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The Sanders Campaign’s adults point out the obvious:

Interesting that this comes from Jeff Weaver, who has sometimes seemed overly aggressive in defense of his candidate. - promoted by david

Wonk Post: Clinton and Trump Favorability Ratings

A Cautionary Wonk Post: 2014 MA Governor Polling Averages

Wonk Post: Favorable/Unfavorabilities of the Presidential Candidates Among Latino Voters

Wonk Post: Correlation of Race with Result in the Primaries

Pretty stark. Cause for concern? - promoted by david

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Wonk Post: DOR Publishes 341 Newly-Approved Municipal Property Tax Rates

Baker Administration announces $50 million in budget cuts

Comment of the day: jcohn88 "If only there were a party with supermajorities in both houses that could counter this agenda of underinvestment." - promoted by Bob_Neer

Wonk Post: Yearly averages of US Party Identification

Wonk Graphics: View of the biggest threat to the U.S. in the future

Well, the federal government is about 30% bigger now than it was in 1965, according to the St. Louis Fed. But the big recent jump was in 2009 ... swearing in of President Obama. - promoted by Bob_Neer