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The Repeal will be on the ballot!

Obviously, I am very pleased with the court's ruling. I'll have more to say later today. - promoted by david

We can still stop Casinos – the job-and-culture-crushing Walmart of entertainment

Promoted because, among other things, I have always thought that crowd-sourcing signature gathering was a good idea, but I don't recall seeing it done in quite this way before. I'm interested to see if it works! - promoted by david

So many things wrong with this picture

Private ownership of semi-automatic weapons = Newtown CT massacre. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Is Congress Gerrymandered in Republicans’ favor?

First-rate wonkery. :-) - promoted by david

2012 BMG Prediction Results

Fascinating stuff, as always. However, I'd respectfully question your "actual" percentages for the US popular vote, because they add up to 100.0 and therefore don't account for third-party candidates. The numbers I've seen elsewhere are along the lines of Obama 50.4, Romney 48.1 (Gary Johnson got almost 1% of the vote nationwide, and even our friend Jill Stein got about a quarter of a percent). - promoted by david

2012 BMG Senate / Presidential User Predictions

Make a 2012 Senate/Presidential Prediction!

An outstanding diversion. Should we add an electoral college prediction into the mix? - promoted by david

BMG on casinos, part 1

Top Senate predictions

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53-44 Brown win? Prediction model, as originally designed, hopefully needs tweaking

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