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The dysfunction of the U.S. House speaker

The Donald J. Trump High Speed Rail Line

Caucus climate – 2017

The DeVos phenomenon in Massachusetts

Strategic next steps

Pablo's got some ideas on how us marchers can keep putting one foot in front of the other - promoted by hesterprynne

Ranked choice voting: wrong for Massachusetts

Faithless Elector Syndrome

Planes, trains, and automobiles

An idea for harnessing the coming whirlwind for peaceful purposes - promoted by hesterprynne

Speciously speaking for the charter school industry

Some excellent wonkery in this post. On the other side of the debate, however, see this recent study from Brookings, which concludes that "Massachusetts’ charter cap currently prevents expansion in precisely the urban areas where charter schools are doing their best work. Lifting the cap will allow more students to benefit from charter schools that are improving test scores, college preparation, and college attendance." - promoted by david

Boston Pops Fourth – RIP