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Howie Carr Remains Super Duper Racist

Paul Ryan Shocked to Learn Ladyperson in Congress

“Sane Republicans” Won’t Save Us From Trump

An argument that the Clinton campaign's preoccupation with winning over sane Republicans is the reason the polls are still within the "margin of terror" (h/t Samantha Bee) - promoted by hesterprynne

How Global Warming is Fueling Hermine

Pilgrim Nuclear Struggling to Survive Warming World

Big Oil Front Group Pushing Fracked Gas Pipeline Tax

It's a very good idea to be aware of who is funding these sorts of groups. - promoted by david

Top Boston Sports Villain of Your Lifetime?

Here Are The MA Dems Against Gun Safety

How Fox Is Unskewing the DNC’s First Night

A fabulous post. I just finished a nauseating trawl through Fox News with a similar concept in mind, and lo: BMG genius beat me to it! :-) - promoted by Bob_Neer

Why Fight For Gas Tax Hikes If They Just Fund Sprawl?

Now that you mention it, I am a big fan of the millionaire tax. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta