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Hey DNC Democrats: People Can Do Two Things at Once

I think that the 2016 Democratic nomination is sewn up

Dumb question, I know: should MA join Canada?

Pope Francis shows Democrats how to take back America

Hurricane Liz Strikes Again

Surprise! Roberts Wrong on Mass. African-American Voter Turnout

Bravo to Secretary of State Bill Galvin, who has been very aggressive in calling out the Chief Justice's error. Galvin was especially good on WBUR this morning. (The interview is not posted online yet.) - promoted by david

Our senior senator is a difficult woman

Worth watching. - promoted by david

Where’s Kerry?

How awful would it be…

US median income lowest since 1995 – why we need Elizabeth Warren

You know what's going to cure that? More tax cuts for the rich! [/ScottBrown] - promoted by charley-on-the-mta