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Boston Herald Trolls With Racist Obama Cartoon

Astonishing, really. - promoted by david

Bill Koch’s Anti-Cape Wind Group Distances Itself from Itself

Cape Wind Seals New Bedford Deal – Will Koch Finally Call Off Lawyers?

Progress. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Whatever the Problem, Very Serious People’s Solution is Always More All-Out War

Will You Feel Safer if MA Imprisons Anti-Coal Activists? (UPDATED)

A New Surprise Benefit of Cutting Lead Pollution

It’s OK To Hit Pedestrians As Long As You’re Not Paying Attention

Why Isn’t Drunk Driving Prevention Used to Back Late-Night T Service?

Sunday puzzle. - promoted by david

Phony Attack on Climate Action: The US Chamber Doesn’t Care About Jobs

The Chamber of Commerce is like Fox: a partisan advocate for the Republican Party. Actually, their virulence is a sign of weakness: they know the facts on the ground are against them, so they are ever more shrill. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Falmouth “Victims” Rebuked as Wind’s Winning Streak Rolls On