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Massachusetts Ballot Questions, in haiku form

No no, Yes yes is easy to remember. - promoted by Bob_Neer

The “Transparent Airfares Act” and comparing constituent service

Race and Redistricting – Boston City Council edition

An interesting take on an interesting story. - promoted by david

Who voted no on the gambling bill

(Ryan backstops Ernie with a link to Ryan's Take, which is no doubt first on Ernie's daily reading list. Thanks, Ryan! - promoted by Bob Neer)

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Political Redistricting: Capuano goes to the Senate

Removing Lynch in 2012

Follow up to “On Pictures and Thousands of Words”

(Good stuff. - promoted by David)

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New Districts for Massachusetts

Purple 5th

(Why is so much talk radio right wing hate propaganda? - promoted by Bob)

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Committee Votes Revisited