Hillary considering a “modified Giuliani strategy”

Looks like I might have been right about Hillary’s possibly adopting a “modified Giuliani strategy.”  NYT blog today:

Clinton Camp Looks to Feb. 5

By Katharine Q. Seelye

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to forestall the notion that after her loss last night in Iowa, a loss in New Hampshire could end her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In conference calls with reporters in some of the two dozen states that vote on Feb. 5, campaign officials said that she had the money and resources to compete in those states and predicted she would be the nominee.

It seemed a little unusual that just after losing Iowa to Senator Barack Obama – and just as Mrs. Clinton begins an intense five-day drive to recoup here in New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday – her campaign would shift the focus to the states that vote a month later.

“Seemed a little unusual”?  Not to me — I predicted it last night!  Hey Hillary — I charge a lot less than Mark Penn.  You know where to find me.  ;-)

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  1. What do you think of her new, $quot;electability$quot; argument?

    Per the AP via ABC:

    "There are two big questions for voters in New Hampshire," Clinton said. "One is, who will be ready to be president on day one? Second, who can we nominate who will go the distance against the Republicans? I have been on the receiving end of all their incoming fire that they train on Democrats. I'm still here, I'm still standing."

    Seems to me that a candidate with negatives as high as those for Senator Clinton should be careful about claiming that she is the best candidate to defeat the Republicans.

  2. Burn your bridges...

    ...is her new strategy. Upon her arrival in NH she said "Iowa does not have best track record in determining who the parties nominate, everybody knows that,".  Would She have said that last week?  How do those fine Dems in Iowa feel about that remark? It's exemplary of the personality which keeps her negatives high.

  3. Frankly, after NH

    February 5 IS the ball game, with all respect to Nevada, South Carolina, etc, so that's pretty obvious. Guiliani skipped Iowa and NH and has Florida in the interim.

    The good news for HRC, that I saw yesterday, was a group of young women I encountered planning to go up to NH from Mass. to work for her.  No sense of gloom, rather, "we gotta do this".  Similarly a young woman who works at the company next door to me was planning on going to Rochester, NH from today to Tuesday which she hadn't planned on doing before.

    Some frontrunners have a topheavy bureaucracy that collapses easily, in this case, however, a lot of women are still heavily invested in this campaign. We know our beloved Kate D. is up there, Jesse Mermell from MWPC, Marie Turley from the City's Women's Commission and many more from Mass, including many of our female legislators.  If I were running a campaign, I'd want those three for starters and others like them on my side.

    So maybe some of us guys should follow suit ....

    • Hillary is going to get the help this weekend of many Massachusetts women

      who have worked for years to get men elected to public office here with little public recognition for their efforts.  They are the people who often make the difference between a win or a loss.      

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