Franken, Coleman, Murphy & Tedisco

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With 610 of 610 precincts reporting, the Saratogian is reporting Scott Murphy (D) ahead of James Tedisco (R) by 65 votes.  

Did someone say recount?

Which race will be decided first?  MN Senate or NY 20?

Here’s the current results:

Scott Murphy (D) 77,344

James Tedisco (R) 77,279

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  1. when do absentees get counted?

    • According to Political Wire

      Taegan Goddard reports:

      Update VI: The AP now says the race is too close to call. "There are at least 6,000 and possibly as many as 10,000 absentee ballots that will not be included in the results for at least a week."

      Update VII: New York agreed to count overseas absentee ballots until April 13, so this race may not be settled for a while.

      • And while I understand the ruling

        it's really irritating.  It's entirely possible that people will now have the chance to vote knowing that the race is so close.  That changes the game.  Will it impact the result?  Hard to know.

        If you ask me, they should have not counted any votes until April 13 in light of the absentee ruling.

        • How?

          How is that possible? Don't the absentee ballots have to have been postmarked by yesterday?

          • Aha!

            I misunderstood.  I thought the citizens had additional time to receive the absentee ballot and make their mark.

            I'm not interested in suppressing the vote, I'm merely interested in people not voting after results start coming in.  It sounds like that problem is not actually a problem, at least for the vast majority of cases.


    because I'm sick of this shit.

    • On the other hand...

      ...there's always extra innings.

      • Pablo - it's why I'm only interested in the NFL draft. Can you beat Sudden Death?

        • Sure, let there be ties.

          But then again, the only local team I care for is the Revolution.  Unless one team needs to advance RIGHT NOW, why not admit it's too close to call, and try to settle the athletic contest on another day?

          What's the theoretical tiebreaker in an election, anyway?  Incumbent advantage?  How do you calculate strength of schedule?

  3. NY 20 n/t

    • Yeah

      I don't think the GOP is as interested in obliterating democratic practice in this race as they are in the Minnesota race.

      sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM

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