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2015 Blizzard: More Evidence Climate Change Intensifying Winter Storms

Fact-Checking Baker’s Inaugural on Energy Prices

Yay facts! - promoted by david

Corporate Profit Drive Squeezes Out New Bedford Standard-Times Editor

Obama Jobs Boom Continues: Businesses Create 321,000 Jobs in November

Democrats create jobs and economic prosperity. Republicans destroy both. - promoted by Bob_Neer

How Baker’s Fish Tale Exposed Democrats’ “Us Too” Fishing Failure

Thoughtful post on a difficult topic. - promoted by david

Delusional, Climate-Killing Keystone XL “Centrism”

History suggests the only way to stop global warming will be to find a nonpolluting energy source that is less expensive than carbon. We should be trying much harder to find one. - promoted by Bob_Neer

NB Standard Times “Centrism” on Immigration: Letting GOP Gridlock Win

Fall River Herald News Lets Polluter Front Group Deny Climate Science

Next Week, Everyone Will Have Seen It Coming

Boston Herald Trolls With Racist Obama Cartoon

Astonishing, really. - promoted by david