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(The "symbolic vote" is a mockery of the sacrifices our soldiers are being asked to make in Iraq. If they cared, they'd vote on the merits. - promoted by Bob)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has inaugurated a blog, called “The Gavel.”  Could be a great thing.  At the moment, comments appear to be disabled; it’s unclear to me whether that’s going to change.

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  1. Huh,

    Seems to be working now, and was a couple of hours ago when I watched Patrick Murphy's speech there.

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      On every entry, if I click on "comments," I see that "comments are closed."  Do you see something different?

      • She don't wanna play defense, she's too cute.

        Dave, buddy, you wanna help me pen the first comment?  Something about federal recognition for same-sex civil unions?  Why was this not enacted in the first 1 hour?  If they need something to trade, to reassure the populace, how about conception rights?  They could resolve the whole cloning/genetic engineering controversy with the same strike - an egg and sperm law, like was enacted in Missouri, to prohibit cloning and genetic engineering, and a guarantee of conception rights for marriages, could be enough to satisfy opponents of recognition of same-sex civil unions.

        What would she say about that?  Would you accept that deal or not?

      • Right, right, sorry, I thought they were working but it was something else.

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