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  1. a minor??? (0 Replies)

    Where are you getting that from? I just reread a few of the old articles and it said a State House employee, nothing about a minor that I saw. Fresolo is a slimy hack, but sending the pics to a minor brings it to a whole new level.

  2. superpacs (0 Replies)

    One thing in Trump’s favor is that superpacs have totally overturned the old pressures on candidates to drop out. Now, all these guys need is one super-rich supporter and they can stay in till the bitter end. IMHO, Trump has 25-30 of the gop primary electorate locked in. Candidates have been winning NH, IA, and SC with not that much more than that in fields that were 1/4 the size of the current GOP one. Unless there is a truly mass exodus of candidates in the next couple months (ego, hope, and superpacs make this unlikely), Trump could very well run the table on the early primaries and then all bets are off.

    This Trump phenomenon is far more solid than the Cain, Bachman, Gingrich boomlets of last time. He is on a whole other level from them.

  3. Incredible (1 Reply)

    It has never even crossed my mind that someone in 2015, much less someone who presents themselves as progressive, would consider whether Rosa Park’s bus was able to finish its route as a factor in evaluating her actions.

    I mean, are you really saying that if those other passenger, gasp, had to get on another bus it would not have been worth it? She should have just called her legislator instead?

  4. They don't find them. (1 Reply)

    They grow them. This is a cultural thing, it’s not about one troubled person.

  5. Another question (0 Replies)

    Why can’t you use them on the commuter rail? Annoying.

  6. Imagine (1 Reply)

    how the world would be if no one ever did.

  7. gotta wonder (1 Reply)

    If this Sanders boomlet has anybody rethinking whether Hillary’s invincibility and a prior decision not to run.

  8. Maybe there's (1 Reply)

    some kind of software we can buy that will do that for us? Synergistic management software perhaps? It might cost millions but will surely be worth it. Can’t be too careful.

  9. task (0 Replies)

    not tack. But maybe that too.

  10. Hold on (2 Replies)

    That tack force is going to need a consultant to guide it on best practices.

  11. Necessary role- but wish it was someone else (1 Reply)

    Love his positions- they are badly needed in the race/conversation. But, Sanders is also known in Congress to be spectacularly disorganized operationally. I fear his image will not hold up well to the presidential process, and the perception of those positions will suffer by reflection.

  12. whatnot? (0 Replies)

    Next week Deleo will move on to “yada yada yada” as the reason he continues to do nothing to fix the T.

  13. 20+ miles and 1.4 million people is not a bit & not semantics (0 Replies)

    But, I would agree greater Boston is not small even with the true numbers.

    As a somewhat related aside- If it weren’t’ for NIMBY zoning regulations re. housing density, your numbers could very well be reality.

  14. 6.6 mil in 50 mile radius of Bean-town, not in MA (0 Replies)

    Guess you didn’t bother with the links. Here’s the county breakdowns:

    County Cd Total Pop
    Windham CT 4,570
    Barnstable MA 17,524
    Bristol MA 475,025
    Essex MA 743,159
    Middlesex MA 1,503,085
    Norfolk MA 670,850
    Plymouth MA 494,919
    Suffolk MA 722,023
    Worcester MA 696,984
    Hillsborough NH 327,138
    Merrimack NH 3,637
    Rockingham NH 254,619
    Bristol RI 49,875
    Kent RI 68,290
    Newport RI 6,383
    Providence RI 622,061
    radius 6,660,142

  15. 6.6 million (1 Reply)

    Per the 2010 census, according to this useful site. And not even close to all that area is served by the Commuter Rail. In fact, many areas just 5 or 10 miles from Boston are not served by rail of any kind.

    Petr, it is completely, unequivocally, and fully clear that you are wrong. If there is possessed the tiniest inkling, iota, or speck of honesty, honor, or self-respect in your arguments you will admit it and move on to the next one.

  16. that sound you hear (1 Reply)

    Is ears perking up at the US Attorneys office (and maybe even a newly fiesty Mass AG’s office) as another speakah-for-life is so much more of an interesting target than one who will be gone soon anyway. The chances of a 4th speaker in a row getting indicted just went up exponentially.

    WINNER: DeLeo’s lawyers

  17. this whole thing is silly season (0 Replies)

    And it’s surprising more people don’t realize it….a combo of having to fill the week with something & widespread hatred of the pats.

    Also, those stats don’t mean what some think they do.

  18. it's not a leak (0 Replies)

    The document was provided by the city in response to a public information request.