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Mitt Romney Has His Own History of Violence

Cambridge Election–What Next For The John Sanzone Slate?

Councillor Nadeem Mazen to Wicked Local Cambridge: "This is a group that has learned to be very deferent to one another, to work together and really value one another’s opinions and work explicitly on a day-to-day basis.” Heil ... Cambridge? - promoted by Bob_Neer

Let Them Have What They Want

Free Fare Day is an Insult to Regular T Riders

Marty Walsh Says Olympics Opponents Aren’t The “Actual Community”

Unforced error by Walsh. - promoted by david

This is Baker’s Failure Too

What if a City Councillor Opposes the Olympic Bid?

Fifth in the series. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Major Baker Appointee Exploited the Developmentally Disabled

Slow clap for Gov.-elect Baker. Let's see if this foolishness gets anything like a Caddy-and-drapes treatment. -Charley

Also, as hesterprynne points out in the comments, Chapman favors eliminating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (championed by Elizabeth Warren). A curious position for someone whose new job is, well, consumer protection. - promoted by david

Who Is Patricia Saint Aubin, and Why is the Boston Globe Endorsing her Candidacy?