Hillman – I KNEW it!

Kerry Healey has chosen ex-Rep. and ex-head of the State Police Reed Hillman as her running mate.  As soon as Hillman’s name appeared out of nowhere, I figured he was the odds-on favorite.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance this morning to put up a post to that effect, so you’ll have to take my word for it – I really did think he’d be the choice!

Hillman strikes me as a good pick for Healey – much better than Scott Brown, and I would have been amazed if Mike Sullivan was really interested in giving up being US Attorney to take a somewhat long shot at being the second banana in the State House.  Healey obviously needs to distinguish herself from the Democratic candidates on some issues, and it’s not going to be on the hot-button social issues (she’s pretty much in agreement with the Democrats on them, though there are differences on gay marriage).  Law and order seems like a good place to stake your claim in this year when Boston is seeing increased numbers of homicides.  With Healey’s own background in criminology and Hillman’s record of running the State Police, they’re quite the law-and-order ticket, and we can expect to hear a lot on that topic in the coming months.

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  1. Healey is trying to change the subject...

    ...she really can't run on the traditional Republican tagline of growing the economy...it hasn't.  But I'm not sure if Law and Order is the safe bet.  Reilly certainly trumps that attempt.  Sure, Patrick maybe vulnerable on the death penalty...but pro death folks weren’t voting for Deval anyway and being anti death is not a loser in this state.  And Deval was the Assistant Attorney General of the frigging USA!

    Besides, with violence growing in Boston and severe Oxcycontin and Heroin problems in the suburbs, Healey's recent anticrime efforts is an attempt to put lipstick on a pig (to steal David's Mihos image) when it comes to the "crime fighting" record of Romney Healy.  I hope the Dem State Party is researching how many cops have been fired under Healey with all the budget cuts she helped implement.  Law and Order indeed!

  2. Yeah, but...

    Hillman's daughter isn't on American Idol. Probably not even Star Search. I sense a Show Biz gap for Hillman.

    Seriously, I thought that might hand it to Brown. He would have gotten (already has gotten) great coverage from Fox 25.

  3. law and order

    That's clearly going to be the GOP line this year and, frankly, it's worked in the past so why not try it again.  Bush won by scaring people that Kerry wouldn't keep them safe.  I think a Healey/Hillman ticket will try to do the same this year, and why not?

    How do Dems combat it?  Well, while LG candidates matter, people really vote for the Gov candidate, and if Healey tries to bash Reilly on law and order, that's tough.  Bashing Patrick could be a bit easier, but he can pull in the Clintonista big guns to fight back and he worked at DOJ. 

    At the LG level, I think we need to figure out if we want a man or a woman going up against someone like Hillman.  Here are some, but not nearly all, scenarios that could play out on this front:

    1.  Hillary/Lazio redux: Hillman has a bad record on women and it looks like he's beating up our LG candidate (Silbert/Goldberg) and it backfires.

    2.  Murray tries to go toe to toe w/ Hillman saying he's a Mayor who is responsible for keeping his city safe, but gets shot down on experience.

    3.  Silbert/Goldberg look weak on crime next to Hillman and voters call Dems no ready for prime time on crime.

    4.  Murray/Goldberg talk about local aid/Silbert talks about economic stimulation and Hillman can't counter given his legislative record.

    Which of these plays out?

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