Baker’s Bully

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The state’s new anti-bullying legislation might need to be expanded to restrain Baker campaign manager Lenny Alcivar – who has launched an all-out twitter assault on Cahill daughters Makena (25) and Nicole (22)

Here’s a sampling of @lennyalcivar’s tweets directed at Makena and Nicole over the past two days.

• your running mate RAISED a whopping $2,100, SPENT $2,309 RT @nkcahill i still want to know if what he spent surpassed what he raised! #magov

• BTW – has @MakenaCahill sent anyone Tim Cahill's pension reform proposal, yet? #magop #mapoli #magov

• If @MakenaCahill's right, voters get NO reform, million $ tabs for ethics questions, and no ideas on budget under Gov Cahill #MAgov #MApoli

I know what you’re thinking, Makena and Nicole can – and do – hold their own on twitter.

But you see, Lenny is Baker’s big DC consultant, who was a senior press guy for (in no particular order) George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Republican National Committee.

Shouldn’t Lenny have more important things to do than bully the Cahill daughters?

At this pace, it won’t be long before Lenny dials up the Swift Boat Vets to claim Makena served dishonorably in Vietnam.

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  1. um

    1. I think it's great that both Cahill daughters are campaigning for their dad.

    2. Kinda bizarre, however, that you don't think other campaigns should be allowed to respond.


    3. ...Do you have any affiliation, informal or formal, with any campaign?    

    • Safe bet

      The safe bet for a campaign manager or candidate is to avoid calling another candidates daughter onto the mat, even if they are out campaigning. That is of course unless they start it by going directly after the campaign manager himself. All they do is open the door for the candidate/dad to step in and look really good by defending his children which allows him to make a personal connection with voters who are also parents.

      Plus from what I understand people like the Cahill girls, as a political move it makes no sense to give them a greater platform by starting a Twitter war with them.

      My disclosure: I support the Governor and the other Tim

  2. Lenny Alcivar, class act ...

    Not sure of Cahill's daughters affiliation to his campaign, but I would think that one might come across like a jackass taunting a candidate's daughters on Facebook.

    What the f**k Lenny, what are you in high school, facebook war?

  3. My question is:

    Was Lenny Alcivar challenged by the Cahill girls on twitter, or did he just decide to attack them on his own?

    From what I can see from browsing twitter, he just went at them all by himself. I see no original posts from the Cahill girls directed specifically @lennyalcivar

    It would be interesting if Mekena and Nicole weighed in on this thread.

    Also how old is he?

  4. and the joke continues.

    This is "the smartest guy in government['s]" campaign manager? LOL.

    As I've said in the past, I'm not so sure if Baker will even get past the primary.  

  5. Is this the same Lenny Alcivar who may have committed a felony

    back in the 1990s by apparently falsely registering to vote in New York, shortly after dropping out of Kenyon College "because of poor grades"?

    I dig the Google.

    July 22, 1996

    For the past two weeks, Lenny Alcivar, the NYPD's 24-year-old "Director of Press Operations," maintained he had "no recollection" of the address 36 W. 89th St.

    That's the address he gave when he registered with the Board of Elections to vote as a Republican. He registered on Sept. 17, 1993, shortly after he joined Rudolph Giuliani's mayoral campaign.

    As his amnesia suggests, at the time Alcivar registered as living at 36 W. 89th St., he lived somewhere else: with his mom in West New York, N.J.

    According to Board of Elections' counsel Kathy King, registering from an address falsely is against the law.

    Section 17-104 of the state's election law reads: "Any person who: registers or attempts to register as an elector (voter), knowing that he will not be a qualified voter in the district at the election for which such registration is made, or knowingly gives a false residence within the election district when registering . . . is guilty of a felony."


    "I don't know what happened or who filled out that card," Alcivar said in a brief interview Thursday. Later in the interview, he said, "I filled it out but never sent it in. I don't remember the details. To me the issue is: I didn't commit voter fraud because I didn't vote. Having done so would have been illegal. I resent the implication I did something wrong."

    On Saturday, in a recorded message left on this reporter's answering machine, Alcivar altered his account again. This time he said, "I recalled the 36 W. 89th St. address is that of my friend where I stayed regularly during that period of time. I currently live in and am registered to vote in New York City." ... And questions abound. Did Alcivar register falsely on his own or did someone else put him up to it? If so, did other Giuliani campaign aides also register falsely?

  6. Fair game

    A quick look at their respective Twitter pages shows that almost every tweet is about the campaign.  These aren't high school girls who make an occasional tweet about their Dad running for office- these are adult women who are an active part of the campaign.  

    I think it's fair for the other campaign to respond.  (Whether or not dueling 140-character insults is the best use of the campaign manager's time is a separate issue altogether.)

    If these were Mitt Romney's sons would we be so worried about them being "bullied?"

    • So you think...

      It's a smart idea for a campaign manager for a Governor candidate to engage another candidate's daughters with taunts in Facebook?

      • Did you read what I wrote?

        First of all, it's Twitter, not Facebook.

        If that is indeed the campaign manager, then it's a terrible use of his time.  But in the age of social networking, no campaign should let potshots go unanswered.  When these two adults continue to use monikers like "Big Dig Baker" in their repeated posts about an ongoing campaign, then in my opinion, they have put themselves out there and I have no problem with someone from the Baker campaign going after them.

        Does it matter that they are his daughters?  What if they were 22 and 25 year old campaign staffers?   What if they were male?

        • Thanks forthe clarifiction ...

          Show me where they have attacked Baker in any way, shape or form. The trending topic #bigdigbaker from what I saw was the response the adult that calls himself "Lenny".  I don't see anything prior to the response.

          • I guess I'm missing your point.

            Are you having the same discussion that I'm having or just the one you wish we were having?

            Who said they were "attacking" Baker?  That's not my word.

            If you want to scroll through the first couple of pages, you'll find a few references to the Baker campaign.  An example: "Baker campaign announcement with no specifics - typical."  Is that an attack?  I don't think so, but it is a reference to an opposing campaign and I'm not surprised that the other campaign would have a retort.  They could be retorts to a retort to a retort, for all I know.  

            Who started it first- the adult named Makena or the adult named Lenny?  I don't really care.  That's not the point.

            The original diary made reference to "anti-bullying legislation" and the daughters being "assaulted."  In promoting it, Bob equates it to their being "stalked" and compared it to the Healey thugs terrorizing a 12-year-old.

            My point was simple- it's stupid for Baker's campaign manager to be getting into it on Twitter with Cahill's daughters, but to say that grown women who have  voluntarily thrown themelves into the fray are being "bullied" or "assaulted" is, at best, disingenuous.

            • Then I go back to my original response ...

              So you think...   (5.00 / 1) It's a smart idea for a campaign manager for a Governor candidate to engage another candidate's daughters with taunts in Facebook?

              It was Twitter and you didn't seem to answer that until later.  But you could of just said it wasn't a smart idea to begin with.  

              • I guess we're talking past each other.

                In my very first comment, at the top of this thread, to which you responded, I wrote:  "Whether or not dueling 140-character insults is the best use of the campaign manager's time is a separate issue altogether."

                In my first response to you, I said "If that is indeed the campaign manager, then it's a terrible use of his time."

                I'm sorry if that wasn't clear enough.

    • Still not a smart move

      Oh , he is welcome to do so, freedom of speech and all that. It is just a boneheaded move. By even engaging them he is giving them more air time and elevating their stature on the campaign trail. What is worse for him is he is setting himself at their level where his dueling partner is now a 23 year old daughter of the candidate instead of the candidate himself. It gets even worse when you break down the conversation you see that he is being schooled by them.

      I think back to Meagan McCain where every insult lobbed at her  by older more established figures elevated her viewership by 10,000 people each time.  

      • Completely agree

        This is yet another dumb move for the Baker campaign.  They should have had some low-level staffers respond to them.

        But I also don't think they should be off-limits simply because they are Cahill's daughters.  They are adults who have injected themselves fully into the campaign.

  7. Interesting

    It appears now that Cahill has seriously staffed-up, Lenny might have some more pressing matters at hand.

    Tim Cahill hires John McCain big gun

    FYI I support the Patrick-Murray ticket for re-election.

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