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U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz: permit conditions are “extortion”

Extortion has always been a logically problematic area of criminal law. Where, exactly, is the line between negotiation - "I'll give you this thing that you want, if you'll give me that thing that I want" - and extortion? Whether or not this particular case treads close to that line (I don't know enough about it to have an opinion), it's always interesting to think about. - promoted by david

Pioneer Institute calls for Urban Attention

Is Massachusetts violating the Fair Housing Act?

Baker tone-deafness on homelessness

Elections have consequences: Baker hires charter booster as education secretary

This strikes me as Baker's most ideologically charged appointment so far. Your reaction? - promoted by david

Budget cuts on the horizon – anyone paying attention?

Everyone keep your eye on this one. - promoted by david

One way Massachusetts is helping its West

Very interesting story, and hopefully one that ends happily for a place like Springfield. - promoted by david

Charlie Baker voices support for housing program with 85% failure rate

Perfectly consistent with Baker's persona as a "mini-Mitt." thegreenmiles comments: "Why won’t you poors just stop being so poor?" - promoted by Bob_Neer

How to help Springfield (and cities like it)

A very thoughtful post. I invite all of our candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor (and everyone else, of course) to offer their comments. - promoted by david

Are casinos being subsidized by local taxpayers?