40-ish blend of the sacred and the profane un-easily co-existing in a drastically more compromised shell mourning the absence of my favorite muppet, Grover, from the latest movie... sniff.

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That space, between the unconscious and the unknown.

Occupy this.

Ernie Boch III Gives BMG Great Example of Why S/He Is Lousy in General

Now that we have JConway’s attention…

The Entire, and the Only, Point of Health Insurance.

Insurance *is* subsidizing other people. And vice-versa. Seems like a lot of the objections to "Obamacare" are objections to insurance. Whatevs. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

the unbearable smugness of being (dfw)

TOP TEN New Gabriel Gomez Campaign Slogans…

A Republican is Someone Who Knows the Price of Nothing and the Value of a Facade…


Personally, I think the successful result to Friday's experience is strong testimony in support of the police. - promoted by Bob_Neer

I’m with Barney, and Charlie…