Wheels Coming Off Episode 10.31: McCain Spokesman Destroyed on CNN

McCain campaign spokesman Mike Goldfarb — apparently summoned from a frat house basement for his cameo — annihilates himself and his candidate on national television. The most impressive media number by a member of the McCain campaign band I have seen since Palin’s Katie Couric sessions.

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  1. One bookend

    deserves another.

  2. Don't forget Tucker Bounds.

    Where does McCain find these people?

  3. More of the Republican Gibberish template.

    Too bad more people didnt know that Allen Greenspan was talking gibberish all these years.  

    Different republicans,  different styles.    In the end the same reliance on  gibberish

  4. So help me out...

    who is the mystery Jew Hater Goldfarb refers to?  Is it possible... Obama's been associating with Hitler?!!??

    • I think he is speaking to

      subrosa Republican supporters that are pushing the Jeremiah Wright issue.    This is what Repubs call a ground game.  McCain is staying away from Wright and letting the independent groups bring it up.  It would be my guess.  

    • Wright

      Goldfarb, a Kristol hack, is talking about Farrakhan.

      And Wright (by association) but check out this from Macrh 2008 if you want to get the unfiltered version: http://www.weeklystandard.com/...

      • Interesting theory.

        Then why was he unwilling to say it?  McCain hasn't put Farrakhan off limits, has he?  And the guy looks like a mountainous turd just standing there on CNN saying nothing.

        • I think Farrakhan makes some sense

          Maybe its Wright.  Maybe its Father Coughlin.

          I actually thought that he didn't have anyone in particular in mind, and got his bluff called, leaving "you know" as the only available fig leaf to cover his exposed arse.

          BTW, WTF is with the sudden buzz about the "Fairness Doctrine" the return of which is the new reason to fear Obama?  If any of you tried and true lefties have been excited about this, you sure have been quiet about it.

          • Yes, you see,

            the fairness doctrine would represent the surrender of the United States to Marxism.  Apparently we were a Marxist country between 1949 and 1985, without actually realizing it.

            Honestly, these loons at the National Review are the best free entertainment around.

            • I'm perfectly aware of what the fairness doctrine is

              I happen to think that it is something that we are well rid of.

              My question was different:  Are any of you socialist terrorist-palling lefties actually talking about resurrecting it?

              I see lots of talk of resurrection, but only on the sites that you seem to be having fun debunking today.

              So where the heck did this particular boogeyman come from?

          • GOP SOP:

            Throw a bunch of stuff out there that their base might find 'scaaaarrryy' and see what sticks.  The the Ebo school of political science.

      • i'm thinking he meant don rickles

        who despite being jewish himself, has consistently ridiculed and insulted jews in the most disparaging manner.

        i don't have the details right at hand, but whether or not harry reid arranged a meeting in las vegas between obama and this rickles character, needs to be more fully investigated. why won't obama come clean on this?

  5. I took it that he meant

    Rev. Wright. It seems like McCain's spokespeople have been told not to bring up Wright, and Goldfarb realized too late that he had gone down that path.

    Of course, it's a little difficult to find the rationalization that makes it bad to bring up Rev. Wright but OK to accuse Obama of hanging around with anti-Semites. I guess that's what McCain considers taking the high road.

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