Trickle-down Brown

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Well, Scott Brown has jumped in with both feet and has a proposal to fix the economy. It’s revolutionary. It’s bold. It’s brash. It’s…

Tax cuts for the wealthy. Trickle-down economics.

The person who ran against the government saddling everyone’s grandkids with debt wants to cut taxes.

He makes no bones about who he’s trying to give more money. Brown says, “You can give all the middle-class tax cuts you want, but if you don’t get … people creating jobs — the businesses to create jobs — what good is it going to do?”

In other words, rich people aren’t creating jobs because they’re paying too much in taxes. Nevermind that they’re paying less of their income in taxes than everyone else, it’s still too much.

He probably actually believes that if you cut taxes, tax revenue grows. He’s the ultimate teabagger.

He’s trickle-down Brown.  

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