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New Steve Grossman Ad

I’ll Gladly Pay You, Tuesday, To Be In The Herald Today

[Bumped.] This strikes me as a pretty good catch. Also, could someone remind me of the last time Holly Robichaud was right about something?
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A Bit of Didactic Humor

Hudak Drops Lawsuit

“Judge Blocks Part of Controversial Arizona Immigration Law” – UPDATED

If It Looks Like a Panda and Talks Like a Panda

JFK Endorses Scott Brown!

NBA Labor Problems

(Fun with maps. - promoted by David)

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Want to Generate Some Tax Revenue Without Raising Taxes? Let’s Legalize Fireworks

(Excellent idea. There is no good reason adults should not be allowed to buy fireworks. And note the danger of illegal fireworks. - promoted by Bob)

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Lincoln Chafee on Sarah Palin