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A Challenge to the Progressive Candidates for Governor

Mike Lake Lies About His Accomplishments

Dan Hunt Raised More Lobbyist $ in a Month Than Patrick and Grossman in a Year

Elizabeth Warren More Conservative than Average Senate Democrat

I'm promoting this post to call attention to what is made painfully clear in the comments, namely, that National Journal's "liberal/conservative" rankings are a joke. They should not be taken seriously by anyone.

And to respond directly to Seamus's final comment: I'll take five more years just like this past one from our senior Senator, thank you, regardless of what National Journal thinks. - promoted by david

13th Suffolk State Rep Candidate Dan Hunt Embraces Sleazy Politicians

The Bill Linehan Challenge

Mad Marty Misrepresents his Misbehavior

Does Dan Wolf even want to be Governor?

Thank You Jeff Ross

Scott Brown released his military records. Why hasn’t Gabriel Gomez?

There does seem to be a discrepancy between his website "is the President of the Navy SEAL Foundation of New England" and this from the Springfield Republican "Jim Smith, executive director of the Navy SEAL Foundation, said Gomez was actually a Navy SEAL Foundation ambassador." - promoted by Bob_Neer