

Notes from the Trail