David and Bob chat with Boston Mayoral Candidate Sam Yoon

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David and I chatted with candidate for Mayor of Boston Sam Yoon this morning for about half an hour on BlogTalkRadio. The conversation touched on the race, civic engagement, campaign finance reform, Yoon’s background and record, the history and structure of Boston city government, affordable housing, Yoon’s perception of the role of the blogosphere, and a variety of other issues. Have a listen.

Audio begins about five minutes into the file: fast forward unless you want to hear David and me trying to figure out how the BlogTalkRadio.com system works.

Yoon will also appear on another BlogTalkRadio broadcast today at 2.30 PM hosted by esteemed BMGer and fellow blogger MassMarrier, proprietor of Marry in Massachusetts. I believe this is part of the regular Left Ahead podcast series. You can read Yoon’s Wikipedia entry here.

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  1. City Government counts too

    Yoon makes some good points about the importance of city government. There is not enough discussion about city elections compared to state and federal elections. The city runs the schools, police the streets, and shape the culture of urban neighborhoods. Look at how much of the federal and state money gets spent by city hall. We need progressive leadership in Boston City Hall, just as we needed it in the White House last election. It's good that a competent progressive is running for mayor of Boston.  

    • Local Government

      All politics really is local. It's easy to forget that most of the decisions that really affect people's daily lives happen at the local level. Give that fact, it's absolutely insane how few people participate in local elections.

      • Even year laughing

        Yes - I always laugh when I see the lines outside election day for presidential elections, when the electoral votes are a lock for the Democrat. But at city elections, no-one comes out despite the fact that these city officials are the guys that make most of the decisions that affect ordinary people. It is time we worked hard to change this. Everyone who voted for Obama in Boston should remember that it is City Hall that will be spending the money that Washington DC doles out. Time to get to the polls during odd years too, folks.

    • It's good that a competent progressive IS Mayor of Boston - :)

  2. Sam Yoon is my candidate

    It's good to see a candidate engage the public and Councilor Yoon is a serious attractive qualified candidate who deserves not only BMG's consideration but also our support. If you are looking to make change in the next city election Sam Yoon is your candidate too.

    This progressive blog should be working hard for this progressive candidate. Why else are we here?

    Thanks David and Bob and thank you Sam Yoon    

  3. Thanks

    Thanks for interviewing Sam Yoon.  He's a thoughtful progressive with the right background and experience to end this archaic patronage system we currently have into the kind of city we know Boston can be.  Progressives can make the difference in this race, let's get everybody out to vote.

  4. Good stuff guys

    Keep bringing us more folks like Sam.  He's got a good energy about him and he could do wonders for Boston.  His thoughtfulness is something that you don't see too much outside of Obama.

  5. LeftAhead

    We did indeed have Sam on LeftAhead today: http://www.leftahead.com/?p=277

  6. I like him...

    When do the debates start?  We need some excitement in this race.  Some headlines and something to talk about with co-workers and friends.  Sam sounds great, I'm not sure how to get democratic nuts-and-bolts issues to resonate with people.  

    • Wee debate set

      Only three debates of any form are on the schedule, limited by Da Mare's decision. One of the calls Yoon made yesterday on Left Ahead! was for voters to demand more.

      He noted that when Ray Flynn and Mel King kicked it up for mayor in 1988, they met in every sub-neighborhood of Boston for nearly 80 debates or fora.

      We can wish we had more chances to discuss the big issues with the men who would be king (why no women this year?). Instead, Sam has the right attitude. We need to demand from Menino, the Council, and in our public communications that we get a fair airing of issues and positions.

      • Not just tv debates

        We should be looking not just for traditional debates and forums but also debates that use modern technology such as You Tube debates, blogging forums etc. I notice that Mayor Menino is a twitter-holic these days! I'm sure he would be up for it! These would drive-up turnout. BMG should get in on this.

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