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Wonk Post: Trump’s standing among Florida Republicans

Wonk Post: Democratic Candidate Net Favorables Among Latinos

It's ... inevitable! -Bob - promoted by david

Black Lives Matter Disrupts Another Sanders Rally

An interesting development. Politics is never predictable. - promoted by david

The Failed Olympics Bid: The Boston Business Journal Polls the PR Pros

Well, to be honest, there are those outside Boston who would prefer that we *don't* mind the p's and q's, and ask pertinent questions, and ask for full and consistent accounting and transparency. But maybe we don't want to do business with them. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Breaking: Boston mayor says he ‘cannot commit’ to Olympic bid

This is almost certainly game over. And it's just as well. In some respects, the Olympics was a nice idea. But the people organizing the bid had no idea what they were doing, which meant it was never going to happen the right way. - promoted by david

Wonk Post: Suffolk/USA Today Democratic Presidential Preference Polling

Wonk Graphic: Facebook Candidate Announcement Day Interactions

Wonk Graphic: MA House and Senate Budget Proposals for FY 2016

Wonk Post: Selected Crosstabs from the WBUR/MassINC Poll

Of interest. - promoted by david

Justice subpoenas MA Health Connector records