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It’s Time To Push Hard On Surveillance Reform

Government waste, exemplified. - promoted by Bob_Neer

MA Taskforce Report Tells Schoolkids: Inform, Conform, and Trust the Police

New disclosures on spy centers lead to protests in Boston, nationwide today

Is anyone listening? - promoted by Bob_Neer

MA-05: In their only debate, Clark and Addivinola spar over surveillance

MA-5: Addivinola and Clark tussle over surveillance, differ only on wiretapping bill *UPDATED*

Big rally against surveillance in DC this weekend

Who’s Best on Surveillance Issues Among The MA-5 Democratic Candidates? *UPDATED with new info from Spilka campaign!*

Analysis, and digital shoe-leather reporting. Can you believe it? Thanks! - promoted by Bob_Neer

Cambridge debates switching on its surveillance cameras after Marathon attacks

Coakley channeling the NSA? New wiretapping bill would legalize mass wiretaps at switching stations

UPDATE: See the update at the end of this post for a response from the Attorney General's office. --David

The move by Coakley appears to fly in the face of public sentiment according to the Globe's recent survey: "Forty percent of Massachusetts residents oppose the government obtaining telephone records and electronic information of Americans, according to a new Boston Globe poll, while a quarter of Bay Staters support those efforts." --Bob - promoted by david