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  1. oh, Jim (2 Replies)

    Please don’t make me go back through this stuff. But, I will in a separate post if you really want.

    In short, consistently smearing Whitey’s victims- as if that changes anything. Consistently accentuating the evils of Whitey’s colleagues, while always dismissing things Whitey undeniably did with the formulation- “Oh, of course he was a gangster, he did gangster stuff. NBD” Always insisting that Whitely girlfriend is a snow white innocent, whose only crime was falling for the wrong man, and whom Whitey is chivalrously trying to protect from the evil feds. When, as someone who has followed the coverage in depth, he knows that she gave Whitey friggin dental pliers as a gift…pliers he then used to yank out peoples teeth in. You know, just a totally normal gift between a couple…paper, wood, silver, gold, dental pliers, is I think how it usually goes.

    If you genuinely don’t see the not so hidden agenda here (not this post, but in the record), and are interested, I can lay it out in depth in a future post in the next week or two.

  2. no (1 Reply)

    He does defend Whitey, and seeks to minimize his many evils at every opportunity. Yes, sometimes these efforts are entwined in questions about the case though- unfortunately this Whitey defending agenda does undermine those legit questions.

  3. Say it ain't so, Joe. (0 Replies)

    I agree with Avellone the 15% is a bad policy, but his campaign really needs to have the facts straight when making a pitch to get around it. Ouch.

  4. wholly innocent? (1 Reply)

    What are you talking about? Being annoyingly pushy is not a reason to have your kid taken away. You seem to think that because these people might be personally irritating and/or unsophisticated in their dealings with medical and state authorities that it’s a little ok that this happened. That’s nuts.

    See all the grays you want, it should be a higher standard to rearrange lives by force.

  5. it's not money this time (0 Replies)

    Children’s has plenty of easier ways to make money.

  6. Ya, I have, thanks (2 Replies)

    It disgusts me. For the judge to claim that the very belief that their child had been unjustly taken away & acts to try to get her back their child as justification to keep them from their child is probably the cruelest incarnation of circular logic in the long history of circular logic.

    And any decent parent would be hysterical is their kid was taken away. It may be just a “headache” to you and the CT DCF (I wouldn’t speak for them), but peoples whole lives are in the balance.

  7. scary (1 Reply)

    This is scary, and the heavy-handed tactics will have an effect beyond just the Pelletiers. There are parents who will hesitate to bring their sick kid to the hospital because they fear what could happen if they cross the wrong doc- and that that fears is not totally unreasonable, unfortunately. That creates a health risk for those kids and those around them.

  8. cya, mostly, I'd guess (0 Replies)

    Once Childrens and DCF start moving in one direction they just don’t want to admit that they’ve made a mistake- especially when they’ve taken such drastic action as removing this poor girl from her parents.

  9. I don't know (0 Replies)

    He’s a life-long repub. He considers himself a repub, it’s safe to assume he knows and likes some other people who are also repubs, but had nothing to do with this platform. Even Laurel above describes the faction he opposes as a “regressive minority.”

    Boycotting the convention is more of a statement than giving a speech at the convention and, yes, less of a statement than leaving the party. It’s not like I’m opposed to him leaving the party or something, but I’m glad he did what he did.

  10. dont make me defend repubs, please (1 Reply)

    Maybe he should, but he may not think the convention is necessarily the party, and nor are few dozen yahoos involved in creating the silly new platform language.

  11. and then there's this gem (0 Replies)

    He may want to lose. Especially close races. He can blame people who did not support him, not for his positions, political I mean. Some of his non-political positions are offensive to some people, not me. Then he can say he took it up the butt, and he likes that, I hear.

    I can’t imagine why he would not want to go…

  12. he's married now (1 Reply)

    Maybe that really means something to him and he doesn’t want to stand in a room that overwhelmingly votes that he and his spouse are unworthy of the institution and second class citizens? I can hardly blame him.

  13. Everybody thought she had the election in the bag... (1 Reply)

    … including Scott Brown

    Unfortunately, whatever he thought, Scott Brown didn’t act like he had the election in the bag.

    Or maybe not so unfortunately- 2 years SB + 18 years EW vs. 20 years MC? Hmmm…

  14. bad timing on this endorsement posting (0 Replies)

    As people are simultaneously trying to argue at the top of the front page that Grossman is NOT a committed advocate of gaming interests.

  15. Do you have a crystal ball? (1 Reply)

    Cause unless you can 100% guarantee Walsh will not, for any reason, leave office early- thus turning City Council Pres Linehan into Mayor Linehan, your challenge doesn’t make sense. Further, sure Murphy is a hack, but I’ve never seen anything to indicate he’s the kind of reactionary Linehan is.

    You are welcome to not be upset at Wu. But, when a person runs for an office, and makes certain representations of belief, and asks people to care about the office, believe that they can make a difference in that office, and vote for them…it’s reasonable for their supporters to take the office seriously and actually care what they do.

  16. support Linehan/Wu- it doesn't matter anyway? (1 Reply)

    Weird argument, and certainly not one that Wu, or any City Councilor could make.

    While it’s true the City Council is often irrelevant, it’s reasonable for progressives to be angry that the first act of someone who presented herself as a progressive is to empower (to the extent that is possible on the council) the most reactionary member over clearly more progressive ones.

    And if something had happened to Menino, Murphy would have made a huge difference as the new Mayor…as would Linehan if Walsh leaves office early for any reason.

  17. helmets (0 Replies)

    Do little to nothing to prevent concussions, they are more designed to prevent a skull from getting cracked open…the can’t do much to stop a brain from bouncing around inside the skull, which is what is causing all the problems.

    The injuries are not new, there’s just better diagnostics now and a lot more awareness/publicity.

  18. you mean Bain (0 Replies)

    this is Bane:

    and this is Bain:

    Both are grave threats to our way of life.