April 2008
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Day April 10, 2008

Deval Crying Like a Big Baby on Emily Rooney

Watching Emily Rooney right now and Deval hasn’t changed his tune on casino gambling. It was a done deal before it started and never got a fair hearing. Thats his crying game. My God man. This Self-Centered Only Clild like baby still can’t move on like a mature adult. never mind a governor. I want to throw up. Emily just describe his book like a “Rick Pitino deal” Now Deval is saying he was sought out a ‘dozen years ago” and got “serious a few years ago” So if this is a 15 year plan why did the Big meeting occur on the day when you should have stayed at the office. Deval just said this, “I’m done responding to nitpicking” when Emily asked about his claim of drawing 10,000 to the Common. I’m barfing big time now.

Bill proposal to ban the Quija Board

I know this may sound stupid, but then again most of our laws are to. This year in Mass, we have to bills coming to debate. One is to decriminalize the possesion of marijuana and the other is to criminalize to natural plants like Salvia. How about some of the other nonsense that we have heard about like say the color coded terrorist warnings. Our nations propaganda machine loves to create lies about what ever they deem bad. Take for instance Marijuana. In the 1930′s, it was a plant used to black Jazz musicians and Mexicans. Since our nation hates anything brown skinned people do, in the 1950′s we saw commercials stating the marijuana will make you kill, it will make you rob and it will make black people date your daughter. This type of false propaganda made it enemy number one and hence we saw thousands of people thrown behind bars. Today we are seeing the same exact stunts to more or less control our lives. Look at the Patriot Act, most of middle America has been lead to believe that their are terrorist in their backyard and we need to take away freedom to protect it. Pure nonsense, […]

Support LGBT Youth, Meet Barney Frank

This Saturday Barney Frank will present the scholarship in his Mother Elsie’s name to the 6 winners chosen by PFLAG. The students range from an Asian boy in Quincy who came out and became the captain of the wrestling team, to a transgender student who watched as a gang attacked her and killed her friend. You can meet these incredibly inspiring students, and have a chance to meet Barney Frank at the PFLAG fundraiser this Saturday!  (Buy Tickets:  http://www.gbpflag.org ) PFLAG does amazing work in supporting LGBT youth by training teachers and principles about their needs. They also provide support groups nationwide for parents of LGBT youth. If you, like me, were upset with Barney over his support for a divided ENDA you may hesitate about attending. PFLAG unwaveringly supports a united ENDA, and transgender youth and adults. The scholarship in Elsie’s name was created years ago. Although Massachusetts now has gay marriage, LGBT youth still need your support. They are 3+ more times likely to attempt suicide, more likely to face violence, alcoholism, and other risk factors.  Come on out this Saturday and show your support! The event includes an amazing silent auction featuring a trip to Africa among […]

Economy speech and tax loophole update: generally pretty good news!

Today’s Globe reports that Deval Patrick’s far-reaching plan to front-load the repair of Massachusetts’ decaying bridges (411 of them) has quickly picked up essential legislative support: [T]he proposal picked up key backers immediately, including House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi, Senate President Therese Murray, and organized labor. Legislative support is crucial because it will require passage of a special bond bill…. DiMasi applauded the plan yesterday, and when asked whether the state could afford the bonding, said, “Yes, I think we can.” … “This is the kind of focus that I thought we should [have been] taking in the last three or four months instead of other issues that were dominating the landscape at the time,” DiMasi said. Murray left the speech without addressing reporters, but later put out a statement saying “by taking action now, we can start to make up for decades of neglect.” Her spokesman said she supports the governor’s proposed price tag of $3.8 billion. Are there naysayers?  Sure.  Treasurer Tim Cahill thinks it’s too much to borrow, and prefers his own plan to borrow $700 million to fix 10 bridges.  One wonders if Cahill isn’t a tad miffed about his more modest plan being upstaged, though […]