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Elizabeth Warren is not running for President

This seems to be one of those situations where, no matter what the pol and the pol's associates say, breathless media-fueled speculation takes on a life of its own and can't be controlled. It's reminiscent of much of the state being 100% convinced that Deval would leave office halfway through his second term, despite his repeatedly and emphatically saying that he would do no such thing. - promoted by david

New Suffolk Poll Has Walsh Ahead by Three Points

Interesting tidbit, from the Herald story: "Walsh's turnaround has been fueled largely by African American, Hispanic and other minority voters, who are breaking to Walsh by a 50-37 percent margin, the poll shows." - promoted by david

UMass/Amherst Poll Shows Walsh with a Seven-Point Lead

Democratic CO Senate President Loses Recall Vote

Wonk Post: Some Unfortunate Numbers

Just when you thought it was safe…

Obama Proclaims National Charter Schools Week

Wonk Post: Obama in Good Shape; National Democrats Less So

Say what you will about EB3, he does have an audience in the world of players

Wonk Post: Higher Education Cuts by State