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Senate President Stan Rosenberg Post-Election Statement on Behalf of the Massachusetts Senate

Over the last week I have heard many heart-wrenching stories about children and adults expressing their sadness and fear based on the results of the national election. It is natural to feel sad and disappointed when your candidate doesn’t win. It is not typical though, in our country, to feel fearful at the end of an election. But because of the repeated expression of bigoted views about women, racial minorities, people of both the Jewish and Muslim faiths, immigrants, members of the LGBT community, and people with disabilities, many people are fearful about the future. While bigoted words and incivility in public discourse are out of line in and of themselves, the greater threat is that they may create a false belief that now there is license to do something even worse in our communities and in our public policy: commit bigoted deeds. The election is over, and as Americans have done for centuries we must unite and move together into the future. As we do so, the members of the Massachusetts State Senate want to be clear. Our unshakable support for the civil rights and civil liberties of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts drives our commitment to […]

Second Middlesex Senate Race Candidate Forum

There is a primary race in the Second Middlesex Senate District, which includes parts of Cambridge, Somerville, Medford & Winchester. The candidates for the Democratic nomination are the incumbent, Sen. Patricia Jehlen, and challenger, Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung. The state primary is September 8 (a Thursday!?) I fear that there will be little time to organize any event in late August/early September, so the Democratic Party City Committees of Cambridge and Somerville, along with the Porter Square Neighborhood Association, are hosting a candidate forum this coming week, Wednesday, June 8, 2016. All are invited. Cambridge Civic Journal’s Robert Winters will moderate the forum. When: June 8, 2016, 7 pm – 9 pm Where: Amphitheater at University Hall, Lesley University; 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (2nd Floor) If you have specific questions or topics that you would like to hear the candidates discuss please email me privately at dpparadis@gmail.com We look forward to seeing you there! Please pass this information along to all who may be interested. Thank you, Dan Paradis dpparadis@gmail.com 617.470.5049

Dropping film tax credit to expand EITC is both progressive & populist… why aren’t Dems on board?

As Judy Meredith pointed out earlier this month, Governor Baker’s proposal to kill the film tax credit and use the money to fund an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit is both a great idea, and would be very difficult to fight against. I certainly agree, since film tax credits rarely live up to expectations, while the EITC is a direct help to lower-income state residents who are working hard to get by. Plus, politically speaking, the framing (misleading or not, as some rightly pointed out that it’s part of the larger budget, not a standalone proposal) is just too perfect: cutting corporate welfare to help out the working class. I was surprised that Dem leadership didn’t simply agree with the proposal and move on. Now, it looks like the GOP is making it a prominent part of their messaging. I got this email today: They’re even collecting signatures in support of the proposal, and while it only has 438 right now, it was only sent out an hour ago so I could see this gaining a lot of steam. If the Dems want to nip this in the bud, I think it would make sense to endorse the […]

Fighting For What Matters

Last June I was elected to represent the people of Massachusetts in the United States Senate.  As a kid growing up in Malden, I never could have imagined that I would have such an incredible honor bestowed upon me.  I am humbled by this responsibility and I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon my experience thus far with the readers of Blue Mass Group. What many people will remember about Washington in 2013 will likely be negative, and for good reason. Tea Party extremists shut down the government for two weeks. They brought our nation to the brink of default. They blocked gun control legislation following Newtown. They refused to extend unemployment insurance, even though millions are looking for work. Climate change legislation, equal pay for women, workplace protections for LGBT people, all stalled or stymied. No wonder Americans are frustrated with Congress. Yet despite the fact that in the Tea Party world where chaos is the new compromise, I found that there are still victories to be had on behalf of the people of Massachusetts. Since I was elected to the Senate in June, I have been fighting alongside our entire Massachusetts congressional delegation to represent the […]

In Big Letters, News of Markey’s Election Reaches Somerville Last Weekend

Passing through Davis Square in Somerville on Saturday, I chanced to read the latest news on the ticker above Middlesex Federal Savings Bank. Powered by www.WickedLocalSomerville.com, the ticker reported that U.S. Rep. Ed Markey had defeated Gabriel Gomez to win Massachusetts special election for a U.S. Senate seat. I thought it was wonderful that Somerville was still learning of the big news four days after the election! I took out my iPhone, powered up the YouTube Capture app, and took this less-than-30-seconds video of the sign. Even four days later, doesn’t the news look great in giant letters on that ticker! And the music in the background is from a live folk gig on the plaza across from the Somerville Theatre.

This victory belongs to you

“This victory belongs to you.” That’s what Ed Markey told the crowd celebrating his win on Tuesday night, and indeed, this victory belongs to every volunteer who spent time on the phone and knocking on doors in neighborhoods across the state. As I reflect on the election, I think the results reaffirm that Massachusetts voters are looking for elected leaders who reflect their values on a variety of progressive issues, including women having access to the full range of sexual and reproductive health care options (which, as we know, Gabriel Gomez did not support). A strong majority of Massachusetts voters expect their elected leaders to protect health care access and to trust women to make their own health care decisions. Senator-elect Markey’s decades of consistent support for women’s access to health care resonated with voters and played a critical role in this election. Numerous polls reported Markey leading among women, some by as much as 24 points. One of the lessons of this election is that candidates with progressive values and an excellent field operation can win. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes ran a multi-layered voter education campaign during the general election, making more than 72,000 […]

The Case Against Ed Markey

We all know that robocalls win elections. In particular, robocalls that don’t promote the candidate you want to win, but attack his or her opponent with SCARY VOICE TONES. OK, all sarcasm aside, has anyone else gotten a robocall from American Unity PAC? I just did, and of course, listened to the whole thing (unlike most voters who will tune out as soon as they hear the robovoice start talking politics…or maybe just when they first realize it’s a robocall of any kind). The simple message they wanted to tell me about Ed Markey was that he voted to cut Medicare to Massachusetts by…oh, I don’t even remember the amount. Even though that was repeated like two or three times. These calls are like car commercials – you can’t remember the damn car they were advertising once the thing is done. Anyway, presumably this is in reference to the Medicare savings in the Affordable Care Act (you know, by cutting waste, fraud and abuse like doing away with the Medicare Advantage program that subsidized expensive private coverage). That they were talking about this particular vote is an assumption on my part, but a good bet. At least American Unity PAC has […]

Latest poll: Did Markey’s lead really ‘shrink’?

“Markey’s lead over Gomez shrinks” claime the Boston Globe. “A new poll from Suffolk University suggests that we could have another close special election for a Senate seat in Massachusetts on our hands,” hypes the Washington Post. But is the latest Suffolk University poll truly signal? Or is it noise? Is this the start of another 2010-like trend? Or do these media reports show that journalists haven’t learned that polls move up and down during the course of a campaign season and such fluctuations aren’t necessarily statistically significant? If you haven’t seen it yet, the Suffolk poll released today shows Markey ahead of Gomez by 7 points, 48-41. Yes, that’s a major decline from the prior Suffolk poll — but, I don’t think any of us really believed that previous poll showing Markey up by 17. Bad comparison. How does it stack up with the other independent polls of late? Well, today’s poll remains within margin-of-error range of every other independent poll since the beginning of May. Nate Silver hasn’t weighed in on this race since May 6, but at that time Silver said that Republicans “can win Congressional elections in blue states if just about everything goes right. . . […]

Gomez Can’t Be Trusted to Stand Up for Women

For voters who care about women’s health – i.e. the vast majority of Massachusetts voters – it is telling and deeply troubling to see Senator Mitch McConnell step into the U.S. Senate race. Senator McConnell has led his party’s efforts on Capitol Hill to turn back the clock on women. He has voted against equal pay for women and supports private companies who want to deny women health insurance coverage for birth control. Now, he’s counting on Gomez to join his regime and be another vote against women’s health. Gomez claims he will stand up to his own party when it comes to some issues, but he continues to dodge questions about women’s health and keep voters in the dark. Voters don’t want to play guessing games – we already did that for two years with Scott Brown. Voters want a leader they can trust to stand up for women. That leader will be Ed Markey. As a U.S. Representative, Congressman Markey has received a 100 percent rating from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund for his votes against legislation that would have restricted access to safe and legal abortion, and for his votes in support of comprehensive sex education, birth […]

Support civil legal aid

PLEASE SUPPORT FUNDING FOR CIVIL LEGAL AID! Imagine being a single parent of young children, facing serious illness, loss of employment due to that illness, the consequent loss of health insurance, and an eviction, all within a few months. Daniele Bien-Aime faced all of these issues in 2011. Missing work for breast cancer treatment cost her job. That meant not only losing her income, but also the health insurance that was essential to continue chemotherapy. With no income, she couldn’t pay her rent and her landlord attempted to evict her. Luckily, Daniele obtained legal help from a legal aid organization called South Coastal Counties Legal Services (SCCLS). Her legal aid lawyer convinced her employer to rehire her and offer time off to finish chemotherapy. The attorney also successfully negotiated a settlement with Daniele’s landlord, who dropped the eviction lawsuit. Daniele and her daughters remain in their home; she has finished her chemotherapy; and is now cancer-free and back at work. The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) provides funding to SCCLS and other legal aid offices like it across the state.  Over the past several years, funding for civil legal aid has been severely reduced, even as requests for legal assistance […]