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And Now We Do the Dance Of Joy…

Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime…uh…Dollah? (CrossPosted from RMG, because it’s too funny not to..)

(An interesting consequence of the digital age appears to be that it has heightened, rather than weakened, the importance of written communication. English teachers: you are more important than ever.   - promoted by Bob Neer)

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Is there FINALLY good news??

From your Neighbors on the Right..

Replaced with an EXACT Replica

(The filibuster is not in the constitution. But, then again, neither are most of the other procedures the government uses to administer itself, all of which have determinative consequences. The Supreme Court, for example, could also require a supermajority for all decisions. STG's most relevant point, I think, is: what are the positions of the MA candidates on this issue. - promoted by Bob)

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“Why We Fight”

(I confess I don't watch American Idol.  I was too busy watching the unbelievably pathetic season finale of 24 on TiVo.  What a bloody waste of time. - promoted by David)

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Now THIS Is Posssible! (with poll)

What Greg Said…

And This Was A Bad Idea Because…um…Why?

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You Can’t Have It Both Ways