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House reorganization?

Baker’s think tank on education policy

I’m voting NO on Question 2 – expanded bottle bill

A thoughtful contrarian post. - promoted by david

Charter Schools and the demise of Barry Finegold

MassGOP: Anyone But Coakley

Your experience may vary

The Kayyem difference

Predict the convention results!

Ooooh, parlor games!

Bumped for all the pre-convention chatter, including the Globe's sort of hilarious editorial today, about which I don't have time to write at the moment, but invite you to post your comments. - promoted by david

Leland Cheung (R-Virginia)

Interesting. I consider myself reasonably well informed, and I wasn't aware of any of this. -Bob

For the record, Cheung has addressed this issue on BMG previously at this link. - promoted by david

Time to commit to Martha Coakley

Another stalwart of the grassroots backs Martha Coakley. - promoted by david