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FOIA: Can a Blog be Part of the News Media?

This battle will continue to be fought in multiple theatres. Today also brought the denial of congressional press credentials to SCOTUSblog - the source of the best currently-available reporting on the Supreme Court - by a "standing committee" that fairly reeks of the legacy media (its members include reps from the Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, and Congressional Quarterly).

On the other side of the coin, let's recall the salutary comments by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, which not too long ago observed that "[t]he First Amendment right to gather news is, as the Court has often noted, not one that inures solely to the benefit of the news media; rather, the public’s right of access to information is coextensive with that of the press…. [C]hanges in technology and society have made the lines between private citizen and journalist exceedingly difficult to draw. The proliferation of electronic devices with video-recording capability means that many of our images of current events come from bystanders with a ready cell phone or digital camera rather than a traditional film crew, and news stories are now just as likely to be broken by a blogger at her computer as a reporter at a major newspaper. Such developments make clear why the news-gathering protections of the First Amendment cannot turn on professional credentials or status." And also our own Supreme Judicial Court's recognition of bloggers as legitimate news sources.

The legacy media will be slow to give up its privileges, as today's embarrassing decision on SCOTUSblog makes clear. But, eventually, it will be forced to do so. - promoted by david

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