Les Bernal is the Executive Director of Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit made up of citizens from diverse backgrounds, religious faiths, political convictions, and life circumstances. SPG's mission is to place a national spotlight on why it is time for government to end its failed policy of predatory gambling. Visit our website at or contact us at mail{@} Les is a resident of Lawrence.

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MA Legislature attempts to secretly hand ATMs to casinos in end-of-year lobbying push

End-of-year informal sessions in the legislature are somewhat notorious for sneaking through substantial policy shifts like this one. Keep your eyes open. - promoted by david

Political comedian John Oliver skewers predatory gambling

The lottery has a long history in Massachusetts (click here to see a 1744 lottery ticket: drawing at Faneuil Hall), so it's not especially surprising that the government does this, Oliver's claim notwithstanding. Plus, someone has to pay the Everett/Revere mob, right? - promoted by Bob_Neer

Citizens to Smash Slot Machine at State House on Wednesday

Change minds about why casinos matter with a roll of pennies

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will vote to repeal casino law

Casino giant Genting is violating the spirit of Massachusetts lobbying laws

Massachusetts Lottery Congratulates Itself for 40 Years of Failure

Here's an interesting article on the current situation with local aid and the lottery. Among the fascinating factoids it contains: "According to the Massachusetts Lottery, Bay Staters now spend about $700 per capita annually to chase their million-dollar dreams." Of course, that's an average, so for every Bay Stater who spends maybe 5 or 10 bucks a year on the lottery, there's another one spending a lot more than $700. Those numbers should be worrisome. - promoted by david

The question the new MA Gambling Commission must answer

It's a good question. And pretending that the numbers are wrong - as some elected officials in the linked article do - is not really an acceptable response. - promoted by david

Massachusetts ranks #2 in U.S. in “The Sucker Index”

Bloomberg's numbers are eye-popping. MA leads the nation both in "most generous payouts" and also in per capita spending. Percentage-wise, our payouts are marginally higher than those other states, but the real stunner is our per capita spending, which in dollar terms is nearly twice as high as the nearest competitor, and is 30% higher than the next state in terms of percentage of personal income. - promoted by david

One of “The Smartest Guys NOT in the Room” makes Boston debut