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  1. Necessary role- but wish it was someone else (1 Reply)

    Love his positions- they are badly needed in the race/conversation. But, Sanders is also known in Congress to be spectacularly disorganized operationally. I fear his image will not hold up well to the presidential process, and the perception of those positions will suffer by reflection.

  2. whatnot? (0 Replies)

    Next week Deleo will move on to “yada yada yada” as the reason he continues to do nothing to fix the T.

  3. 20+ miles and 1.4 million people is not a bit & not semantics (0 Replies)

    But, I would agree greater Boston is not small even with the true numbers.

    As a somewhat related aside- If it weren’t’ for NIMBY zoning regulations re. housing density, your numbers could very well be reality.

  4. 6.6 mil in 50 mile radius of Bean-town, not in MA (0 Replies)

    Guess you didn’t bother with the links. Here’s the county breakdowns:

    County Cd Total Pop
    Windham CT 4,570
    Barnstable MA 17,524
    Bristol MA 475,025
    Essex MA 743,159
    Middlesex MA 1,503,085
    Norfolk MA 670,850
    Plymouth MA 494,919
    Suffolk MA 722,023
    Worcester MA 696,984
    Hillsborough NH 327,138
    Merrimack NH 3,637
    Rockingham NH 254,619
    Bristol RI 49,875
    Kent RI 68,290
    Newport RI 6,383
    Providence RI 622,061
    radius 6,660,142

  5. 6.6 million (1 Reply)

    Per the 2010 census, according to this useful site. And not even close to all that area is served by the Commuter Rail. In fact, many areas just 5 or 10 miles from Boston are not served by rail of any kind.

    Petr, it is completely, unequivocally, and fully clear that you are wrong. If there is possessed the tiniest inkling, iota, or speck of honesty, honor, or self-respect in your arguments you will admit it and move on to the next one.

  6. that sound you hear (1 Reply)

    Is ears perking up at the US Attorneys office (and maybe even a newly fiesty Mass AG’s office) as another speakah-for-life is so much more of an interesting target than one who will be gone soon anyway. The chances of a 4th speaker in a row getting indicted just went up exponentially.

    WINNER: DeLeo’s lawyers

  7. this whole thing is silly season (0 Replies)

    And it’s surprising more people don’t realize it….a combo of having to fill the week with something & widespread hatred of the pats.

    Also, those stats don’t mean what some think they do.

  8. it's not a leak (0 Replies)

    The document was provided by the city in response to a public information request.

  9. linked doc not signed by the Olympic committee (2 Replies)

    For an agreement to mean anything it must be signed by both parties. Where is the copy of the agreement that is signed by the IOC.

    Also, kudos to the Globe for digging this out (or kudos to whoever told them it was there to dig out), but major thumbs down for not sharing the actual doc itself with their star. Big thanks to Garrett Quinn for doing that.

  10. That's the heart... (1 Reply)

    of the future breakaway republic of New Dracut.

  11. um, ok (0 Replies)

    ‘Cause it kind of seemed like you were somewhat belittling discussion of the report by pointing out similar allegations have been discussed in the past. Often when someone makes that point, they are implying that the issue need not be discussed again. Glad to hear that is not correct here.

  12. So, (1 Reply)

    how many times should these horrific crimes committed on our behalf be discussed, in your opinion? More than once?

  13. word on the street is (0 Replies)

    He got booted from the Ways & Means post because he couldn’t say no to people.

    It should be noted, given this problematic mingling of Senate and his personal relationships, that he had the same kind of inappropriate overlap with the Senate and his personal finances too. It could be further noted that it’s interesting how a blatant financial conflict of interest means nothing to most of Beacon Hill, while letting some kid run around and talk about how he’s got more juice than most Senators can get you in real trouble.

  14. i mean (0 Replies)

    …the Lake for lt. gov campaign.

  15. ugh (1 Reply)

    I want to like Lake, and voted for him for auditor in the primary last time, but the claim about the degrees has always bothered me. It’s totally unverifiable unless you have complete access to the records to every college in Mass history (including ones that no longer exist)- which is a practical impossibility. Not to mention, who really cares about college major except recent college grads? It’s always struck me as weird claim to make.

    The Ted vs. TedX thing, I would give a pass on. But, if he can’t prove conclusively that he ran the marathon 4 times…the Lake for gov campaign is over.

  16. the Globe doth protect too much? (0 Replies)

    When reading the story yesterday, I did note this part as unusual:

    The Globe obtained their names by removing improperly created redactions from an electronic copy of Florida prosecutor Jeffrey L. Ashton’s report…and then verifying their identities though interviews and multiple government records. Those records include voting, birth, and pension documents.

    When was the last time you a newspaper had to go to birth records to confirm the identity of a person who’s name was on another government document like this? Normally, a phone call or two is enough verification. I suspected that this conspicuous research overkill was likely a response to furious push back from the feds against running these guys names. Now it looks more like window mere dressing to cover that fact that they took this story from somewhere else (a blog, gasp!) and gave them next to no credit.

    If Sacchetti want to answer more questions, it should be made clear whether or not she first read the names, and method of obtaining them, on the marathon bombing blog.

  17. incredible (1 Reply)

    Was going to still give the Globe/Sacchetti credit for digging up the “stormy” record of the shooter with the Oakland PD, but it turns out all that was reported (complete with links) on this same blog way back on May 5.

    It’s a legit question whether or not the Globe first got this story from this blog, I don’t recall ever reading about the unredacting pdf’s before. But even if they didn’t, two weeks is a snails pace to verify this stuff.

  18. In the actual interview, not the article, (0 Replies)

    Fisher says that “the judge raised criminal.” It’s pretty clear he meant that the judge mentioned there could be something criminal, not that the judge somehow converted or “raised” (?) the case from civil to criminal. No idea why someone would write the article the way they did.

  19. rich (0 Replies)

    No Mass. politician has benefited more from outside groups and few politicians, this side of Diane Wilkerson, has been as sloppy on campaign finance compliance as has Martha Coakley. The faux outrage displayed by her camp here is truly rich.