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“Vacation” Mitt Romney is an Insane Maniac

Good Lord, what a horror show. Maybe Seamus, for all his suffering, was actually better off than anyone else!? - promoted by david

Scott Brown thinks a Senator should “just do little things”

Another off-the-cuff comment by Scott Brown that he may find himself regretting fairly soon. - promoted by david

Sen. Rosenberg to Sec. Bialecki: I’ll See Your Casino Stock and Raise You My Casino Vendor Stock

This stinks to high heaven. Many thanks to scout for digging it out. Personally, I'm not unalterably opposed to casinos, though I think three is too many and slot barns are lousy. But at this point, I think Governor Patrick should veto whatever the legislature sends him, not necessarily because it's a bad bill (though it probably will be), but because he needs to send a message that even the appearance of conflicts of interest and corruption (much less the real thing) will not be tolerated in bringing casino gambling to Massachusetts. - promoted by david

Despicable Howie Carr Mocks Massachusetts Rape Victim

Just when you think Howie can't sink any lower, he astounds once again. And here I thought blaming the victim of sexual assault was out of fashion. [-David] Another reminder, along with the Scott Brown supporter's decision to call Elizabeth Warren a "whore" at a community meeting of how misogynist elements of the Republican Party are these days. [-Bob]

Unhappy with what you're hearing? Why not let WRKO and the Herald know. - promoted by david

Senator Stan Rosenberg’s Whopping $400,000 Conflict of Interest

Video Illustration of How Culture of Corruption Is Maintained

Many, many thanks to scout for the work that went into this fascinating post. Senator Rosenberg's story of the ex-legislator who wanted to be a college president but was turned down twice is indeed heart-rending. - promoted by david

In Ch. 5 Interview, Speaker Deleo Shows Shocking Ignorance On Casino’s & Laughs About It

Ignorance is bliss. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Mitt’s Wikileak: Gov. Romney Caved to Korean Attempt at Censorship in MA Schools & Threw Biotech Jobs Under the Bus

A great find. - promoted by david

Perry Pulls a Marian Walsh