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  1. Perriello's the real deal (0 Replies)

    I spent a couple of weeks volunteering for his re-election campaign in 2010 & got to meet him. Extremely nice, down-to-earth guy. Both genuinely believes in progressive policies and knows they’re extremely popular.

  2. GOP has blocked all Dem efforts to help coal country (1 Reply)

    Obama proposed a $3B aid package for coal country that was blocked by Congressional Republicans.

    The climate & energy bill – also blocked by Congressional Republicans – had an ungodly $177B in subsidies for “clean” coal technology.

    Hillary Clinton had a plan for coal country that was blocked by Russia FBI Director James Comey Trump voters.

  3. The argument would be ... (0 Replies)

    that he’s better than a Republican in that seat. His lifetime League of Conservation Voters score is 43%, awful but much better than GOP WV Sen. Shelley Moore Capito’s score of 4%.

    That’s a reason for him to exist, but not a reason for national Dems to pour resources into saving his seat.

  4. Jim Gilmore! (1 Reply)

    Hasn’t won an election in 18 years. Run Jim run!

    Wittman isn’t enough of a crazy conservative to win a statewide GOP nominating contest in Virginia. As for Brat & Comstock, their 2018 re-elections are going to be a real question mark, so I can see why they’d be looking for better things to do.

  5. A simple question of where resources should go (2 Replies)

    Should resources primarily go to staff, consultants & pollsters in DC? Or should resources primarily go to states and organizers? One of Obama’s biggest failings was letting Debbie Wasserman Schultz waste resources for so long. She should’ve gotten fired long before her incompetence became so grossly public.

  6. Too much analysis, not enough activism (0 Replies)

    I don’t at all mean to single out this comment. All of the above may or may not be true. But what happens is going to be up to the people on the playing field, and it seems like way too many of our leaders are in the stands shaking hands instead of strapping on a helmet.

  7. Did you read the Justice Dept officials quoted? (1 Reply)

    Justice Dept officials – including the current Attorney General – say he violated Justice Dept policy.

    It might be time to revise your thoughts on Comey rather than blindly defending him.

  8. Comey sees himself as hero (2 Replies)

    Comey’s dramatic retelling of the Ashcroft story showed he sees himself on the side of heroism. People like that often see themselves as above the law & Comey’s actions this week reflect that.

  9. More nonsense (1 Reply)

    That he didn’t issue an unjustified indictment isn’t a sign he’s nonpartisan.

  10. That's not an honest mistake, it's a deliberate violation (1 Reply)

    Again: “Republicans would be mad at me if I didn’t” is not a valid excuse for breaking policy.

  11. More (0 Replies)

    “I’ve generally been a big Comey fan, but I’m appalled at what’s happened here.”–36

  12. GOP vs. democracy (0 Replies)

    As I tweeted last night, the man Republicans selected as their presidential candidate came out against democracy. Let that sink in.

  13. Good point re: the primary (1 Reply)

    Who might be the Tea Party challenger to Baker?

  14. Dodging taxes is unpatriotic (1 Reply)

    Taxes fight fires, build roads, educate our children & make sure seniors have a secure & healthy retirement. When Republicans talk about legalizing immigrants, they constantly mention paying any back taxes because even they know it’s a key part of being a citizen. But the 1% like Trump brag about how they have loopholes written into the tax code so they don’t have to pay their fair share.

  15. Take a breath before clicking submit (0 Replies)

    Don’t blow hundreds of words of thoughtful points on a few words of being a jerk.