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News you may not have seen

The following is an e-mail from an extroardinary young woman who has spent extensive amounts of time in the Middle East, particularly getting to know Palestinian families.  As are many Israelis, she has been critical of that country’s policies (as well as those of the U.S.).  This story is a different take, relating how ordinary people have banded together to promote peace.  I did not see this reported in our papers and wanted it distributed as widely as possible.  To sign up for Hannah’s reports you can write her at hmermels@hotmail.com


Berkman Center Video of BMG Blogstravaganza

Alert readers will recall that last week the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School hosted “Liveblogging the 2006 Election.” We called it the Blogstravaganza. VideoBerkman correspondent Indigo Tabor produced a video interview with us about the event. Click here for highlights. Click here for the full interview. VideoBerkman is a production of MediaBerkman, brought to you by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.

The Blogosphere & The Media

A picture tells 1,000 words. Here is Charley blogging the Deval Patrick victory celebration. My computer is to the left. Note that we are seated on the floor, behind the media platform, looking in, as it were, from the outside. A perfect metaphor. Last week we had 42,000 unique visitors. We’ve had 33,000-35,000 uniques every week this month. Last year at this time we were excited if we had more than 5,000 unique visitors in a week. If this rate of growth keep up, our circulation will start closing in on the top 200 newspapers in the country. I wonder how long the bloggers, metaphorically speaking, will be typing on the floor behind the media platform.

The anatomy of a historic victory and the rise of MA progressives

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Deval Patrick crushed Kerry Healey, surprising no one.  And everyone.

Patrick’s win was a victory of stunning proportions.  I still recall the early months of 2005, when I started to hear rumors of a progressive challenge to Reilly.  Even at that early point, establishment Democrats left and right were dropping out of the race.  As of the spring of 2005, it looked like Patrick and Reilly were the only contenders, with an outside chance of Galvin and Capuano running as well.  Needless to say, no one in the progressive movement believed that Patrick would win the primary.

But then some seriously funky things happened (more on the flip):


Deval said after our celebrations this evening we all need to go to work. At BMG, with Mission #1 accomplished (a Democrat in the Governor’s office), we’re looking forward to more work as well. Before we do that, however, we’d like to pause, draw a deep breath, and shout out a big THANK YOU to the blogosphere for having made possible the wild, incredible ride we all have had here over the past two years. We’d love your thoughts on a question we have addressed briefly before and return to now: what should BMG do next?

The Grand Finale

Kerry has come on again, I suspect to introduce Deval. Since folks seem to want color, here is some more: The music has been disturbingly focused on the smooth jazz-ish side. They amped it up with a little rock just before Kerry came on. Crowd going nuts. They know Deval is about to come out. A crush of press has suddenly packed the press gallery. They know Healey has conceded. Only one act left. Tim Murray coming up. Curtain goes up on the final act of this election. Crowd on its feet. “Timmy, Timmy,” rocks the hall.

Mood of Exultation

The mood in the Hynes Convention Center can only be described in one word: jubilation. Senior Democratic politicians, folks like Barney Frank and Ed Markey, are wandering around behind the press area looking like they have been hyperventilating for the last two hours. Someone get some paper bags for a few senior majority members of the U.S. Congress. When Dick Armey goes on NPR and predicts “20-25″ pickups for the Democrats in the House you can put a fork in this historic election: it’s done (don’t worry, we only have a few hundred regular readers west of the Mississippi and I guarantee you they will vote, and vote Democratic, today). I’ve been to my share of Massachusetts political events. I walked into this event down seemingly endless, gleaming corridors, from the Prudential Center to the Hynes Center. The halls were filled with people going my way. And one thing immediately struck me: unlike virtually all of the previous events I have been to, this event was well and truly mixed. A beautiful rainbow of faces, and a broad spectrum of people, rich and poor and old and young, will greet Deval Patrick when he makes his victory speech tonight. History […]


You read it here first. In an historic achievement maverick outsider Deval Patrick swept Massachusetts from its western border to its Atlantic coast tonight and ended 16 nightmarish years of Republican control of the Governor’s office. Worcester Mayor Tim Murray, a young politician who won universal acclaim during a hard-fought primary for articulate leadership, experience, and unfailing civility, trounced Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Reed Hillman. Patrick and Murray ran on the same ticket.  With 0% of the precincts reporting, Patrick’s already convincing lead was only likely to grow through the evening. UPDATE: No, seriously, the major media folks really did call it immediately at 8pm for Patrick: I heard on ‘BUR that Channel 5 had already done it; we’re hearing about MSNBC in the comments. It’s for real. Governor-Elect Deval Patrick!

The Evening News

We’re closing in on 100 field reports from Great Barrington to the South End and Worcester to Middleborough and way out there in the Atlantic on Martha’s Vineyard. Tell us what you see as we begin the final lap to 8.00 PM. Comment away!

DemsForHealey.com Endorses …

The ever-trenchant observer: Let’s talk about what Kerry Healey‘s campaign has done. Do you think her “volunteers” work for free? Do you think those skinheads paid for their own uniforms or their ride to Abington? Do you think doubling up on attack ad buys is cheap? Kerry Healey has poured millions of dollars from her campaign into the local economy. She has been far more effective in stimulating the economy with her campaign than she has been as Lt Governor. Click here for the whole article.