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  1. Steam train! (0 Replies)

    The coal industry will be thrilled by the steam engines!

  2. Context (0 Replies)

    Jason said, “Maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest it in their own health care. They’ve got to make those decisions for themselves.”

    Obviously not a choice Jason needs to make, because he gets both for free.

  3. Free government healthcare and free iPhone (1 Reply)

    Not only does Jason Chaffetz have free government funded health insurance, his iPhone was purchased by his campaign committee, Friends of Jason Chaffetz. This is fueling contributions for Kathryn Allen, who has declared for the race against Chaffetz in 2018.

  4. Deb Goldberg (0 Replies)

    She has one of two Democratic state treasurer seats/

  5. Wouldn't work (2 Replies)

    However, it’s a fun thought. I can’t really understand why I need a passport to go to Toronto, while these folks from Texas and Alabama can travel freely to Washington and tell us how to run our beloved commonwealth. Seems the border is misplaced.


    Crap. Kos had a 2008 list posted.

    This is more current:
    *Mr. Gus Bickford
    Ms. Kate Donaghue
    Ms. Debra Kozikowski
    Mr. David M O’Brien
    Melvin Poindexter
    Ms. Susan Thomson
    Honorable Deborah Goldberg
    #Honorable James Roosevelt Jr

  7. Massachusetts DNC members (1 Reply)

    Here they are, according to DailyKos:

    *Philip W. Johnston 99 Summer St. Boston, MA 02110 W:617-338-2726
    Debra Kozikowski 34 White St. Chicopee, MA 01013 W:413-594-7497
    Gus Bickford 95 North Main St. Westford, MA 01886 H:978-692-0012
    Hon. Raymond Jordan 11 Ingersoll Grove Springfield, MA 01109 W:860-240-4800
    David M. O’Brien 510 Barretts Mill Rd. Concord, MA 01742 H:978-369-4694
    Diane Saxe 12 Coventry Rd. Grafton, MA 01519 W:401-455-4137
    Margaret D. Xifaras 34 Piney Point Rd. Marion, MA 02738 W:508-993-9924
    At Large:
    James Roosevelt Jr. 14 Meadow Way Cambridge, MA 02138 W:781-466-8564
    Alan Solomont One Gateway Ctr. Newton, MA 02458
    Young Democrats:
    Clinton Bench 12 Boynton St. Swampscott, MA 01907 W:617-973-8853
    State party executive director:
    Sue Thomson Massachusetts Democratic Party
    10 Granite St, 4th Floor Quincy, MA 02169 W:617-472-0637 F:617-472-4391

  8. Pete and Jehmu are the two stars in the race (0 Replies)

    I sat down and watched the CNN debate last night, and thought that Pete Buttigieg and Jehmu Greene were the superstars in an otherwise flawed field.

    Perez was awful, and outright clumsy when he ducked the TPP question. I don’t see him connecting with and energizing the voters we need to win back across the country. Ellison has potential, but I agree with jconway when he said he can do more in the house, maybe the senate, maybe as Governor of Minnesota.

    Pete and Jehmu both look like the sort of leaders who can energize the party, and do some strategic party building. They are the face of our future, aligned with the generation that trends in our direction. Let’s energize and expand the base with one of these two talented people, then make the other one the party vice-chair.

  9. Then... (2 Replies)

    President Paul Ryan can tell the nation that our short national nightmare is over.

  10. Of course (1 Reply)

    We have a database of the folks who showed up, and we will work to keep them involved!
    We had a mix of new folks, many want to have a voice in crafting a more progressive Democratic platform at the convention.

  11. Not quite such a big tent, please (1 Reply)

    I would favor shifting the tent to have some solid policy themes, and to make sure those who would wear the label of Democrat adhere to some core precepts. We can start with the Democratic elected officials who show up at Trump rallies and endorse Republican candidates for election. While it might mean fewer Democrats in the legislature, our margin is large and the nonsense damages our brand.

    While we’re at it, lets also make “Democrats for Education Reform” an oxymoron.

  12. Agreed (0 Replies)

    As one who has been a frequent critic of Evan Falchuk and his third party, I am more than willing to welcome him home. We need strong progressives in the Democratic party to build support for a progressive agenda and to win some primaries and general elections.

    Hope we have a chance to sip a few beers together at some point in the future.

  13. Same issue (1 Reply)

    People who are qualified are not at the table, people with no public school experience are the decision-makers.

    The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) governs educator licensure. For every other trade or profession, the board regulating the profession has a majority of members in that vocation, some boards require members to hold the professional license. For educators are prohibited from serving the board that regulates their licensure.

  14. Clark won Woburn in 2015. (0 Replies)

    Clark (38.4%) plus Sciortino (14.1%) is a majority. Hard to see a challenger winning in Woburn.

  15. also please consider (1 Reply)

    In the 2015 primary, with seven candidates, Clark got 79% of the vote in Melrose, 64% of the vote in Malden, and 59% of the vote in Stoneham.

    Sure, Koutoujian won outside of his home turf in Winthrop (46%) and Revere (40%), but I once again remind readers that facts, and not alternative facts, are the key to reality-based commentary.

  16. and by the way... (0 Replies)

    In the Jehlen – Cheung primary this year, Jehlen won Medford and Winchester by a 3:1 margin. Doesn’t seem to be great territory for a Clark challenger.

  17. 2014 Democratic Primary vote (2 Replies)

    Once again, we look at the distribution of Democratic primary voters in the district. If Clark wins four base communities (Arlington, Cambridge, Lexington, Melrose) by a 3:1 vote (which is a conservative estimate of the outcome), an opponent would need to get 60% of the vote in the rest of the district in order to win. So, using the 2015 primary as a baseline, show me how someone can overcome a 11,464 vote deficit once the vote totals from Arlington, Cambridge, Lexington, and Melrose are counted. Or, tell me who could reduce Clark’s 3:1 margin of victory in those four communities.

    City/Town Total Votes Cast
    Arlington 7,427 9.3%
    Cambridge 7,204 9.0%
    Medford 6,420 8.0%
    Malden 5,359 6.7%
    Framingham 5,208 6.5%
    Lexington 4,786 6.0%
    Watertown 4,703 5.9%
    Waltham 4,386 5.5%
    Belmont 4,032 5.0%
    Revere 3,629 4.5%
    Melrose 3,511 4.4%
    Natick 3,332 4.2%
    Woburn 3,313 4.1%
    Winchester 2,984 3.7%
    Stoneham 2,704 3.4%
    Wayland 1,926 2.4%
    Winthrop 1,805 2.3%
    Sudbury 1,728 2.2%
    Holliston 1,266 1.6%
    Weston 1,127 1.4%
    Ashland 1,036 1.3%
    Lincoln 999 1.2%
    Southborough 699 0.9%
    Sherborn 536 0.7%
    TOTALS 80,120

  18. We have work to do (0 Replies)

    We also have lots of energy on the streets.

  19. Gandhi and Kinge (1 Reply)

    Nonviolent resistance is not rolling over and playing dead. It is a strategy for advancing a just cause.

    Sadly, I am seeing very little strategic thinking on the part of Democrats.

  20. National Unity Government (0 Replies)

    I don’t know if you can get any group of 232 Democrats to agree to do anything, but if you could get 200 Democrats and 70 Republicans, that would work as well.