Scott Brown: You Really Can't Make this Stuff Up

Scott Brown Tweets Pic Posing with DeLorean, Spells DeLorean Wrong

Scott Brown, New Hampshire candidate for U.S. Senate, tweeted out a photo of himself and a supporter with the supporter’s futuristic-looking, gull-winged DeLorean on Saturday. Yes, that’s the car from “Back to the Future.” And yes, he spelled the name of the car wrong.

I'm All In With Elizabeth Warren for President. Someone Needs To Start Kickstarter Campaign to Raise $$ From the 99 Percenters

Lis is the man as far as I’m concerned. Hillary has too much baggage and by baggage I mean powerful people already entrenched. Time to clean house and Senator Warren has the brains, the balls, the healthy naivete, and the chutzpah to demand answers when she’s given songs and dances.

A draft Liz Warren Kickstarter campaign is needed. Money from the non-one-percenters who are tired of cheap talk and want action. One of you young whippersnappers out there should be al over this and get moving on it.

Unfortunately the one-percenters will rather die than see Liz get the job. That’s why the groundswell is needed and no other way to show it than with money followed by organization followed by votes.

Liz’s Senate resume is the opposite of the one Barack Obama compiled in there. So don’t buy the comparisons of not enough experience.

One Question for BMgers, Ten Questions for Team Arthur T. DeMoulas, and Five Questions for Team Pravda and Politburo Working For Team Arthur T. (I mean local media and politicians carrying his water)

Before we start I have a question for you, my fellow BMgers.

How can citizens feel secure in their constitutionally protected property rights when the local media and politicians are demanding Arthur S. DeMoulas give his rights up based on biased speculation encouraged by personalities and relationships, not public policy?

Okay, Let’s begin.

Ten Questions for Team Arthur D. DeMoulas

Question 1: Since the new Market Basket management has not announced or indicated plans to change the current method of operation isn’t it wiser and in the better interest of the employees and their families to wait until something more concrete other than a change of the guard?

Question 2: How much money has Arthur T. DeMoulas spent on his effort to re-gain his job?

Question 3: How many p.r. people, media specialists, and political organizers are working on his behalf?

Question 4: The fired employees each have over 25 years of service. Some have over 40. What type of retirement plan are they leaving with?

Question 5: Has Arthur T. DeMoulas or anyone on his behalf given or paid money to any of the striking employees or their families since this began?

Question 6.: Does Arthur T. believe it is in the best interest of the striking employees and their families to be unemployed because they want him to have his job back?

Question 7: Does Arthur T. feel responsible for the lost jobs?

Question 8: Why won’t Arthur T. tell the striking employees it is in their best interest to return to work?

Question 9: Why can’t the current Market Basket culture continue without Arthur D.’s presence?

Question 10: What is the difference between the current situation and , forgive me for saying, one where Arthur D. suddenly passes away?

Five Questions for Team Pravda and Politburo ( I mean Team Local Media and Politicians Signing Petitions etc,)

Question 1.  Prior to this has new corporate management sans proposed  changes ever been cause for you to call for a boycott?

Question 2. How many conversations have you had with people advocating Arthur S.’s and Arthur D.s cause.? (LIke Rasky- good for him BTW, I’m not knocking him, in fact the opposite. Another example of fine work. It’s just that the lazy local media circle jerk makes it so easy for the inside few when they shouldn’t -WTF. I’d hire Rasky ASAP if I needed someone like him. And you should too.)

Question 3. How can your readers and constituents who also have constitutionally guaranteed property rights in a close corporation feel secure that the media and their elected officials won’t arbitrarily turn the pitchfork and torch crowd on them?

Question 4. (for the Politburo members) Have you ever met Arthur T. or Arthur S. Demoulas and if so do you have a personal relationship with either and what is the nature of it.

Question 5. (again for the pols) Has Arthur T. or Arthur S. DeMoulas ever ever donated to your campaign? If so when and how much?

You can still follow me on twitter but barely. No deliveries today. The shelves are mostly empty,. Half the help didn’t show up, but I’m surviving.

Why I am supporting Michael Sullivan for Middlesex DA

While my affinity for this candidate and his campaign has been well known on BMG for awhile, I decided to take the time to write up why I feel Michael is the best candidate for DA and give him a full post.

The name Sullivan has been well known in Cambridge for over 70 years, almost as much as the name Daley in Chicago. Theirs has been a legacy of consistent grassroots campaigning, neighborhood to neighborhood, matched with unparalleled constituent service. This legacy helped three generations of the Sullivan family win a seat on the Cambridge City Council, to the point that it got nicknamed ‘the Sullivan Seat’. It also led Michael to his current position as Clerk of Courts, where he has done a great job of updating this office for the 21st century, increasing openness and transparency, and becoming a real presence beyond Cambridge and throughout the county.

In this campaign, Michael is taking nothing for granted. He has been outraised by an appointed incumbent. But he has taken to the streets, holding Sullivan Shoutouts on every corner he can in the county, appearing at every parade, and making key connections to the grassroots and law enforcement communities. He is committed to alternative and restorative justice. As a Cambridge Mayor, he proudly presided over the first gay marriages legally performed in the US, opening City Hall at midnight to make sure everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the full equality they were ensured under the law. He also voted for resolutions opting out of CCTV monitoring funds and against the Patriot Act. He was instrumental keeping Cambridge a sanctuary city and will continue to bring his values of social and economic justice to the DA’s office.

He has had extensive experience as a former prosecutor for the county in dealing with crime head on, and a compassion for it’s victims and those who have been incarcerated. He also has extensive experience managing a county-wide bureaucracy from his tenure as Clerk of Courts.

Now for the personal side. He is not just a public figure I admire, but a man I’ve come to know. As a student School Committee member, I was struck by how often then Mayor Sullivan would side with us to make sure our motions were heard and our right to speak wasn’t taken away. He co-sponsored one of the motions I wrote, in spite of the Superintendent vocally opposing my efforts to get it passed. I also remember the look on his face one night at dinner after the School Committee meeting when he got a call that a shooting had taken place at Cambridgeside Galleria. He immediately called the police commissioner and got all the information he could, before leaving to go to the scene and attend to the victims families as best he could. While Cambridge has a weak mayor system, he was anything but a weak mayor in that moment, and I grew to appreciate his leadership, even in that limited capacity, of going above and beyond. He did that another time for me as well, on a more positive note, by writing a highly personalized college recommendation. I asked for just one, but when I told him I was applying to BC (his alma mater) he made sure to give me another one that spoke to that school specifically without my asking. Big touches like his bold and early leadership on gay rights or his response to that shooting, to the little touches like the college recommendation, symbolize the Sullivan legacy of service and the kind of experience Michael will bring to that office. A decidedly old school commitment to an ‘all politics is local’ style of campaigning, organizing, and service combined with a progressive approach to important questions of social justice, civil liberties, and transforming public service for the 21st century. This is why he has my full endorsement and support.

Check out his website or friend him on facebook, and any email or call always gets answered.

The Democrats SHOULD be class warriors

Harold Meyerson has another excellent, albeit long, think piece in the American Prospect that is worth reading in it’s entirety. The thrust of the argument is well known. FDR was, like a certain other recent President, supported by big business and brought in largely as a result of the disastrous predecessor he had. Over time though, he realized these tepid remedies weren’t actually putting people back to work. He then, unlike a certain recent President, pushed through the largest expansion of government assistance, government jobs, and government regulation ever passed before or since (with maybe the exception of The Great Society). And FDR was unafraid to call out his opposition for the class war they were waging. As Meyerson notes:

On the election’s eve, secure in the knowledge that he was about to win an overwhelming victory, Roosevelt struck back. In an address, broadcast on national radio, to a screaming crowd at Madison Square Garden, FDR singled out “business and financial monopoly, speculation, [and] reckless banking” as enemies of social peace. “Government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob,” he continued. “Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred. I should like to have it said of my first administration that in it the forces of selfishness and of lust for power met their match. I should like to have it said of my second administration that in it these forces met their master.”

He goes on to note that no Democrat, before or since, had to contend with a similar economic situation, and could enjoy the Fordist/New Deal consensus for the next four decades. Then came Reagan, the rise of the Reagan Democrat, and the cultural divisions that tore a party apart-a party still largely defined by that economic consensus.

Grossman TV Ad

Steve Grossman just released a new TV ad that goes after Coakley (a bit).

It opens with “Who do you trust to grow our economy as Governor? A career prosecutor? Or a proven jobs creator?”

I think it’s fine, but utterly forgettable. It won’t turn anyone off, but I doubt it will attract too many voters.

Also, someone might want to tell the Grossman campaign that the Massachusetts unemployment rate is 5.5%. The lowest it has been since August 2008.

Through MIT's Nuclear Goggles

Switzerland came to the Boston area a week or so ago. There was a conversation with one of the political leaders of the country, Doris Leuthard, Councillor of the Swiss Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy, and Communications, at MIT on “Future Energy Supply and Security in Switzerland” and the next day a seminar on Watt d’Or, the Swiss award for the best energy projects in the country (, at Northeastern University to celebrate the opening of an exhibit that will stay up at Northeastern’s International Village until September.

Hey Arthur S. DeMoulas: Who Is Doing Your Public Relations? Fire Them Immediately

You have a shit load of facts on your side yet you’ve come unarmed to gun fight.

For years and years the workers have filled with propaganda about the evils of your side of the family.

Your grandfather started the business too. Unless your plan is to sell the business to International Fuck the Worker and Customer Grocery Conglomerate or to see to anyone you need to come out swinging.


Arthur T. DeMoulas's Money + The Great Larry Rasky + Our Lazy and Incestuous Local Media = Another Disgraceful False Narrative Using Selective Facts

I haven’t read much recapping the sinister history of the DeMoulas family feud involving hundreds of millions of dollars and more in Market Basket stock.

Arthur T. DeMoulas is seeking to get his job back after his cousin Arthur S. DeMoulas recently gained control of the board and had him removed.

Arthur T.’s father, Telemachus, and Arthur S.’s father either built the business themselves or turned their father’s small market in Lowell into a multi-million dollar chain. The two brothers each had 50% interest in the business.

Then one day Arthur S’s father died. This was years ago. 1970′s perhaps 60′s. A tragic event for the entire clan. He had a young family. The whole thing. Telemachus made sure his brother’s family was taken care of. After all, this was family.

But guess what? Remember the 50% interest Arthur S. father had? Well Telemachus and his brood didn’t see it that way. Hey, WTF, the guy wasn’t showing up for work, you expect him to get paid?

Now cut to the late 1980s and Arthur S. and his siblings are adults and educated and one day say, “Hey, what the hey?” Telemachus and his son Arthur T. said, “Hey, what the hey nothing. My side of the family gave you and your mother money and lots of it when we didn’t have to so you’re getting Jack shit. if you don’t like it sue us.”

And that’s what they did. The law suit lasted years with Arthur T.’s side ultimately getting slapped and slapped hard. The amount of money they owed Arthur S.’s side was astronomical. Plus the court ruled Arthur S.s. side owned 50% of the stock.

Arthur T (the guy who wants his job back) hired some of the usual suspects in the high powered lawyer game in Boston. One was Gary Crossen, a former assistant U.S. attorney and a star at a major law firm. Another was Richard K. Donahue of Lowell. He was a big Jack Kennedy guy and the former President and CEO of NIKE. You heard me right NIKE<

Now I don’t know how much they were paid, what incentives were offered, or if Arthur T. Demoulas gave them a slush fund for dirty tricks. But each of these fine gentlemen got disbarred for what they did trying to win this case. They were very lucky they weren’t indicted.

If you recall, Judge Maria Lopez was assigned to this case in Middlesex Superior Court. Arthur T.’s side, represented by Crossen and Donahue, believed she was bias against them so they duped her young and naive clerk into believing there was a job opportunity for him.  A big one. They flew him to Halifax, Nova Scotia where they gave him a faux interview then wined and dined him.

Then they turned on the secret tape recorder (that’s why they flew him to Halifax, no state wiretapping laws broken) and started pumping him for info on Lopez. He agreed with a few things and said a few things, nothing big, but enough for Crossen and Donahue to come back to him later and blackmail him if he didn’t sign an affidavit helpful in getting Lopez removed.

At this point the young clerk was smart enough to get a lawyer and bring this to the FBI.

Why would the lawyers do that for Arthur T.? Their outstanding careers and reputations were ruined.

Let me tell you a criminal lawyer trade situation. A drug dealer charged with trafficking cocaine and facing serious time. He goes to a lawyer for representation. The lawyer says his usual fee is $25,000 for something like that The drug dealer says, “no, I’m going to pay you $75,000. in cash and here it is. Will you represent me?”

What the drug dealer is saying, “If you represent me you better win or else. I’m given you more than enough money for you to spread around and keep for yourself. Just make sure I walk. I don’t handle customer service problems well. Remember that.”

The honest lawyer doesn’t take the case.

Now we have Arthur T. successfully throwing huge sums of money around resulting in lazy media types and communistic objections from pandering politicians carrying Arthur T.’s water.

How many people lost their job today because of Arthur T. ? But then perhaps he budgeted for this and is taking care of them if you know what I mean?

Anyway, let this movie be another example of the incestuous lazy Boston media that is more than willing to parrot what anyone on the list of insiders tells them. Like Larry Rasky.

Arthur T. DeMoulas is channeling P.T. Barnum and using media and the most obtuse politicians to fool people into believing he’s the most wonderful person ever and because of it his cousin Arthur S. doesn’t deserve the legal rights, privileges, and protections, every other property owner (stock in a close corporation) in this country receives.  A sucker born every day. (And most end up working in Boston media)

A Pit In My Stomach

We all have these chemicals in our heads that can take control without warning. A good spontaneous joke makes you immediately laugh. Reading BMG gets the ole angry molecules swimming around up there. Anger is far the largest motivator of comments and posts on here. Read something and boom!, there it goes. Think sports to try and take your mind off it.

Then there’s disappointment. Not the due-to-illness—the-role-of-Maria-Von-Trapp-will-not-be-played-by-Miss-Andrews-this-evening-but-instead-her-understuder-Mary-Szczbinski-will-perform-in-her-absence-disappointment.

I mean the real kind. The visceral kind. The I-can’t-believe-my-girlfriend-is-dating-the-entire-foorball-team-disappointment.

Disappointed not at a situation but in people.

The kind of disappointment that causes you take a step back and question your own perceptions.

The kind of disappointment that leaves a big pit in your stomach.

The kind of disappointment I feel when reading the words of few MA elected officials, residents, and even Howie Carr – can you believe it, I even thought Howie Carr, the guy that sent his kids to Catholic school, would not have made something of this – yelling because a few hundred children with no money, no friends, no family, and nowhere to go will be housed, fed, clothed, entertained, schooled as much as possible, and hidden for less than a year at zero cost to the community or the state inside a secured military base somewhere near them.

Is it time to take Elizabeth Warren's candidacy for President seriously?

This clip from YouTube was uploaded yesterday.  Watch it and think about what she could do for economic fairness.

I had a great day in Brockton - and I'm going back tomorrow.

Will you join me and some local Brockton folks — and Juliette Kayyem, and Brendan Ryan, and Larry Carpman, and Matt Patton, and Kevin Franck, and Natalie Boyle, and Emily Zendt, and Howard Cutter, and (I hope) my son Coleman? If Brockton isn’t convenient for you, sign up here to join over 200 active Democrats at another location. But I have to say, I think Brockton will be the most fun. :)

On the #DemDoors, we’re beginning the conversation with voters who will be crucial for our wins in November and we are starting to lay the foundation for an effective GOTV push — which begins in just about 100 days by the way. These are voters who are likely to vote for Democrats, but might (based on past voting patterns) miss a vote in non-presidential years. I’m sure you are reading about the crucial need to turn out these voters in races around the country and the same dynamic will be in play here at home too.

MassDems Chairman Tom McGee and his team have been focused on this and they have been preparing a plan for months. Already, we are benefiting from having Senator Ed Markey at the top of the ticket including his campaign field team led by Carl Nilsson and Chelsie Oullette and the full commitment of supporters of Democratic members of congress in each district. We’re starting early and we need your help tomorrow and on two other “Weekends of Action” in August.

For those who are fully committed to campaigns in the middle of a primary contest, I wouldn’t ask you to take away a single day from your work there. What I would ask is that you consider adding just a couple hours for this important work.


I’m getting tired of the right-wing conservative whine ‘what has John Tierney actually done’ ?

There used to be a TV show called ‘Dragnet’ where Officer Joe Friday says to the witness :  ‘Just the facts, ma’am.’

Herewith, Fact #1 : Congressman Tierney authored the medical loss ratio (MLR) provisions in the Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148), which requires insurance companies to spend generally at least 80 cents of every dollar that Americans pay in premiums on health care versus CEO pay and bonuses and other administrative costs.  If this requirement is not met, insurance companies must pay consumers a rebate.  This is one of the most popular and successful aspects of Obamacare.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”  ALDOUS HUXLEY

Good night and good luck.












Bastien Challenges Flanagan to Sign People's Pledge Banning Special Interest Donations in Race

The post by Bastien begins here [Ed.]:

Campaign reform is an issue we can all get behind. Until Beacon Hill stops limiting transparency and conducting the people’s work behind closed doors, we need to ensure that special interest groups and PACs are not having an unfair and outsized manipulation of the process. The line between legislators being informed by groups on issues they care about, and the appearance or outright establishing of quid pro quos and buying of legislators is being obscured by the lack of transparency on Beacon Hill. If the debate was out in the open, one could judge whether someone was in a group’s pocket or not. When it’s behind closed doors, the public is shut out about knowing what their elected officials are really saying or supporting.

Former State Representative Richard Bastien sent the below letter to his opponent Jen Flanagan asking her to agree to join with him in banning outside special interest donations in the race for State Senate. Tell Jen Flanagan to sign the People’s Pledge and keep special interest and lobbyist money out of candidate’s campaign accounts.

July 17, 2014
Flanagan Committee
Leominster MA 01453

Dear Jennifer,
As someone who believes that heavy outside special interest spending in campaigns, particularly since the Citizens United ruling can lead to the appearance of putting the needs of special interests above the needs of the citizens of our district, I ask you my fellow candidate, Jennifer Flanagan, to join me in agreeing to ban all campaign donations from lobbyists, PACS, Corporations, Unions, and special interest groups from our campaigns in the 2014 election for State Senate in the Worcester and Middlesex district. I believe that we can set a new standard that can show the Commonwealth and the nation that elections should be decided by the people, not by how much special interest groups can give to a candidate or candidates.

In the interest of reaching that agreement, I have attached a signed Pledge, modeled on the agreement between Senator Elizabeth Warren and Former Senator Scott Brown from the 2012 United States Senate campaign. If you agree to it, please sign yourself. With our shared commitment to banning special interest spending in this race and your record and mine as candidates and legislators in support of Clean Elections, I am confident we will have a signed Pledge in a matter of days.

Something Not Right About The Market Basket / Arthur T. DeMoulas's Fight to Win His Job Back - Grossman Better Excite His Base and Attack Coakley

Sorry folks, I’m not trusting this Arthur T. DeMoulas dude in his quest to get his job back. His cousins finally gained control of the board after a lengthy and costly law suit which resulted in Arthur T.’s side losing to his cousin Arthur S.

Arthur T. kept control of the board and continued the run the business but had to make sure his cousin stock holders didn’t continue to get screwed.

But Arthur T, although being a great guy to employees, hired his wife’s outside real estate development company to build some of the new Market Basket store we see springing up. The incestuous plan was ‘build it and we will rent’. I think the corporate lawyers call it “unclean hands” or something like that.

Something went wrong with the plan. All the regular rig-a-ma-roo one goes through in developing supermarkets got in the way and now there are a few newly built but vacant Market Basket stores. Revere is either suing or threatening suit for the long dormant store at Northgate Plaza.

This stuff has all been reported but you have to look hard to find it. I think Arthur T. has a better p.r.firm.

But here’s where Arthur T. sours me. He is “allowing” hundreds of working class employees to threaten to quit if he doesn’t get his job back. This didn’t happen by accident. Calls were made. pressure was put on people. Favors called in.

These people don’t have a leg to stand on and Arthur T. knows it. Sure he goes to wakes and weddings but would he give up his job for any of them? Of course not.

Part of the p.r. play is to make the new bosses think they will get a boycott going. Bahahahah. Ain’t gonna happen. If they fired every employee come Christmas nobody would remember and it would be business as usual.

Does this selfish bastard remember PATCO? How about Major League umpire strike? Who needed them right? Say goodbye.

For all you Market Basket employees out there don’t be used. Super rich Arthur T. comes to your kid’s bar mitzvah or maybe helps get your mother into see the right doctor but that doesn’t mean return the favor by giving up your job so he can say na na na na na na to his also super rich cousins. Fuck him!

Steve if you don’t come out swinging at Martha and tell the voters what a lousy A.G. she has been nobody else will. It’s not negative campaigning. it’s information a voter should be aware of when deciding. Her performance as A.G. foreshadows what kind of governor she will be and is appropriate to talk about.

AND all the local pols you’ve married who are ready to invest their political capital in you will fall by the wayside unless the campaign invigorates them. If they see that u can’t pull this off you won’t.

And none of this catch as catch can attack. You need bullet points of incompetence and abuse of power that the average person understands.

Steve has much better organization than Martha. Remember folks, Doug Rubin didn’t get Deval across the finish line, John Wash did.


If You Despise Martha Coakley as much as I do you will follow me on twitter.

"What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

That was the title, or at least oft-repeated line, of the theme song for Deval Patrick’s 2006 campaign.  Today, I know how the Governor himself can answer that question.  He has had plenty of accomplishments.  I was recruited to the campaign by Nancy O’Connor Stolberg back in 2005 when if people heard of him at all they thought his name was Patrick Deval and have staunchly supported him since.  I am very proud of what MA has accomplished on his watch and was more open to casinos in part because someone I knew, campaigned for, and trusted was backing them.  MA has taken the lead in so many areas under his leadership.

However, I cannot think of a time that I have been prouder of him, or that I think he can be justly proud, than this week when he decided that yes, Massachusetts would welcome some of the refugee children from Central America into temporary housing in our state.  This is a stellar example of humanity trumping politics.  While some are unwilling to touch this political hot potato, some are threatening to not co-operate in solving the overall problem, and others are screaming, “Not our children, not our problem!” or “Go back to Mexico” (never mind they aren’t from Mexico), our Governor has acted to actually alleviate the situation rather than resorting to xenophobic rhetoric.  John Walsh at the Together PAC and the state party are currently trumpeting all the ways that Massachusetts leads the nation.  Those are well and good, but mostly measurable by statistics.  What the Governor has demonstrated here is a different kind of leadership, a moral leadership that is difficult if not impossible to quantify.

Wonk Post: Best Known and Liked 2016 Potential Presidential Candidates

Per Gallup, Hillary Clinton is the best known and liked potential candidate for President in 2016:

The ratings for potential Democratic candidats are pasted below:

…with Republicans here:

Bay State Banner Endorses Grossman

A good get for Steve:

Every candidate for governor will undoubtedly assert that he or she can perform in office as well as Deval. That is to be expected in a political campaign. But the resumé of only one candidate assures voters of the capacity to live up to the Gov. Patrick legacy. Only Steve Grossman’s record indicates that he has the ability and the innate interest to perform as governor at the exalted level established by Deval.

I Wonder if Grossman Signed Berwick's Petition

On Tuesday morning, Don Berwick launched a petition to block the deal that would enable Partners to takeover South Shore Hospital and Hallmark Health System.  He shared it on this site, and a lot of people signed it.

On Thursday, Steve Grossman decided that he’s now against the Partners deal, too.  According to this Globe article, Grossman wrote a letter to Martha Coakley’s office and expressed that he’s “[ ... ] deeply concerned that this settlement does not serve the best interests of the people of Massachusetts, [and therefore, is] submitting a public comment opposing the deal in its current form.”

But the deep concern is, indeed, new.  As the Globe article goes on to describe:

Grossman’s criticism, however, seems to have evolved over time. In May, Grossman told the Globe: “This deal apparently represents a common-sense solution that will continue to deliver quality care to residents of the South Shore as well as control health care costs for consumers and employers.”

He said Thursday that that support relied on the Health Policy Commission’s endorsement; basically, if the commission thought the deal was good, he did too.

“I think I fundamentally said if the Health Policy Commission said they believe this is a deal they can support, then I see significant elements in it that are worthy of support,” Grossman said in a phone interview. “So I was really couching my own feelings on the deal in the work of the HPC.”

The article also mentions that Coakley yesterday postponed a future hearing about the proposed merger.  Grossman took credit for the move. “She may not acknowledge that she was responding to what I said, but I think it was a pretty direct response.”

. . . So, anyway . . . This much is clear: while Berwick lags significantly behind the other gubernatorial candidates in terms of name recognition, HE is the one consistently leading and changing the debate–about this issue, health care, casinos, homelessness, and so many others.

Polling the Governor's Race

The most recent polling of the governor’s race was done by the Boston Globe.

Several things are notable:

  1. Elizabeth Warren (55/39 +16) and Deval Patrick (54/41 +13) are our second and third most favorably viewed office holders, but the most favorably viewed is Martha Coakley (54/36 +18).
  2. 72% of those polled didn’t recognize Don Berwick.
  3. Polling for the Democratic Primary shows it split 53%/17%/5% for Coakley, Grossman, and Berwick.
  4. During the period from June 15 to July, support for Coakley strengthened slightly and support for the other two candidates declined, for example, support for Berwick shrank from 8% to 5%.

At this point, the Democratic Primary does not look like much of a race.