"Your opponent can't talk when he has your fist in his mouth." - Bill Clinton

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I-93 – “I need to go to the hospital! Please get out of the way!” “Get away from my vehicle!”

Yeah ... this protest was ill-conceived and, IMHO, counterproductive. - promoted by david

BMG needs a ‘Block User’ feature.

“Can you talk a little about progressives who are surprised that rational arguments don’t win elections?”

Jon Keller (R-WBZ) starts the “debate” with a 30 second pro-Baker commercial.

Tonight! GUBERNATORIAL DEBATE: Live 7 p.m. on WBZ-TV, WBZ NewsRadio, and

This is your debate open thread! - promoted by david

Tonight! Gubernatorial Candidates Debate in Springfield @ 7PM

Michelle Obama and Martha Coakley rally 10/3

Awesome! -Bob
The good news: this event is a week away and it's already sold out! The bad news: that means you can't get a ticket at the link, but you can join the wait list. Great to see so much excitement building. - promoted by david


My vote goes to:

Only 8% of likely primary voters are paying attention – UMass Lowell/WHDH poll results.