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Maddow on Russians funneling millions to Trump and an open question

It was only yesterday that, of the President's cabinet appointees, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross seemed to have the most problematic Russian ties. - promoted by hesterprynne

Could the center save us from Trump?

Trump-xit Strategy

A prescription for GOP victory

What do Jeb Bush and Jane Swift have in common?

Scott Brown confuses me

To fulfill promise of second term, Obama should do nothing

Sununu supports Romney because they’re both white

Another Republican expert on racial identity to accompany Professor of Ethnography Scott Brown's "As You Can See" clairvoyance. Check out the Not A Native American blog, which provides helpful commentary on Senator Brown's remarkable powers of extra-senosory perception. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Ending the Romney/Ryan specifics shuffle

Brown’s job creator argument is nonsense

An older argument, of course, is that the rich, and especially the super-rich like Mitt Romney, are a kind of parasite who feed on the labor of others. Indeed, there are echoes of that argument in our Revolution, fought in part against wealthy British aristocrats judged to exploit Americans. - promoted by Bob_Neer