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A Hot Time in the Norfolk-Plymouth-Bristol Senate Race

Lots of interesting races this year. Primary day is Thursday, Sept. 8! - promoted by david

Gabriel Gomez & Lululemon: Child Labor as the Solution to “Excessive Regulation”

His "pump and dump" private equity business destroyed Mitt Romney's campaign, and it may also destroy that of Gomez. - promoted by Bob_Neer

350.org Endorses Markey–and Why It Matters

They Have, At Long Last, No Sense of Decency

Kerry Farewell Gig at Faneuil Hall

Nice to see Kerry receiving such warm congratulations, both here and in DC, on his new gig. - promoted by david

Destination: Portland, ME. Goal: Climate Action

Don't bury the lede, Michael! "... please consider joining us in Portland, Maine, the destination for one end of the “Northeastern Tar Sand Pipeline,” on January 26th. There are five buses leaving Boston, and still plenty of room. More info here. Lots of good people from around the region will be there. Including the kids who made the news in Westborough the other night. There's going to be lots more of that kind of thing..." - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Gov. Weld was Before My Time. Care to Educate Me?

Mitt Romney, Scott Brown, and The Half-Medieval Hive Mind

Nice piece of writing. - promoted by david

Quick question regarding move to overturn CU in MA

Occupy Monsanto on Monday Morning